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avatar Wildcard_Gamer
Level 22 : Expert Ninja

Hair I usually used, Inspired by a mix of ones on tutorials I found, I kinda glued them together into a Frankenstein of decent hair. This post is it's funeral, as I will be making a new hair shading just by going with the flow. The only difference between this and ones I post is I didn't cut out the ears, extend the hair on the face (which I do for girls), or put hair under the head. I would not say I ripped it off of any one person, but out of everyone, I'd say it's most similar if not very close to Zombeanie's hair shading, which she posted a tutorial for. The main reason I'm doing this is that If I shade hair, it seems so minuscule but I feel like I should change how I do it. I'm designing a new hairstyle now, that will hopefully not look too much of a ripoff. Also, I call it key because it has a key shape for the roots. The only reason I will ever use key hair again is if I have limited colors, as the current one I'm making has more shades, at least 2 or three lighter shades.

But enough of that I'm going to review it, It is great for beginners and very easy to memorize. So for earlier skin makers, I suggest it. Although it is better than noise and simple gradient hair, (See Frost) Once you see better hair, you will feel that it's somewhat inferior and It honestly is great but, It still feels odd for me to still be using it when by now I can make a new one.
CreditZombeanie - Hairstyle

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