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Key to lock Mod 1.4.5/4

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gabinthal avatar gabinthal
Level 31 : Artisan Modder
Key mech + door o anyo = Locking o name of the dooro Put the key in and the door, go in. close the door and get the key back. Door stays locked, same with chests, press escape to get the key back.

Car mod gui add key mech to the crafting recipe. And make it so when you add the fuel then the the car can start, Shift-Right click to start the car. 1/250 o randomizedo if you don't have fuel you will get hurt. To make fuel o dirt + gravel + coal + bucket of water = bucket of dirty water put the bucket in the furnace and get a bucket of gas. Pour it into a cauldron and fill it in bottles to get bottles of gas. Stack to 64. Shift-G to put the fuel in the car. 100 blocks per one bottle of gas.

Armor and weapon polish stand o three bricks at the bottom one stick in middle and one one ender pearl on top. Fuel; wax rag = bucket of dirty water and a leather put them in a crafting table and get a toilet bucket. Furnace o toilet bucket = wax rag. Time to wait is 1 min. repair any time.

Slime Spray o 3 slime balls in the center, 7 iron ingots in a u shape and one stone block on top. Refill spray same way as the F-Gun Mod, grabbing three slimes from your inventory. Spray allows you to see the infrared stone beams and make the invisibility potion null.

Infrared-Stone laser block o three iron block on both sides one red stone on middle top. One glass pain at the bottom. One key mech. In the center. Make the laser point out in any direction even through two block, stop at three, Have gui for that. Shift-Right click to open gui. Right Click with key to turn on.

Iron Dust o One Iron Ingot in the crafting table = 3 Iron Dust

Wire o 3 Iron Dust in the middle row of a crafting table and red stone on the top and bottom rows

Keypad o 1 wire in each corner, one Key Mech. On the right middle side. one iron ingot on the top bottom and left sides of the crafting table.

There are more ideas to go along with this and i have all the information i need to tell you about the mod i just need someone to help create it, if you are interested please reply at the bottom and send a pm


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01/16/2019 2:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Nancytom39 avatar
You require the assistance of a Carmel Valley locksmith who can help you in influencing the copy key for the bolt and you to can open the bolt without harming the lock.
09/16/2017 12:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
damiamartin avatar
Not to install electronic locks into your home because they are used to provide security on those places where everyone visit very rare. These locks when trouble shoots not a single lock will open at that time and it's repair cost is very high. So always have an advise from a locksmith then go for installing such locks.
09/12/2017 9:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
JackLeon12 avatar
Modifying keys means creating problem with locks if you try to modify key it means you need to change your locks also. As keys are directly related to locks minor changes occur it will not unlock the lock. So think about upgrading your lock and have suggestions about this from your nearby locksmith.
09/12/2017 2:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
AllenCooper12 avatar
Normally people do the same like put the key open the lock, put in the key and lock it again.But when you lost keys , at such instances these things won't work. You need the help of a locksmith who can help you in making the duplicate key for the lock and you can unlock the lock without damaging the lock.These ideas won't help much practically as far as i am concerned.
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