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Kimi No Na Wa (your name) Summary and Review

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Kimi No Na Wa (your name) Summary and Review

"Some Mornings I wake up crying without knowing why." - Mitsuha

"Whatever the dream was I had, I can never remember it." - Taki

- Kimi no Na wa is a beautiful story told from two perspectives the girl Mitsuha and boy Taki who both seem to be swapping bodies every so often living each other's life.

Mitsuha lives in a town called Itomori and she finds herself switching bodies randomly with Taki who lives in Tokyo. Taki is a student and also works as a waiter in his spare time, who wants to go on a date with someone called Miki. We see in the opening monologue that mitsuha has been waking up with tears on her face although she does not know why she was crying, she knows she is sad though.

Mitsuha realizes taki has a crush on Miki while in his body and arranges a date with her which she accepts. After the date doesn't go so well Taki tries to call Mitusuha but to no avail, while in Mitsuhas body Takis actions cause Mitsuha to become popular.
Kimi No Na Wa (your name) Summary and Review

Mitsuha leaves Taki a note on his phone telling him about a festival and a comet that will pass over her town while at the festival, strangely Taki cannot see the comet in the sky even though Mitsuha tells him he should be able to. After the comet is supposed to have passed Taki and Mitsuha stop swapping bodies so Taki decides to go and visit Mitsuha in Itomori but when he gets there he finds out that her village had been completely destroyed by a Comet three years ago, he finds this strange since he was swapping bodies with Mitsuha not that long ago, he looks at his phone only to find that the notes Mitsuha had left him were disappearing as if she had never written them. He looks through the record of who died when the comet collided with itomori and Mitsuha and her family are amongst the dead

Kimi No Na Wa (your name) Summary and Review
Mitsuha witnessing the comet before her death

Taki Looking at a destroyed itomori

Taki discovers that when the comet hit the town three years ago Mitsuha was killed, he goes to the shrine where Mitsuha had left an offering to the gods in the form of Kuchikamisake (a special type of sake (Japanese rice wine) she made by chewing up rice and dribbling it into the sake bottle) Taki drinks some of Mitsuhas sake in an attempt to swap bodies with her one last time to warn her about the comets collision with itomori . He wakes in her body on the morning of the town festival; Mitsuha's grandmother realizes he is not Mitsuha and tells him the body switching is part of Mitsuhas family history as caretakers of the shrine. Taki realizes through a vision that he had actually med Mitsuha in the past when she had gone to find him personally but since it was three years in the past he hadn't been swapping bodies with her in current times because she was deceased.
In Mitsuhas body he convinces her friends Tessie and Sayaka to help save the town by blowing up the power plant and broadcasting an emergency alert telling everyone to go to the school as that wasn't destroyed by the comet, when this fails he goes back to the shrine because that's where he was in his body so that's where Mitsuha must be in his body.

As the pair run around the side of the shrine looking for each other, at the stroke of midnight the veil between them is lifted and they see each other face to face for the first time (in their own respective bodies at this point) they know that they will forget each other soon so they decide to write on each other's hands, the veil closes (and we see the pen drop in a visually stunning scene) before Mitsuha can finish writing on Takis hand and so he's left with an unfinished Japanese character on his hand, as Mitsuha races back to town to try and convince her father (the town mayor) to initiate the evacuation she begins to forget Taki, she looks at her hand and sees that instead of his name he has written "I love you" on her hand.

"I love you"

as the comet crashes to earth Taki wakes up in his own time and remembers nothing he sees the start of the character written on his hand and it is clear (TO PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND JAPANESE WRITING WHICH I DON'T) that mitsuha was going to write "I love you" on his hand as well

we see Mitsuha fall over and do not see if she makes it to the school in time, after a five year time skip we find out Takis crush Miki is engaged and in the background you can see Tessie and Sayaka, Later when Taki is on the train he sees Mitsuha and the memories come flashing back to the pair of them, they run to look for each other but as quickly as the memories returned they disappeared, they see each other again at the top and bottom of a staircase not remembering anything with the movies close to ending and the audience might think that this is how the movie ends but then Taki says "excuse me have we ... haven't I have I met you somewhere?" and Mitsuha responds, "I thought so too" then in unison they say "Can I ask you ... Your name" which of course is the English translation for the movie title.

This is a beautiful movie with a touching storyline both characters are relatable but not boring, my only suggestion is to watch the movie twice because some details take a second viewing to completely understand like the fact that Taki is actually three years in the future to Mitsuha which is why he doesn't see the comet. I have watched the movie in sub and in dub and I honestly do not have a preference with this, I have seen many movies and anime that have worked better in one format but I honestly feel that the dub cast for this is absolutely spectacular, this is by far Makoto Shinkai's best-animated movie and has been compared to the likes of Ghibli films in terms of the story and the art. I love the way you don't see directly that Mitsuha survives and it is really touching because even though you know she's going to survive it's still heartwrenching to see her fall over and look at her hand and the words that say "I love you". I honestly cannot think of a more beautiful movie since howls moving castle and the soundtrack is just stunning especially the main theme.

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06/29/2019 6:26 pmhistory
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just reading this gave me chills and tears in my eyes ;0
06/27/2019 7:41 am
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this was the 2 gimbli movie i watch and is on my top 3 animes i love it
06/27/2019 11:16 am
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This isn't actually a Ghibli movie lol
06/27/2019 11:34 am
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oh well shit i thought it was rip xD
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