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Kingdom of Torchwall

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JohnOfficial1104 avatar JohnOfficial1104
Level 20 : Expert Crafter
The Minecraft, The Kingdom of Torchwall is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Imagiverse this is yet another impressive build featuring a massive castle that sits over top a lovely town. This is a survival map however meaning that it's simply a place from which you build outwards or use at a starting point. That being said the architecture is simply stunning and the depth of the area is excellent. We're actually looking at converting this into a Hunger Games area as it's about the right size and that's the beauty of these worlds is that they're a canvas to build from.

The castle itself is large in scale featuring multiple open rooms, nice smaller royalty areas and a vast sewer system of mobs below it. The surrounding area features a number of unique shops that are all decorated, smaller housing to the outskirts with a rural farming focus and one awesome cathedral. I love this type of look at its rather distinct and the care here to make this area come alive it fantastic. For this map we went on a more intimate tour since everyone had actually fallen asleep prior and it was still a treat to pillage while seeing what this map had to offer.

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01/10/2020 9:21 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Dragon
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download link please!
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