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Kingdoms of Ataria

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The Atarian kingdom consists of 12 different races: Human, Dravbr, Vampire, Werewolf, Lizardman, Dwarf, Freighthorn, Roggvir, Troggle, HalfDragon, Yugbhuf, and the ruling race, Atarians. During the War of 15,000 Years, the Atarians battled the Roggvirs. Roggvirs are usually skilled in magic, while Atarians are archers and warriors. After a long war, the Roggvirs surrendered, ending the war. The Freighthorn was once the natives of Ataria. When the Atarians were humans, they conquered the Freighthorn and took Ataria for themselves. This is why they are Atarians. This began the Era of Reconstruction. This lasted for decades, leaving them defenceless. Troggles and the HalfDragons were all creatures that would attack the Atarians who wandered too far off the Wooded Road, the road that reaches from the Eastern corner of Ataria all the way to the North Western corner. Dravbr were the zombies that came out of their burial crypts every night. The Yugbhuf were tribes that lived far off of civilized places, so that the Atarians wouldn't find them and conquer them just like the Freighthorn. 560 years after civilization of the Atarians, the Falling Star Crisis began. See the rest in part 2!!
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