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klepto talks about mods [jurassicraft]

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if you're noticing that i lied in last week's post about what this week's mod was going to be then you're very astute. i once again didn't have time to properly research ice and fire. hopefully i'll find time during october, also some fun news about that month is that you all are getting spooky mods each week in lead up to halloween. nonetheless lets actually get into this week's mod!

what is jurassicraft?

jurassicraft is a mod that allows you to grow and take care of your own dinosaurs. this mod is obviously inspired by the jurassic park movies but is still very enjoyable to anyone unfamiliar with the franchise. this mod allows you to find fossil ore anytime you're out mining and with that you can grow any dinosaur you can imagine, as long as they're in the mod. whether you want to create a dinosaur industrial complex or just have a prehistoric pet, this is the perfect mod for all your dinosaur related dreams.


the models

the models for this mod is actually very impressive. i've played some older versions of the mod but looking at the wikia i can tell that the lab equipment models have improved quite a bit. then of course there's the dinosaur models themselves which look gorgeous and i can tell a lot of work into them as well as making sure they are as scientifically accurate as dinosaur models can be.

the accuracy

as i mentioned before, the models are fairly accurate but so is the behaviour of the creatures themselves. certain dinosaurs aren't tameable/imprintable because of what we know about those dinosaurs behaviours. well of course it's sad that you can't have a pet t-rex, i would rip you to shreds, i really do appreciate how much the creator obviously loves dinosaurs.


the complexity

i've said before in previous mod reviews that i enjoy tekkit style mods but that doesn't change the fact that this mod can be annoyingly complex at times. especially compared to older versions of the mod that limited the fossil to egg process to only a few machines. if you just want to have cute dinosaurs in minecraft that i would genuinely recommend just spawning them in since the process now is masturbatoryly long and overwhelmingly gratuitous especially to anyone not used to over-complicated mechanical mods. it can also be difficult to automate certain parts of the process and specific machines can also be finicky to get to work properly which can be very frustrating. nonetheless if you can get it all to work it will be very rewarding but if you can't get it functioning then remember you can always cheat. playing with mods is supposed to be fun.

final thoughts

jurassicraft is a mod with a lot of passion put into it. it's obviously made with love for the dinosaurs present in it and both the models and the behaviour coding shows that. despite that the lab equipment required is complicated and annoying especially for players who don't play mechanical mods often. i would still recommend checking out the mod, dinosaurs are always fun.

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