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klepto talks about mods [minecolonies]

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turns out procrastination does have it's faults since i am currently writing this 12 hours before it's supposed to be posted. as such the mod i was originally going to review, ice and fire, will have to be postponed to next week since i haven't actually gotten to play it significantly. instead we will be talking about minecolonies, and this is going to be my first mostly negative mod review, sorry!

what is minecolonies?

minecolonies is a townbuilding mod that is used in a lot of more recent fantasy/medieval mod packs. it is also present in a lot of multiplayer servers since it allows for more robust factions and such. it allows you to curate a village that will work for you for you and can automate a lot of the game for you. of course, like most town managers of some kind you will also have to care for and provide for your workers in return.


the automation

i did say this would be my first mostly negative mod review but that doesn't mean i'm going to diss automation. i adore mods that allow me to make things more efficient in some way or another. in the past most mods i've played allowed me to automate mining and in some cases farming. so for a mod to allow me to automate the things i actually hate to do, like fishing, is a blessing. it even allows you to have villagers that will go to the nether for you, which is another thing i usually avoid doing myself.

multiplayer [​in theory]

yes, the in theory is there because i pretty much never play large scale modded multiplayer but i assume this mod is great for that. although lag would probably be an issue with weaker servers [​do not use aternos for this mod] the potential for factions and especially roleplay is great for this mod. the ability to have a fully working village that you care for fundamentally changes the gameplay and allows for plenty of different storylines compared to the usually pretty dead villages in vanilla minecraft. of course, i'm entirely speaking in theory for this point. although i will commend the amount of potential in this mod.


getting this mod to actually work

you were waiting for the cons weren't you? well, here they are. this mod is so annoying to get to actually function. while the cheap materials for items might make you assume it's pretty easy early game, be prepared for so much back in forth checking if you can actually place something somewhere. most of the items function as something you place to be an outline for the actual building. the process of either finding or making an area where you can actually place this outline is an utter pain. the area needs to be entirely flat and the actual process of placing it is very finicky. then for a lot of the buildings to actually build you'll need to get other items for your workers [​who you'll need to hire] and the process for this is also annoying. especially if you were tricked like i said earlier into doing this early game. i haven't been able to actually play much of this mod since i always end up pissed off trying to set it up and well i am admittedly easy to anger, i still have a pretty high tolerance for complicated minecraft mods since i enjoy tekkit style mods. so while it is always an option that i am just stupid and couldn't figure it out, or possibly all the times i've played it, it was an old version and this is all fixed in new ones. it has still caused me to not even to play modpacks with this as a base since i know i'll be missing out a large section of the pack.

final thoughts

minecolonies is a great mod in theory but historically it's one flaw of being hard to set up and play is detrimental to my enjoyment of it. despite that it is probably still the best mod i can think of if you want to add a town managing twist to a server or your own playthrough. obviously my opinion isn't final so if you like this mod please feel free to tell me why i'm completely wrong in the comments. i'm not even joking about that i love arguing debating. also feel free to leave mod recommendations in the comments, while i do mostly have the next mods i'm going to be talking about planned out, i always love hearing your personal favourites. next review will be next week on monday at 3pm est, have a good week until then! also like, and subscribe it supports me being able to actually schedule these posts!

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