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klepto talks about mods [pandora's box]

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hi everyone! i haven't been up to much recently so i don't have anything to really say here today. oh! besides the fact i've been getting into model kits recently, nothing complicated, mostly just those snap together ones. y'know just in case you weren't sure if i was a total loser. but it's fine i've embraced it, which isn't obvious when i'm doing minecraft mod reviews. speaking of that let's get into our mod for today.

what is pandora's box?

i'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept of pandora's box. it's from greek mythology and i won't get into the full myth, it's not really important to the mod nor am i a big mythology buff. nonetheless it's generally used to mean a box you shouldn't open since it is filled with horrors and despair beyond your imagination. although in the original myth it also contained the hope to get through all else it released and if i keep talking about hope and despair this is going to be a very different post. anyways, the mod adds this pandora's box. you can craft it or find it in dungeons and it can contain pretty much anything and well you really shouldn't open it, it's hard to help curiosity.


the chaos

finding pandora's boxes is just plain fun. they are also not too hard to make which means you can open a bunch of them in tandem and that randomness of them will add something to a playthrough that has gotten rather monotonous. i've even had boxes before give me materials that would've been a real pain to get otherwise. although it's not all fun.


that one time i opened one up too close to our base and turned it all [​including chests] to stained clay

it still haunts me.

final thoughts

pandora's box isn't a terribly expansive mod which is why today's post was a bit more focused on humour but it's still a fun mod you should check out if you can! it is generally more suited for crazycraft style modpacks since it can wreck havoc on your world or can be pretty overpowered at times. but it's still fun and while i didn't want to focus on the comparison, i think it's pretty different from lucky block style mods to be worth checking out.

thank you for reading everyone, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. and to also have a great day!

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