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Hello everyone, my name is JAAx,
I am here to put my point across about KONY2012, and please, before you judge, i am not heartless, i feel soo sorry
for all of the kids out there being treated this way, but please, read on..
Founders take alot of money donated themselves ($88,000) but this is common in charities

The BBB has attempted to financially view what they do with they're money, they rejected.

Kony isn't in Uganda, yet it has oil, the US troops have been sent to Uganda

This has happened around the election times(lets see who says lower Oil prices, i'm betting George Soros' group)

What does the charity intend to do? You don't 100% know

Giving guns to one militia to kill the other, is one thing they have stated, this happens all the time in the Ugandan world and your supporting this?! Indirectly ofcourse, the charity manipulate certain things to make you feel better.

The Founders of KONY

Are you blind enough to follow? Or will you research it and give your money to a cause you believe to be good?

Now, please, just think about, do you really agree with donating directly to them now?
For all we know, they could be funding the militia that are the ones causing all of this mess...
And also, Kony stopped what he was doing a while ago, and he has been in hding for a long time, so it is doubtful that he can even be tried or prosecuted for his actions, just please, think before you act.
Thanks for reading.

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  • the_soup
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 69
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  • March 7, 2012, 1:02 pm
Very true, although in reality Invisible Children is in some aspects even worse than you've made them out to be. Only 32% of money donated to IC actually goes to the cause they're supporting. That's VERY LOW, even for the dubious charities out there.
As I've said in other comments, at best your money donated to Invisible Children will go to line their worker's pockets. At worst it will be used to propagate the very thing you want to stop: the abductions, rapes and murders of children.

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