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Kuya's Storytober 2020 (Part 2)

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Level 39 : Artisan Scribe
So I think I accidentally hit the limit on the other thing...? Anyways, here's a second blog for the rest of the days XD

Days 1-20: https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/kuya-s-storytober-2020/

Day Twenty-one: Charismatic
Takes place in the Nymph/Steampunk AU (much later on)

Yugi was sitting in his little lake in his room in the Nymph Palace, a place where all the head nymphs went to congregate to discuss issues. It had been a pleasant surprise to the other nymphs that Yugi had brought Atemu and his small outcast crew from their nation, which the officials had just overthrown Atemu’s father and banished Atemu himself. It shocked them further that Atemu was Yugi’s mate, and Jounouchi, the volcano nymph had put up a fight against their relationship before Ryou, the wind nymph, Malik, the earth nymph, and Anzu, the sun nymph, had knocked some sense into him.

Now, the former prince was in the room connected to Yugi’s pond-area, sleeping, since he was exhausted from the adrenaline rush that he had been running on for the past few hours, leaving the ocean nymph to entertain himself, since the other nymphs were talking, the other steampunk residents were wary of him, and anyways, he couldn’t leave the water.

The door opened, making Yugi whirl around, large balls of water at the ready, but smiled sheepishly when he saw Atemu staring at him, obviously trying not to chuckle. Yugi rolled his eyes, throwing one of the balls at Atemu, which he dodged, before getting smacked with another, leaving him wet and deadpanning.

Yugi laughed, then yelped when Atemu tackled him underwater. Yugi found him lost in Atemu’s crimson depths as the steampunk prince smirked at him, before surfacing for air, the nymph soon following.

‘’Now you’re more wet,’’ Yugi pointed out, making Atemu roll his eyes.

‘’Might as well soak all of my charismatic self while I’m wet,’’ Atemu remarked, making Yugi burst out into laughter, clutching his sides while Atemu just smiled at him, his hair drooping in his eyes, which he flipped back like a female did her hair, making Yugi laugh even harder.

‘’A-Atemu, I-I’m gonna die of your jokes b-before I die of a-anything else,’’ Yugi managed to get out, still laughing. Atemu rolled his eyes with a smile.

‘’What, I’m too much for you?’’

‘’N-no!’’ Yugi blatantly lied, laughing as he submerged again. Atemu clasped on his respirator and followed the last ocean nymph under the water, who was still laughing. Atemu struck some pose that made Yugi laugh even harder, allowing the two of them to be submerged in their own little world.

Word count: 394

Shipping: Puzzleshipping

Day Twenty-two: Joyful
Takes place during Storywriter: Beyond

Teal shook the present before her, making Yami chuckle. ‘’You’re not gonna figure out what it is that way, potato.’’

‘’Shush, you,’’ Teal muttered, before undoing the bow on top and opening the box before squealing and hugging Yami so suddenly, it threw him off balance from where he sat on the couch, causing them to both go tumbling to the floor with a yelp. The gang laughed as they celebrated Christmas and the one-year anniversary of Teal’s return, which was a couple weeks ago.

‘’Thankyouthankyouthankyou!’’ Yami laughed at his wife’s excitement, picking them both off the floor and setting himself on the couch, Teal between his legs as she grinned excitedly at him.

‘’Well, I knew it was something you had been wanting for a while, so I figured why not?’’ he said. Teal seemed happy, but Yami knew that some other emotion was there. He winked to Yugi who grinned before dashing for a present and throwing it at his adopted sister, who yelled and they began a game of chase, thankfully drawing everyone’s attention from Teal.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ he poked Teal’s nose, and she winkled it, placing her hands on her no longer enlarged stomach, the baby girl inside had been delivered just a mere two weeks ago, on the very day of Teal’s one-year anniversary of her return to them.

‘’Nothing,’’ she murmured, looking back up at Yami who had the face of ‘I don’t believe you and we both know it’. She sighed. ‘’Sorry, I just have a hard time feeling bad when someone gets me something.’’

‘’Why?’’ he asked. She shrugged.

‘’I don’t wanna seem whiney or greedy, or act like a little child.’’

‘’You’re a child at heart, my little potato,’’ he smiled, placing their foreheads together as Teal clutched her gift in her hands. ‘’Don’t worry, and just be joyful, ‘kay?’’

Teal nodded, before turning around and putting herself into a resting position in her lap, holding the new knife case in her hands as she dozed off, Yami’s arms wrapped around her as his hands rested on her stomach while he watched his cousins* try and playfully murder each other while everyone else laughed. Yami joined in the laughter, and Teal gained a small smile.

Word count: 374

Shipping: Renshipping

* - When Yami returned to the living, he was registered as Yami Sennen, a cousin to Yugi. Duck was adopted by then, making Duck also his cousin. When he married Teal, Yugi and Duck became her cousin-in-laws.

Day Twenty-three: Ecstatic
Takes place during ep41 "The Wrath of Rebecca" (slight change)

Yugi smiled, watching the brotherly reunion between Mokuba and Kaiba. After a talk between the two brothers, Kaiba got up from his kneeling position.

‘’Thank you Yugi, for saving my brother Mokuba’s soul,’’ he said, ‘’he means everything to me.’’

‘’How could I do anything else?’’ Yugi replied.

‘’And I am grateful, but because of our circumstances, our last duel was not really conclusive,’’ Kaiba added, which made the other Yugi snort from inside Yugi’s mind, but Yugi shushed him for now, the spirit obeying.

‘’Yes, you’re right.’’

‘’One day we will meet in the arena again Yugi, to decide which of us truly is the better duelist, and one of us will walk away with pride.’’ Yugi nodded. ‘’Come on Mokuba, let’s go. My copter’s waiting,’’ Kaiba turned and left, Mokuba on his heels.

‘’You did it,’’ Yugi turned to see his other self standing there, smiling softly. ‘’You save everyone, Yugi,’’ he said softly, looking at Yugi out of the corner of his eyes with a tilted head in his direction. Yugi smiled.

‘’We all did, mou hitori no boku. And- whoops, I was so ecstatic during all of this that I never did ask for your name!’’ Yugi grinned sheepishly. The other Yugi sighed softly, looking back at the Kaiba brothers.

‘’I’m afraid I do not remember, but perhaps the name Yami would suffice for now?’’ he said. Yugi looked at him sympathetically before nodding with an ecstatic smile.

‘’Of course it would, mou hitori no boku! Uhm, you don’t mind if I call you that, right?’’ Yugi asked. Yami laughed, the deep chuckle sending goosebumps up Yugi’s spine.

‘’Of course not! The other you is a name I’ll cherish, aibou,’’ he said. Yugi grinned again.

‘’Well, I’m proud to be your partner!’’

‘’And I’m proud to be your other self - and of you.’’

Word count: 307

Shipping: slight Puzzleshipping (if you squint)

Day Twenty-four: Gasp
Takes place during Storywriter: Arc VI - Memory World (final arc)

Yami blinked, staring at the exact carbon copy of Teal, except she was wearing a white tunic with brown pants, brown boots, and had this strange leather straps across her chest, holding the shoulder piece on her right shoulder. She had a sword at her side, inside a holster, and her skin was a bit more tanned.

‘’Teal?’’ he asked, all the darn gold jewelry jingling with his slight movement. She tilted her head.

‘’Nope, I’m Helia, remember?’’ the so-named Helia said. Yami blinked, making Helia roll her eyes. ‘’Sheesh, do you have amnesia now?’’

Yami was silent before sighing a bit. ‘’Promise not to tell anyone?’’

‘’Yes, you’ve made me promise that thousands of times, but you’re not the Pharaoh, are you?’’ Helia said in a quiet voice with a smirk, making Yami’s eyes widen. She giggled. ‘’Trust me, I can sense it. C’mon, to your chambers, we’ll talk there.’’

Yami nodded, and let Helia guide him around his palace from Ancient Egypt.

Helia gasped. ‘’No, no she didn’t!’’

‘’Unfortunately, yes, she tried to, but my partner and I found her and saved her,’’ Yami shook his head sadly. Helia rubbed her head.

‘’Lemme get this straight: you, you specifically, are from the future, where a reincarnation of myself tried to kill herself, but you saved her, and then went through a bunch of madness with your partner-slash-reincarnation before finally getting thrown into the past and into your past self’s body and life with not a single memory?’’ Helia tried to clarify.

‘’That about sums up the past two years, yes,’’ Yami said. Helia groaned.

‘’Something tells me this is going to be a looooong week, and it’s not because our reincarnations and co. are looking for us or Mana is playing tricks on the guards again,’’ Helia muttered. Yami chuckled, he had encountered the magician-in-training and had failed to get his name out of her.

‘’So do you remember my name?’’

‘’I know I did, but the second you specifically arrived, I forgot.’’

Yami groaned, facepalming. This was going to be quite the adventure, he mused, and he bet there would be more than one gasp involved from the very strange things about to go down.


Word count: 369

Shipping: Renshipping

Day Twenty-five: Disgruntled
Takes place during season zero (AU)

Yugi was in school, putting his shoes in his cubby, but when he opened it, letters tumbled out. He blinked, one at the letters and two at his partner’s sudden flare of anger. He picked up on the letters, and turned it over, seeing a heart-shaped sticker sealing the piece of mail, making Yugi groan.

‘’Oh my, I’m jealous you have that many,’’ the popular redheaded girl nearby said, before opening her own locker and letters just buried her lower legs. Yugi rolled his eyes at the three girls’ snarky laughter, talking about the redhead’s beauty.

‘’Sheesh, when will they get it through their thick skulls that you’re not interested in them?’’ Anzu walked up, taking the cards Yugi handed her and putting them into the plastic bag she was holding.

‘’The same time they accept that I’m dating a spirit who is possessing me. Speaking of mou hitori no boku, he’s pretty disgruntled, any reason why?’’

Anzu blinked. ‘’When did it start?’’

‘’When the letters tumbled out. He’s usually asleep, but for some reason he’s felt the need to try and stay awake more lately,’’ Yugi shrugged. Anzu laughed, making Yugi look at her weirdly.

‘’Sounds like the other you’s got the green-eyed monster!’’ she said, still giggling. Yugi’s eyes widened before sending an inquiry to his other self, and his reply made Yugi chuckle. ‘’What did he say?’’

‘’He said, and I quote, ‘How should I know what being jealous feels like?!’,’’ Yugi chuckled, making the spirit of the Puzzle pout. ‘’Awh, don’t be like that, mou hitori no boku, I still appreciate you,’’ he grinned, and that made the spirit perk up and hug Yugi as much as he could through the bond. Yugi laughed as he tossed the last of the cards in, and Anzu tied the bag up, throwing it into the trash can as they made their way to class, making fun of the spirit’s newfound jealousness, who continued to pout at being poked fun at.

Word count: 332

Shipping: Puzzleshipping (who knows, if I make this an actual AU, maybe it'll turn into Spiritshipping...? btw that's Yugi x Yami x Anzu-)

Day Twenty-six: Asparagus
Takes place either during Storywriter: Beyond or post-series

Yugi was a simple man with a simple life: wake up, deal with an insane former Real World resident of a sister, and then go about his day either doing work or hanging out with friends. As the former King of Games (Yami bested him soon after he returned from the Afterlife), he had quite the fanclub (since everyone knew Yami was married even before he got married, which Yami always poked him about the ex-pharaoh’s lack of a fanclub) and sometimes he had to escape them.

‘’Duck, where the hell did my apple go again,’’ he asked his sister, who was making scrambled eggs for three, Yami saying something about needing to be away from Teal. The two hadn’t ever had a fight (in their defense, Teal was kinda broken back when they first started dating, and the world was trying to murder them every other time), and Yami hadn’t sounded frustrated, but being the Pharaoh he was, concealing emotions was probably very easy.

‘’I don’t know, but remember, that thing disappeared every day for a year,’’ she shrugged. Yugi rolled his eyes, pulling another apple out of the fridge.

‘’Yes, but I know that was Yami. He doesn’t live here anymore, so why the hell is it still disappearing?’’

Duck shrugged, her brown hair loosely tied a low ponytail bouncing with her. ‘’How should I know, it’s your apple.’’

‘’You’re no help,’’ he muttered, then headed down the stairs to greet the current King of Games, who was at the door, a backpack on his back. Yugi blinked at the bag, and Yami grinned sheepishly.

‘’Alright, spill, what’s going on,’’ Yugi deadpanned. Yami chuckled nervously.

‘’So y’know how Teal doesn’t get sugar highs?’’

‘’Yes, I am well aware, she ate twice as much sugar as I did and while I was, quote-unquote, ‘a nightmare’, she was perfectly fine, maybe a tad jumpy. Why, does she get sugar high now?’’

Yami shook his head ruefully. ‘’Well… turns out while she doesn’t get sugar high, she does get asparagus high.’’

Silence. Then, ‘’...what.’’

Word count: 343

Shipping: mentioned Renshipping
're welcome PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft XD)

Day Twenty-seven: Blanket
Coming soon-

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Silence. Then, "...what."

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