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Kuya's Storytober 2020

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Level 38 : Artisan Scribe
I'll be updating this every day, so make sure to look out! x3

Front picture: picrew, design by me x3

Day One: Imagine

Have you ever looked up at the stars…

I tilted my head up towards the night sky, sitting on my bed in my temporary room that I had been given when I arrived at the beach house. It was a week long family reunion, we used to have one every year. My parents, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncle (yes I have only one), and everyone related to them were here, including me.

...and imagined a world filled with magic? I have. In fact, I live it every day.

Arms wrapped around my waist, and yet I could see they were transparent and glitching about a bit. I looked behind me to see my husband, his head tilted and his crimson eyes shining with curiosity, betraying his stoic face.

He was real, sorta. Within the Real World, he was what he was here, simply a fictional character. Only those who believed in magic and fantasy could see him. That made everyone except my parents, aunts, and uncle.

Being married to a three thousand year-old spirit-turned-human, I lived in a world that was only fictional to mine.

‘’How’s it hanging, Christina?’’ I turned at the mention of my Real World name to see my cousin Katie standing there. She was only six months younger than me, and had brown-blonde hair. She blinked, then rubbed her eyes. ‘’Is Yami there?’’

‘’Yes, and he should be inside the Charm, resting,’’ I growled, turned to him. He grinned sheepishly, and hugged me tighter, almost phasing through me. I sighed. ‘’He’s not leaving.’’

It’s hard living two lives. Harder to keep them separate when people don’t believe you.

‘’Well, he’s a spirit, so you can move with him on you, right?’’

‘’...Yes? I think so?’’ I turned to Yami. ‘’You wanna try?’’

His response was to lay his head into the crook of my neck, his breath making me shiver, but his legs wrapped around my waist. I smiled, and stood up, him moving almost perfectly with me.

‘’If anyone asks why I have a very sleepy spirit husband coddling me, let’s chalk it up to low energy,’’ I chuckled. Katie laughed, and I twirled, getting a growl out of him and made pokes to stop, which I did.

But honestly?

I was humming lowly as a hand petted my hair that night. A chuckle escaped from the man behind me as the other hand cupped my face. I half-opened my eyes to see him gazing at me with love and adoration. He leaned in close, and I leaned up, meeting the ancient pharaoh halfway for a kiss.

I wouldn’t trade my so-called ‘imaginary friends’ for anything.

Word count: 438
Shipping: Renshipping (Teal x Yami)

Day Two: Lilies

(Takes place right before the start of Season 5; specifically the night before)

Footsteps crunched through the darkened woods as the reigning King of Games, Yugi Mutou, walked through the forest, walking along an unbeaten path in a random direction.

‘I haven’t been able to sleep all week…’ he thought, his eyes half-dulled. ‘Even though I forgave him, the other me is still pretty beat up over that whole mess.’

He sighed, before sitting at the edge of the lake he just stumbled across. He dipped his hand in the water, watching as the ripples distorted his reflection in the crystal clear water. He had black hair spiked up into five-ish spikes, tipped in purple-magenta. His blonde lightning-shaped bangs flopped about a bit, framing his pale face with wide amethyst eyes.

His thoughts drifted to the events a week prior. His other self had recovered the petite vessel’s soul, but they didn’t talk long before Dartz was trying to raise the Leviathan again. But with the help of the revived-Egyptian Gods, they were able to defeat the Orichalcos. Afterwards, his other self sealed said ancient evil within himself, but ever since then had refused to talk.

He groaned, shaking his head. Why the heck was his other self ignoring him? He knew his feelings for the ancient pharaoh had grown over time, and seeing his elder lookalike struggle with his inner darkness pained him, but he had to help him see he wasn’t alone. That duel did the trick, but not for long, seeing as how he still kept to himself.

A soft mental prodding poked at his mind, making him stiffen. He realized it was his other self, asking if he was okay. Yugi was hesitant before saying he was fine. The pharaoh then retreated back into the depth of his mind, and Yugi sighed, waving his hand about the water.

Lost in his hand-wading, he jumped slightly when he felt something brush his hand. He pulled out his phone from his jacket pocket and turned on the flashlight to see a water lily, a mauve-red, sitting on its buoyant leaves. He picked the flower up and held it close.

Strange. Most lilies were closed at night, but this one seemed to be blooming even now. And they very rarely were this kind of color. Yugi stood up, having tucked his flashlight/phone away already. He stared at the flower before sniffing it carefully. A scent almost familiar hit his nose and senses, and it took him a bit to realize that it wasn’t familiar to him.

He poked his snooping other self, who jumped and would’ve fled back into the Puzzle had Yugi not pulled a switch on him. The ancient pharaoh blinked, before turning to his spectral partner who was grinning slightly at him. The spirit of the Puzzle looked almost exactly like Yugi, except he had three blonde bangs shoot up into his hair, and his eyes were a narrowed crimson, his skin also held a bit more of a tan than Yugi’s did.

‘’Go on,’’ Yugi said, eyeing the flower. His other self looked at the flower before carefully peeling its leaves off. Yugi watched in almost awe as the ancient pharaoh followed his natural instincts - despite not having any memories - and left only the lily in his hands, the lily pad-like leaves having been left to drift back into the water.

The darker half of the duo stood in the darkness, his eyes hidden by his bangs as he lost himself in his empty memories. Yugi drifted in front of the spirit currently in possession of his body and tilted his head up with a transparent hand. He gasped lightly when he saw tears in the former pharaoh’s eyes, but he was smiling.

‘’Thank you, mou hitori no ore,’’ his other self whispered, making Yugi’s eyes widen even further. He only ever used that name in true adoration for him. Yugi smiled, feeling tears come into his eyes as he hugged his soulmate.

‘’Aishiteru,’’ he whispered. The yami pulled away, confusing Yugi, before he kneeled down on the ground and placed the flower in his hair, turning the flower into a transparent item as well. Yugi stroked the flower fondly before turning his attention back to his other half.

‘’Aishiteru,’’ the pharaoh replied, as both took in their blooming lilies of love.

Word count: 715
Shipping: Puzzleshipping (Yugi x Yami)
(man this was cheesy XD)

Day Three: Moon

Footsteps clanked through the stone floors of the spirit of the Puzzle’s soul room. The mind was ever-twisting, and the doors led to other doors which led to other doors, and so on, getting him nowhere.

Yami sighed, and stopped his walking. He had been wandering in this Puzzle the entire day, giving Yugi time to hang out with his friends. It had been a while since Battle City, and he was getting anxious about the next disaster to come. Kaiba, Bakura, Pegasus, Marik. What was next?

He blinked, before summoning a digital display to his side, showing that it was two in the morning. Yami groaned. Great, eight more hours until Yugi woke up, since it was the weekend. Then it hit him. Hold up, it’s night.

He dashed for the exit to the Puzzle and slid out the door, running down the hallway to the outside world. A blinding light filled his vision, and when he opened his eyes, he was floating, a spirit once more, right inside Yugi’s room. And there, on the bed, was his little hikari.

He floated down to ground level, sitting in front of Yugi on the floor with his arms folded on the bed as he admired his sleeping light’s face. So peaceful and relaxed, as if he wasn’t in constant danger due to the ancient pharaoh’s presence.

Yami sighed, and laid his head down in his arms. He didn’t see how the boy constantly put up with him and the danger he seemed to drag along. The spirit surely was sick of all this danger, but maybe it was a mortal thing? After all, the spirit had been going three millennia without a body - or memories, for that matter. How should he know?

He lifted his head to watch his hikari sleep. Plus, he had been falling for his vessel… hard. Everything about him just screamed innocent, honestly, how did one not fall for him? The spirit groaned softly, thumping his head down on the bed, which seemed to make no indication that his head was there.

He tilted his head to continue watching his hikari, before daring to lift a hand and raise it to his light’s hair, stopping millimeters away. A few moments later, he mustered up the courage to begin running his transparent hand through his hair.

Yugi shifted, his previously frowning face turned up into a small smile as he almost leaned into Yami’s touch, making the spirit stop in surprise, his crimson eyes wide. Had Yugi… felt that?

Yami smiled, and continued his petting, the moon shining down on the two beings in the room that night, almost shining for them.

Word count: 445
Shipping: Puzzleshipping
(i ran out of ideas lmao)

Day Four: Tree
(Takes place one year after the events of Storywriter; if you're smart, you'll figure out what happened at the end.)

The sounds of leaves crunching and wrinkling was the only noise that surrounded him as he made his way up the hill. His head was hung low, his blonde bangs shadowing his eyes that used to be so full of joy and life, but now his heart had been taken to a world he could not enter.

The sakura tree, on top of the hill he so frequently visited to leave his duties behind, was now bare of any petals or leaves, except for a single leaf that had hung on through the entire harsh winter.

Yami lifted his head, looking out amongst the white-covered city of Domino City, where he now resided. Diva was a threat, out to get him and prevent him from going to the Real World. To where Teal was. He said he couldn’t survive there, that he’d kill himself - or worse, collapse the entire dimensional structure.

A voice choked as small streams of saltwater poured down the three-thousand year old spirit’s face.

The Pharaoh’s heart finally collapsed, and the final leaf fell

Word count: 177
Shipping: Renshipping

Day Five: Water
(Nymph/Steampunk AU)

The ocean is a mysterious force. Sometimes it is calm, tranquil, like a smooth plane of glass. Sometimes it is a ferocious storm, howling with anger, out for vengeance on the misdeeds done to it by mankind.

And sometimes Yuugi just wants to play a thousand tricks on sailors and capsize their boats. More specifically, a certain steampunk prince’s boat, the prince who looks smack-dab like him and very much hates his tricks.

Oh yeah. Yuugi’s talking about Atemu.

A mane of black, magenta-red, and bright blonde hair suddenly shot out of the water, followed by a tanned face with crimson-red eyes.

Crimson-red eyes that very much wanted to kill him. Something along those lines.

‘’Yuugi!’’ Atemu’s baritone voice yelled. ‘’What have I said about interfering with my test runs.’’

Yuugi blanched. He hadn’t meant to mess that up, he adored Atemu’s work! ‘’...That was a test run?’’

Atemu sighed, swimming over to the little ocean nymph on the rock in front of him. Atemu grasped his hand after pulling himself up onto the rock. He was dressed in a crimson top with a white fluffy collar, black leggings, and a crimson-dark brown trench coat, along with black boots.

‘’I guess I didn’t tell you, huh?’’ Atemu chuckled lightly, before tilting his little nymph’s face towards him. Yuugi had pale, almost light blue skin, his hair was the same mane of black, magenta-purple, and bright blonde as him, although more loose. His eyes were a shimmering amethyst, now filled with a sadness Atemu never wanted to see.

He was dressed in an ocean-blue and icy-blue dress-like outfit, acting like a dress and a cloak. The dress part reached to his knees, and the cloak followed it almost to a T, flowing a little further down. He wore blue sandal-like shoes, and around his left wrist was an ornate silver bracelet, endorned with sapphires, blue tourmalines, and a single amethyst-ruby gem in the middle.

‘’Hey, don’t beat yourself up over this, partner,’’ Atemu pulled Yuugi into a side hug. ‘’It was the rough draft of a test run. Usually I don’t bring those out here, but I thought you’d might want to see it in action first…’’

Yuugi sniffled, wiping away the tears much like the ocean he controlled, and smiled at Atemu. ‘’Sorry, Ate.’’

‘’It’s fine, little one. I’d probably scrap it anyways. I mean, no ocean nymph wants a water freezer, eh?’’

‘’No, you are correct. I like our tropical temperatures, thank you very much.’’

‘’Trust me, if it were freezing, I’d be a whole lot angrier. I’d probably not even go outside!’’

They stared at each other before laughing, smiling as they did so. While it took either five minutes or an hour, they finally regained control of themselves, and Yuugi rested his head on Atemu’s shoulder, smiling faintly when he felt the steampunk nation prince’s head rest on his. Yuugi stretched out his left hand (his right one currently being occupied with Atemu’s own hand) and twirled it around, his heart warming when he heard Atemu’s little gasps of wonder as the ocean water rose up and danced around.

A few hours passed, and the sun was dipping below the ocean horizon, shining orange and pink on the waters. Soon, their positions had switched; Atemu’s head was on Yuugi’s shoulder, and the ocean nymph was smiling at the prince. The tanned individual’s breaths were coming out slowly, the exhaled puffs visible in the who-knows-how-freaking-cold temperature outside of the water. Yuugi waved his hand, and gathered up the destroyed pieces of metal and Steamryic from the ocean floor - courtesy of wrecked ships and Atemu’s failed designs - and made a small little respiration-like contraption. Well, as much as Yuugi knew from watching the prince dive down with one (he failed to bring one this time).

The respirator was more advanced, designed to work with the water that had just formed it together. Yuugi slid it over Atemu’s mouth and nose, clicking it into place on the silver earrings Atemu wore as the nymph had seen his love do so many times, before diving into the water, resurfacing soon after.

He gently grasped Atemu’s hands, and pulled him into the sea.

Day Six: Balloon
(Takes place before Storywriter; slight AU (more of 'i didn't plan this out for the series' XDD))

Giggles escape the small nine-year old girl, who ran ahead of her parents as she wandered around the boardwalk of Panama City, currently there on a family reunion with her cousins, aunts, uncle, and grandparents.

‘’Don’t go too far ahead, Christina!’’ her mother called out, it was currently the brunette child known as Christina, her elder brother (by six whole years!) Christian (Chris, for short), and their mother out on this sunny day.

‘’I know, mommy!’’ Christina called back, before stopping to awe at the hot-air balloons rising above the sky. She hadn’t noticed them before now, how could she have not?! She laughed and twirled - for her heart had not yet started to shatter - and awed at the balloons rising over the sky.

She gasped a little, before turning to her left, seeing the spectral being who had given her her most prized possession, the Millennium Puzzle charm (which she always wore with her) floating there, his arms folded as he somewhat leaned against the thick wood railing painted white. Wasn’t it only a week ago that he had visited her last?

‘’It’s amazing how they work, isn’t it?’’ the spirit said, his tri-colored hair unaffected by the sudden gust of wind. The girl nodded and made some happy noises as she pulled herself over the railing. The figure smiled at her as she watched the hot air balloons drift higher into the sky.

‘’Won’t they go into space though?’’ she asked, her face contorting to that of worry. The spirit chuckled, his crimson eyes shining as he smiled.

‘’That’s the greatest thing about balloons. No matter how high they go, they’ll always find their way back to you.’’

Word count: 280
Shipping: Renshipping

Day Seven: Flying
(Nymph/Steampunk AU; same AU as Day Five: Water)

‘’Atemu, are you sure this is safe?’’ Yuugi worried as he lounged on his stomach upon his normal above-sea-level rock, watching as his lover and the steampunk nation’s heir tweaked his newest invention: wings, literal metal wings, powered by Steamryic.

‘’Of course not!’’ Atemu replied with a grin, making Yuugi throw his pale forehead against the rock. ‘’But that’s the whole point of these test runs, right? To make sure they work!’’

‘’Atemu, this is way too dangerous!’’ Yuugi protested. Atemu looked over his shoulder at his ocean nymph lover, who had worry shining in his beautiful amethyst depths. Atemu made a small clicking sound with his tongue before wading over to Yuugi and grabbing his face between his tanned hands.

‘’I know you’re worried, little one, but that’s why I do these test runs with you around: you’d panic if something happened to me outside of the ocean, you know you can’t leave it,’’ Atemu spoke softly, and Yuugi’s eyes softened and he glanced down. Atemu poked his nose, turning Yuugi’s attention from the sea below to the tanned complexion of the prince. ‘’I trust you. You are the ocean itself, and I trust you that you’ll save me if anything goes wrong.’’

‘’I will,’’ Yuugi whispered. Atemu smiled and kissed his forehead softly.

‘’That’s my little nymph,’’ he whispered back before releasing Yuugi and wading back to the dry land. Yuugi sighed softly, a dreamy smile on his face. Atemu slipped on the rust-bronze and gray mechanical wings, spinning once, before flipping a switch on the back.

Out of the very bottom of the feathers, steam suddenly started to shoot out. The wings started to flap, and Atemu started to laugh, his eyes wide and a bright smile on his face. The wings flapped higher and higher, and Atemu tilted to the left, moving to the left. He tilted to the right, moving to the right. Suddenly, he tipped forward and shot forward, whooping in delight as he flew around. Yuugi’s jaw had dropped, watching in awe as his tanned lookalike flew around.

Suddenly, there was a small yelp, and Yuugi picked his jaw up. He narrowed his eyes, making binoculars out of the sea water, and his eyes widened when he saw Atemu… not doing so well. There was a scream of terror before Atemu started to plummet from about 500 feet in the air, flailing along the way.

Yuugi dived into the water, gliding through the water that had acted as his home ever since he had come into existence, popping out right above where Atemu was falling. He saw Atemu’s eyes widen, and the prince stopped flailing. Yuugi lifted his hands, and the water around him swirled into a waterspout, catching the steampunk heir and inventor, and letting him down safely to the nymph, who immediately detached the wings from the prince, letting them sink to the ocean floor as he hugged him tightly.

‘’Ohmygosh,IwassoscaredAtemu!Don’tdothatagain-’’ Yuugi rambled as Atemu hugged him back lightly, placing his head in the crook of Yuugi’s neck, coming down from his adrenaline high as the ocean around them returned to normal.

‘’Thank you,’’ he whispered, closing his eyes. Yuugi stopped his ramblings and smiled softly. He pulled out the respirator he had made so long ago from scraps and handed it to Atemu, who fastened it around his respiratory exits. Yuugi poked his forehead and smirked.

‘’Hold your breath,’’ he whispered, and they plunged into the sea together.
Day Eight: Paintbrush
Takes place during Storywriter: Beyond (sequel series; post-canon to YGO)

A small giggle escaped Atemu’s mouth as he picked up the giant paintbrush with much ease thanks to his newly-found Shadow Magic. Yami and Teal stood there, watching their year-old second-born son play around with his magic. Hikari, four years old, was near-by, creating small things with her magic.

‘’It’s both adorable to see them use their magic and yet very scary,’’ Teal murmured, watching as Yami held up a shield to block Atemu’s sudden magic blast. ‘’I don’t wanna know how it’ll end if the world finds out.’’

‘’I prefer adorable,’’ Yami smirked, before wrapping an arm around his wife. ‘’Don’t worry about the future, little potato, and just worry about the now,’’ he said. She hummed in reply, sounding indecisive. He looked at the paintbrush Atemu was waving around and sat down beside him, creating his own bigger-than-him paint brush, which had a black handle with a silver tip, while Atemu’s was the normal tan-colored school-issued paintbrush.

Albeit about ten times bigger.

Yami used his magic to supply magenta-red paint onto the silver fibers, and proceeded to dye the back of Atemu’s hair. Teal sputtered, but sighed when her husband looked over at her with a smirk, obviously enjoying this but his eyes shone with a comforting twinkle.

The family of currently-four enjoyed their precious little bubble together.

Word count: 220
Shipping: Renshipping

Day Nine: Sneezed
Takes place during ep96 (second-to-last episode of S2)

Puzzleshipping; during ep 96-97

Yami sighed, sitting down upon the stone stairs in his soul room. He’d been inside here ever since Mai’s duel had ended and the courageous female had fallen prey to Marik’s Shadow Game. He had come out briefly to look at the female and encourage Yugi, but that was about it.

The thought of Marik made the ex-pharaoh growl. His lighter half wasn’t that bad, his actions against the spirit were justified (Shadi was somewhat of a jerk in Yami’s mind, being all cryptic, but he did have useful information. Sometimes.) but his darker half… yep, just insanity. Even worse than Bakura was.

Speaking of Bakura, he was in here somewhere. Yeah, the idiot parasite-like yami was convinced Yami didn’t know, but Yami did. After all, the Puzzle was connected to his very being. How could he not sense a piece of a foreign being’s soul?

The spirit stood up, and started wandering inside his soul room. Opening doors and entering them, only to end up probably right above where he was. Curse his very complex mindset.

He looked up sharply, sensing an intruder in his mind, before relaxing, it was only his aibou. He sighed, he should probably go greet his vessel. Standing up, the pharaoh opened a nearby door to greet his aibou.

‘’Mou hitori no boku? Are you there?’’ Yugi called out, his back facing him. Yami went to answer, but sneezed in the process. Yugi turned around and giggled at the startled and embarrassed expression on Yami’s face. ‘’There you are.’’

Yami chuckled. ‘’Here I am,’’ he murmured.

Word count: 266
Shipping: Puzzleshipping

Day Ten: Cheese
Takes place some unspecified time before end of series

Yami hovered over his aibou, watching as the petite trinette made himself some sort of food. First a bun, then the meat he had just cooked, then… what was that yellow stuff? He recognized the accursed tomato (the spirit hated tomatoes in all forms) and the pickles (those were… okay), but what was the yellow slice?

‘’Aibou?’’ Yami asked, causing Yugi to turn to him, bright amethyst eyes and all. Yami shook himself mentally before he started to get lost in them. ‘’What is that… yellow slice?’’

‘’What?’’ Yugi blinked, looking at the piece of cheese Yami was pointing at. ‘’It’s cheese, mou hitori no boku.’’

‘’Cheese?’’ Yami tried the word on his lips, obviously very confused, he remembered seeing it from back when he had those stupid tomatoes, but wasn’t cheese white? Yugi giggled, it was always amusing to see his other self suddenly switch from his brave personality to this curious, overprotective, and (dare he say it) cute persona.

Yugi held up a slice. ‘’Wanna try it?’’ he smiled. Yami couldn’t find any words to speak, only nodded his head. They switched bodies, Yami holding the slice of cheese. It was smooth and floppy. Yami took a bite, and his eyes lit up. Yugi giggled, watching his other self happily devour the slice of American cheese.

Yami blinked, seeing Yugi staring at him with a fond smile on his face. ‘’What? Do I have something on my face?’’

Yugi shook his head before floating up to give his other self a kiss on the forehead, making Yami blush. ‘’Nope. You’re just cute.’’

‘’I am NOT cute!!’’ Yami protested, his face flaming even more. Yugi laughed.

‘’You so are. Now, want some cheese?’’

Oh, the things Yami would do for his aibou.

Word count: 293
Shipping: Puzzleshipping

Day Eleven: Tomato
Prequel to Day Ten: Cheese

Yami blinked his eyes open wearily to see his smiling aibou, holding a plate of appetizers he had swiped. The spirit was currently napping, his head rested in his folded arms, at a high table in the place his aibou and their friends had reserved for Joey’s eighteenth birthday.

‘’Hey Yami,’’ Yugi slid into the seat across from the transparent pharaoh, his friends understood who he was talking to when he talked to (to them) thin air, and even those who didn’t know, the puzzle duo were tucked away in a little dark corner.

‘’Hello aibou,’’ Yami smiled warmly, shifting his head for his chin to rest on the table, looking straight towards Yugi. ‘’Have a nice time?’’

‘’Yeah,’’ Yugi said, ‘’although I think Joey might get a very strange form of sugar high…’’

‘’Oh?’’ Yami smirked, ‘’do tell,’’ Yugi rolled his eyes with a smile.

‘’Only if you try this,’’ Yugi held up three different foods on a toothpick. Yami blinked, once, twice, then five times. One was a small red oval fruit, the second was a green, more round and slightly more transparent one, and the third was a block of some white thing.

‘’What is it?’’ Yami scrunched up his nose, and Yugi had to hold back his laughter.

‘’This is a tomato,’’ Yugi pointed to the red oval, ‘’this is a grape,’’ he pointed to the green equivalent, ‘’and this is cheese,’’ he pointed to the white block. ‘’I wanted to see you try these,’’ Yugi shrugged, smiling that small little smile that both of them knew made Yami melt on sight. Yami sighed.

‘’O...okay,’’ the spirit hesitated. Yugi scowled.

‘’It’s not spicy, don’t worry, I’m not risking a repeat of last time,’’ Yugi said. Yami let out a small sigh of relief. The last time they had tried something, they discovered spicy foods + Yami did not mix.

They switched control, Yami now solid and Yugi transparent. Yami took the block of cheese off before biting into it. He chewed the squishy-hard dairy product for a bit before swallowing, shrugging with a face of slight discontentment. Okay, the cheese was a maybe, Yugi noted.

He took the grape, and popped the entire thing into his mouth. When he bit down, his face lit up. He chewed for a bit longer before swallowing, his eyes shining. Yugi laughed, yep, Yami loved the grapes.

Yami took the tomato off, looking just a tad worried. Yugi saw this, and placed a hand over Yami’s other hand still resting on the table. Yami looked up, and his fears were squashed at the sight of Yugi’s smile. He cautiously bit into the tomato, before quickly grabbing the napkin and spitting it out.

‘’Blech,’’ Yami grumbled, glaring at the tomato. Yugi shook his head with a fond smile, that was Yami, always a tad overreacting.

‘’Well, guess tomatoes are a no,’’ Yugi said. Yami turned to him.

‘’A very big no. Can I send it to the Shadow Realm?’’

Yugi laughed.

Word count: 500 (hey look, something long! XDDDD)
Shipping: Puzzleshipping

Day Twelve: Pineapple
Sequel to Day Ten: Cheese and Day Eleven: Tomato

‘’Yamiiiiiii wake uppppp,’’ Yugi’s whining voice woke the ancient spirit up from his nap. The spirit blinked open his crimson-ruby red eyes, and then jumped when Yugi slammed a large yellow-brown… thing in front of him, with green leaves at the top.

‘’...what am I looking at?’’ Yami said after he got down from his sudden adrenaline rush, which he had been having waaaay too much of lately. Yugi grinned.

‘’A pineapple!’’

‘’A what?’’

‘’A pineapple!’’

‘’I- I heard you the first time, Yugi,’’ Yami shook his head, ‘’but what is a pineapple?’’

‘’It’s food! And you’re gonna try it!’’ Yugi grabbed a knife out of the drawer, and Yami suddenly became very worried. ‘’Chill, Yami, I can handle a knife,’’ Yugi rolled his eyes at his yami’s overprotectiveness.

Yami grumbled something under the lines of ‘I am not overprotective’ but Yugi ignored him, cutting open the large fruit into slices. The inside was a light yellow, and Yugi placed a piece on a plate in front of Yami.

‘’Try it,’’ Yugi smiled. Yami switched places with ease, them trying new foods has become almost a special tradition for them. He picked up the piece and bit into it. Liquid spilled out of the piece he bit off, and he smiled, his eyes brightening just a tad.

Yugi let out a mental sigh of relief, glad he could brighten up Yami finally. His other self had been depressed recently, and wouldn’t tell Yugi why, and it worried the amethyst-eyed boy that the ex-pharaoh had hid such things from him.

A hand started to pet his hair, and his eyes snapped open before he closed them again slowly, leaning into the embrace, glad he had already put the knife in the sink. The hand slid down to his cheek, before cupping it and somewhat pulling the currently-transparent boy over to the owner of such hand. The hand encircled his waist when he got close enough, and he smiled, relaxing into Yami’s embrace.

‘’I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,’’ Yami whispered, making Yugi’s eyes snap open. ‘’I just… I was debating over whether which was more important to me.’’

‘’What?’’ Yugi looked up into Yami’s eyes, and the currently-solid pharaoh smiled, poking his nose.

‘’Nothing. But you’re the most important thing to me. That’s what I’ve decided.’’

Yugi smiled, falling back into Yami’s chest, and the crimson-eyed person embraced him, continuing on with his pineapple slice.

Word count: 404
Shipping: Puzzleshipping

Day Thirteen: Orange
Takes place during some unspecified time during the series

Yami looked around the farmer’s market he was currently standing in. His aibou had come here for reasons originally unknown to the spirit, and then promptly shoved him into control, telling him to look around.

The spirit weaved through the crowds, his ears hearing the chatter of people amongst him and the calls of vendors for their stuff. There wasn’t only food here, but all sorts of furniture and accessories as well.

‘’Hey,’’ the spirit turned around to see a woman, probably not much older than him/his aibou, smiling at him. She had dirty blonde hair with a large orange streak, and was dressed in a gold-colored t-shirt with tan cargo pants and black sneakers. She bore bright rose-colored eyes, and had tanned skin. ‘’You’re a spirit, aren’t you?’’

Yami started, opening his mouth to speak, but she giggled. ‘’I can sense spirits like you. What are you doing in someone’s body?’’

‘’...he shoved me into control, telling me to explore,’’ Yami sighed. The girl giggled again, before holding her hand out.

‘’My name’s Orenja Akai,’’ she said. Yami shook her hand.

‘’Yami, spirit of the Millennium Puzzle.’’

‘’Ah, that’s where you come from?’’ she said, waving him along to a booth (her own, the spirit assumed). Yami hummed in confirmation. ‘’Usually I can’t sense confined spirits unless they’re either really old or have been out a lot.’’

‘’Well, you know Yugi? The King of Games?’’ Yami said, ignoring the faint protests of his aibou to that title in the back of his mind. Orenja nodded. ‘’He’s my vessel. I was released about two and a half years ago, and I am about three thousand years old.’’

Orenja snorted. ‘’So you fit both conditions,’’ she said, and Yami nodded, following the female as she disappeared into her booth. He gasped, looking around the booth. All sorts of trinkets from all over the world were in this tucked-away booth. All the trinkets were obviously handmade. Orenja chuckled nervously.

‘’I’ve traveled the world quite a bit, and I have an almost-photographic memory,’’ she explained. ‘’Every other week, I travel to a different farmer’s market and sell my trinkets. Sometimes I sell out, and sometimes I sell nothing,’’ she shrugged. She turned to the table and groaned. ‘’Karaka, come out from under there.’’

A transparent person poked her head from out under the desk. She had dark brown hair, and her eyes were a bright orange. She had tanned skin, more natural than Orenja’s, and was dressed in modern clothes designed like the Maori people’s culture: a red, light tan, and black patterned t-shirt, with a light tan and black skirt reaching her knees.

‘’S-sorry…’’ she stammered, obviously shy around Yami, or just newcomers in general. She and Orenja began to discuss/argue. Yami shook his head as Yugi phased out next to Yami.

‘’See? Aren’t you glad I made you come here?’’ Yugi smiled, floating to place himself in a piggy-back position on Yami. Yami chuckled, kissing his aibou’s hand.

‘’Yeah. Yeah, I am.’’

Word count: 503
Shipping: Puzzleshipping

Day Fourteen: Sunset
Takes place during Storywriter - Arc II: Magical Bug (for reference, we're currently in Arc I)

Teal’s eyes fluttered open, the first sight seeing a knocked-out Yami next to her. Her mind immediately began to panic before memories of the days before came flooding back to her, even though she had been out of it for all of it, her mind still recorded it all. She blushed, before looking down at the spirit who had just saved her life.

In order to rid Teal’s mind of the demonic spiders that had corrupted her from the inside, Yami - hosting Dusk and Enternity’s magic - was forced to mind crush the mother spider clinging onto her heart. Unfortunately, he shattered her heart accidentally in the process, and had spent the entire rest of the week (five days) fixing it.

Although Teal had to admit, seeing the guardians of her own mind fail so badly at acting like her was funny, now that she remembered it. Just… seven fictional characters panicking over how to control a body.

Teal turned her attention back to her now-restored crystal heart in the chamber she was in. It was shining brightly, brighter than ever before, but instead of it being completely turquoise colored like it was originally - albeit greatly dirtied and dulled - it was a flurry of colors alongside her own turquoise: amethyst (Yugi), brown (Honda), honey-yellow (Jounouchi), pink (Anzu), bright yellow (Duck), lime-green (Cocoa), white/light purple (Bakura), yellow-gold (Sun), dark orange-gold (Dusk), bright blue (Moon), blue-navy (Dawn), cream (Lura), faded gold (Enternity), and gray-silver (Enfinity). There was even a light silver, which Teal knew represented Snow.

Teal smiled, her heart has transformed into a sunrise, to a midday, and a dusk as well, but her favorite was the midnight, that black-dark purple small heart-shaped piece in the middle of her heart, sending veins of Shadow Magic throughout her heart, connecting the diverse pieces and worlds together and almost covering the brunette female in a warm cloak.

Her hand delved into the hair of the person who gave up his entire heart, risking his own erasure from existence and from everyone’s memories, and the tri-colored spirit who was her boyfriend smiled faintly in his exhausted slumber.

Word count: 353
Shipping: Renshipping

Day Fifteen: Whimsical
Takes place after Storywriter: Beyond (after the entire series) (yes I am aware I changed the prompt a tad)

Teal groaned, placing her head in her hands as she stared at her bright computer screen, that blinking letter portal-thingy just taunting her. It was November, and NaNoWriMo was in full-effect. What the event was was that for the entire month of November, you had to write a 50k novel. And you had only November to write it.

Currently, she was working on a new story called City of Sound, and her husband, cousins-in-law, and friends were helping her to record and animate it, a project she was going to tackle in January, after NaNoWriMo was over. However, for this month, she had to finish the entire story before going on her Christmas ‘break’.

She blinked, staring at the chapter she just wrote, not bothering to check the time. It had said 1-something am last she checked The entire character cast was finally reunited together after splitting up, and she was both giggling to herself and also screaming to herself at how stupidly slow her ship was moving. She could see the whimsical plot bunnies scuttling around her head, and she let her eyes fall close as her mind started to imagine.

‘’Kase!’’ Alix panted, running up to the boy as he left their secret base. The navy-haired boy turned around, his turquoise eyes showing confusion.

‘’What is it, Alix?’’ he asked. Alix blushed, her cheeks matching her rose-colored hair. ‘’Is something wrong?’’

‘’N-no! Nothing’s wrong! I- I just…’’ she trailed off, not sure how to form her words. Kase chuckled, making Alix look up. He smiled.

‘’I know how you feel, Alix,’’ he smiled, bringing her into her embrace. She blushed until her face was probably a cherry, but looked up, and slowly leaned in as Kaze’s lips touched hers-

‘’C’mon, little potato,’’ a baritone voice was the source of Teal’s emergence out of her whimsies. She blinked her eyes open, realizing she had fallen asleep at her computer, and the sun was already out. She pushed away from her computer, and failed to stop her rolling chair, but her husband did. She looked up, eyes half-lidded, into his crimson eyes. He chuckled, picked her up, and placed her in their bed, her in his lap, her head resting against his chest.

‘’Did I fall asleep?’’ Teal asked with a yawn, just wanting to confirm. She heard a hum on confirmation from above her, and that was all she needed before she decided to get some actual sleep, dreaming about her own romance with the ex-pharaoh holding her.

Word count: 419
Shipping: Renshipping & Soundshipping (Kase x Alix)

Day Sixteen: Stock
Takes place some time after Duelist Kingdom (Yuugi is genderbent)

‘’Yuugi! Could you organize the stock for me please?’’ Grandpa’s voice called up the stairs to the newly-crowned Queen of Games’s room.

‘’Coming, Grandpa!’’ Yuugi called back, and grabbed a ponytail holder and tied her hair up in a high ponytail. The spirit of the Puzzle, Yami-Yuugi (or Yami, for short) phased out into a spectral form, floating down after his partner.

‘’What are you doing?’’ Yami asked after Grandpa went back upstairs to man the cashier, leaving the Puzzle holder and its spirit alone in the basement.

‘’I’m sorting the stock. See, we get a lot of games, y’know?’’ Yami nodded, watching as Yuugi lifted up a box (impressive for her small stature) and placed it in a pile. ‘’And occasionally, things get so messy that we have to sort it to find things in here. So today is that day.’’

Yami hummed in thought, watching as his partner moved about, placing boxes here and there. They were all labeled, sometimes with brands on the boxes, sometimes with stickers or with a marker, which Yuugi had to look for. Yuugi was now looking at an unlabeled box, not sure what was in it.

‘’Hey other me,’’ Yami turned his attention from figuring out which piles were which to his love. ‘’Can you… go through walls?’’

‘’Theoretically, yes,’’ Yami said, floating over to her. ‘’Why?’’

She had a small blush over her cheeks, showing either she was embarrassed or felt bad for asking whatever she was going to ask. ‘’Well, uhm… could you possibly peek inside this box? It’s not labeled, and I don’t want to open it.’’

Yami shrugged, before sticking his head straight through the box. He pulled it out a few seconds later, blinking. ‘’It’s a bunch of filled photo albums.’’

‘’What?’’ Yuugi then decided to open the box, and true to Yami’s words, a bunch of photo albums were inside. ‘’No wonder I had to drag it over, this was heavy!’’

‘’I suggest we look through the albums after we sort the stock,’’ Yami said, and Yuugi nodded.

‘’Hey, other me?’’


‘’Thanks. For everything.’’

Yami smiled.

Word count: 351
Shipping: Puzzleshipping

Day Seventeen: Champion
Takes place during estimated chapters 3, 5, and 6 of Storywriter: Beyond (sequel series).

‘’The Royal Throne Cup?’’ I asked, with a tone of confusion. Yami was sitting beside me as we sat in Kaiba’s office, the stoic brunette in front of us and a flyer on the table.

Yami picked up the flyer and glanced it over. After a few moments, he looked back up at Kaiba. ‘’This is Battle City except worldwide.’’

‘’Basically,’’ Kaiba smirked. ‘’Since you,’’ he motioned to Yami, ‘’are alive, and you,’’ he then motioned to me, ‘’are back, and both of you are engaged, we need to figure out who’s the King or Queen of Games. If you tie, well, guess you’re sharing the title.’’

‘’You just want another shot at beating us, don’t you,’’ I deadpanned. Kaiba didn’t reply, which gave us our answer. ‘’Anyways, where is this taking place?’’

‘’Preliminaries around the world will take place in their own cities. The eighth, quarter, and semi finals will take place in major cities- and yes, I am flying them,’’ he cut me off when I opened my mouth, and I closed it with a small huff. ‘’The finals will take place here, along with the battle against Yami for the crown.’’

‘’So I’m… not taking part until the end?’’ Yami asked. Kaiba smirked.

‘’Well, unless you want to try and battle your cousin again…’’

‘’No, no, I’m good. I barely got away with the title last time.’’

I snorted.

I took a deep breath, sliding my deck into the slot on my duel disk. Placing my half of the Millennium Puzzle charm in, the automated voice inside registered me: “Teal Advril registered. Duel Links SEVENS rules are being used in the championship game of the Royal Throne Cup of Yami Sennen versus Teal Advril.”

I could hear the crowd roaring from where I stood in the entrance of the field. On the field itself was my soon-to-be husband, standing on the field, waving to the crowd. The ring he had proposed to me with was still on his hand (he said, and I quote, “It’s tradition,” with a smirk), and it made me smile.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, the matchup you’ve been waiting for! From the mist of the unknown, the lady wielding the mysterious Hikaris, Yamis, and Guardians, and the very fiance of our own King of Games-’’ that broughts gasps and whispers from the crowd as I walked out onto the field, Yami smiling at me softly, ‘’-Teal Advril!’’

I smirked at the ex-pharaoh, and he smirked at me. Our duel disks opened up, and we both shouted the starting call, ‘’Let’s Duel!’’

I was gasping for breath, hand over my chest as I tried to regain my breath. Even after doing karate in a mask for two years, I didn’t have as big of a lung capacity as I probably needed. But it had been a full forty-five minutes since the start of our duel, and both Yami and I were exhausted. I could see through the dust that Yami was dead tired, and just like me, he also would deck out next turn. Unfortunately for him, he would be decking out first.

He realized this, I knew, and both of us were trying to breath through the smoke of Rory’s Third Generation Strike. He was grasping his side, his left side, where I had clawed him years ago, and I immediately felt guilty. He looked up, the fire in his crimson eyes that had been there this entire duel was burning out as exhaustion caught up to us both, but he smiled softly, trying to reassure me he was fine. He straightened himself to the best of his efforts, Rory gone from my field due to the fact that just like Yami’s God Cards, she couldn’t stay on the field for more than a turn if she was revived through Monster Reborn.

‘’This is where it ends, Teal,’’ he called out, before drawing. He looked at the card in his hand before smiling. ‘’And I do mean it this time! For I summon my final stand, Fiction Dragon!’’

I blinked, what? But out from the glowing claw mark on the side of his chest, an orb flew out, which grew, and grew, before turning into a huge dragon with crimson eyes, and golden horns, with a turquoise claw mark on its underbody.

Yami’s eyes, across the field, had shifted to their Rogue look, and his claws were extended; however, he seemed to be perfectly in control. He smiled sadly. ‘’I activate Fiction Dragon’s special ability! By discarding a spell card from my hand, I can activate any spell card from the graveyard! So I’ll activate my discarded Bad Luck Blast! First, I’ll target your Dark Magician on your field! Then, I take damage to half its attack points,’’ his counter fell from 750 to 0, ‘’and then you take the exact amount of damage!’’ My counter fell from 900 to 0, my mouth open, and the entire crowd silent.

‘’So uh… is that a tie?’’ I asked. He shrugged lightly as he walked over to me. I walked over to him as well, and when we reached each other, I hugged him, and he gratefully hugged me back as the crowd started to cheer.

‘’And it’s a tie! Yami Sennen and Teal Advril are the new King and Queen of Games!’’ the announcer called, and I smiled.

‘’That was so amazing!’’ Duck cheered, jumping up and down. The gang, Kaiba, Mokuba, Arua, Bakura, and Yugi were watching her, smiling.

‘’That was pretty impressive, mou hitori no boku, when did you-’’ Yugi turned around, cutting himself off with a small ‘awww…’. The entire gang turned around as well and some smiled (of varying degrees) and some cooed over the sleeping couple, Teal’s head was resting on Yami’s shoulder, and his head was resting on her head, both of them deeply asleep. Yami’s mark was softly glowing turquoise-teal, and Teal’s mark - two claw marks, on the back of her shoulder-back - was softly glowing black-crimson.

‘’I think we should leave them be,’’ Anzu said quietly, walking up to Yugi and nudging him, making him smile as he watched his former partner and one of his closest friends sleep. ‘’They’ve had a long duel.’’

Yugi nodded, and the group continued talking, as Teal snuggled into Yami more, making both the Persona and Fiction of Royalty smile in their sleep.

Word count: A staggering 1062! (I was so proud I tried cutting it down, but I was too happy with this... XD)

Shipping: Renshipping, slight Peachshipping (Yugi x Anzu; if ya squint x3)

Day Eighteen: Idiot
Takes place during Storywriter: Interlude

‘’Are you a bloody idiot?!’’

Yami winced away from his ex-nemesis’s shout, the albino thief glaring daggers at the former pharaoh. Yami was sitting at the side of a lake, his knees tucked into his chest and his arms wrapped around his chest, while Bakura was standing behind him.

‘’You know there’s a way to get to her, and yet you’re not going?!’’ Bakura shouted. Yami winced again.

‘’I don’t know if I’ll survive there!’’ he bluffed, but Bakura saw through it easily.

‘’Bullcrap, and you know it. What’s the real issue here, baka pharaoh?’’ he hissed. Yami growled, standing up.

‘’That is the issue!’’ Yami said, but it sounded fake even to him. Bakura kept glaring daggers, and Yami sighed softly, hanging his hand as he traced the mark along the side of his chest, which had magically faded through to his black top. Bakura was patient, and Yami didn’t know why. ‘’Why?’’

‘’Hmm?’’ Bakura raised a slim eyebrow.

‘’Why? Why do you care?’’ Yami’s voice was choked as droplets started falling onto the ground below. ‘’You hate my guts! Why-’’ he started choking too much to continue. Bakura sighed.

‘’Because this happened in the past too. You and Teal, no, Atemu and Helia, you were so in love… but I drove you apart,’’ he admitted. ‘’And I’m ashamed of it when I look back on it. So I’m not going to let your own idiocy be the cause of your break-up! So, out with it, pharaoh, what’s wrong?’’

Yami was silent.


More silence.

‘’I have all night, y’know.’’

A soft sigh. ‘’I’m afraid of what she’ll be like. If…’’


‘’...if she’s even alive.’’

Bakura scoffed. ‘’Don’t you remember you two share the same heart?’’ Yami nodded, looking up, his crimson-red eyes shining with unshed tears. ‘’So if she was dead, wouldn’t you be dead too? She carries your heart after all.’’

Yami’s eyes widened as he wiped the tears away. Bakura rolled his eyes. ‘’So go on, baka pharaoh. Because if you don’t do something, I’m sure she’ll only get worse. You’re her fiance, after all,’’ Bakura said.

Yami smiled at Bakura. ‘’Thanks for that, thief king.’’

‘’Shut up.’’

Word count: 363

Shipping: mentioned Renshipping

Day Nineteen: Crumble
Takes place during Storywriter: Arc II - Magical Bug (can be considered a prequel to Day Fourteen: Sunset)

Yami stared straight ahead at the cracked heart in front of him, a giant spider clinging onto it. Said spider had tried to murder him - multiple times, mind you - with its minions, but they were gone. Now the last step in rescuing Teal from this so-called ‘virus’ was destroying the motherspider in front of him.

‘’Dusk, Enternity,’’ the other versions of himself turned to him, one pale skinned with dark purple eyes, and the other tanned with crimson eyes, but both had the same hair style. ‘’Can you lend me your power?’’

‘’Sure thing,’’ Dusk smiled while Enternity smirked. They held their hands out towards him, and two strings of dark gold and pure gold light flowed out towards him. He took the power in his hands, feeling the two extra powers on top of his own Shadow Magic. He faintly recognized the bright glow around him as he thrust out his hand with a call of ‘Mind Crush!’

The spider shattered into a thousand particles as it vanished from Teal’s mind, making everyone sigh in relief. Suddenly, there was more cracking, and everyone turned to see the crystal heart in front of them gain a large crack straight down the middle.

Yami’s eyes widened in horror, and with a horrifying scream of pain, the previously-unconscious Teal against the wall (being tended to by Dawn) and her child-self, Chibi, fell unconscious as Teal’s heart shattered and crumbled before the six Guardians and future Fiction of Royalty’s eyes.

Word count: 247

Shipping: hinted Renshipping

Day Twenty: Grandfather
Takes place during Generation: Chaos (last series in my first major universe, Tales of History (for reference, The Thief of Egypt is the third major, and Storywriter is the fourth))

Yami Atemu* was sitting in the newly-named Chaos Treehouse, hidden within the depths of Domino Park, far enough that his son couldn’t find him. Yami sighed, Yugi would’ve been ecstatic that he was alive (for the like, fifth time), but leaving again probably would’ve broken the Spirit Prince, and that was something Yami couldn’t bear to see.

Suddenly, the Prism Guardian heard someone climbing up the ladder. Extending out his senses, he was relieved to only find one of Yugi’s firstborns, the current Delta Chaos Guardian, Rory climbing up the ladder. He was surprised to find Rory in almost-tears, stumbling through the door. The grandfather to the child was quickly there, holding her close as she choked out ineligible words, but hearing Yugi and Azura try to speak while crying had made him fluent in Choked Sobs.

‘’Shh, shh, what’s wrong, Rory?’’ he said, leading them both to the couch. She sniffled a bit.

‘’G-great-grandpa- he’s-’’ she was unable to go on, but Yami got the memo. The man who had been a grandfather to honestly both Yugi and him was finally at the end of his rope.

‘Honestly, it’s impressive how long he’s lived,’ Yami mulled silently. He continued to hold the girl while she calmed down. When she finally did, he pulled away slightly.

‘’Tell you what. I can sense him, and when…’’ he took a deep breath, ‘’when it’s time for him to go, we’ll see him off, alright? Just us two.’’

‘’Wh-what about Dad?’’ Rory asked. Yami shook his head sadly.

‘’I can’t risk it, I’m sorry,’’ he whispered. Rory nodded shakily, wiping the tears away before smiling at Yami and they shared a hug before she dashed off back to the others. Yami sighed, then pulled out his phone, dialing a certain someone.

‘’Rory, it’s time to go,’’ Yami whispered in the middle of a meeting between the two of them and Fortis. The darker half of Lura raised Yugi’s eyebrow from the body he was currently in control of. Fortis’s maroon-brown eyes then widened, before he nodded.

‘’Go. We’ll talk later,’’ he picked up Sand Planet from the table and took off. Yami grasped Rory’s shoulder, and the girl looked at him before nodding. Yami opened up a portal behind them and they stepped through.

On the other side was a darkened room, and there in the hospital bed, was ninety-something Solomon Muto, his eyes closed and his breath slower than even someone asleep should be. His eyes opened at the presence of his great-granddaughter, however, and he smiled.

‘’Hello Rory,’’ he said, his voice weak. Tears started silently flowing from Rory’s amethyst eyes and she ran with padded feet to him, and he comforted her while she cried. Too lost in her sorrow she didn’t notice when the elderly man looked up to the former spirit in the corner, who was watching with a soft smile. Solomon beckoned Yami forward, who did so, conjuring a chair made of Shadows by the bedside.

‘’Thank you for all you’ve done for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren,’’ he said. Yami smiled.

‘’And thank you, father, for raising such a great grandson,’’ Yami replied. Solomon’s eyes widened at the title of father, and Yami shrugged. ‘’If I was Yugi’s father in a past life, then that means any relationships now exist too.’’

Solomon nodded, then looked down to Rory. ‘’I’m glad I got to meet you and watch you grow up, my girl,’’ he said, and Yami glanced at the slowing beeps from the monitor beside him. Rory sniffled and nodded.

‘’I’m glad I got to meet you too, Grandpa,’’ she smiled softly. He nodded weakly, before laying his head back with a soft smile.

‘’Say hello to Azura for me please?’’ Yami asked, and he saw Solomon nod very softly as the monitor’s beeps continued to slow before finally flatlining. Rory lowered her head in respect and Yami sighed softly, before placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder.

‘’C’mon, you should go home,’’ Yami opened up a portal back in the corner of the room, and Rory nodded, before hugging Yami with a whisper of a thank you, before walking back through the portal. The portal closed behind her, and a second later, the door opened, revealing Yugi with his amethyst eyes, holding Sand Planet.

‘’Hey Dad,’’ Yugi smiled softly, before going to hug him, which Yami hugged back. Yugi then turned to his grandfather at the bedside. ‘’I’m glad Rory got to see him go.’’

‘’What about Alex and the gang?’’ Yami asked. Yugi smiled.

‘’They said their goodbyes this morning, but Rory was too depressed at the thought of him dying to say goodbye. I’m glad you managed to get her to go.’’

‘’She has your stubbornness,’’ Yami muttered, making Yugi chuckle, punching Yami in the arm.

‘’By the way, has Fortis been controlling me lately?’’

‘’I’m not gonna answer that.’’

Word count: 816

Shipping: mentioned Kingdomshipping (Yami x Azura), father-son Puzzleshipping

* - Yami Atemu (Dusk in Storywriter) is the name used to differentiate from other Yami's; Atemu Sennen (Enternity in Storywriter) is Heart of the Seal, Atem Muto (Prince in Storywriter) is The Thief of Egypt
, and Yami Sennen (Yami, codenamed Fiction later, in Storywriter) is from Storywriter.

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