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Lattie's Art - 2018

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avatar LatitudeNorth
Level 29 : Expert Musician
I uh, don't have a lot of art. Just a heads up. But hope you like what I do have.
Edit: Nope, now I do. Congrats!

Big Boy Projects

My first really big painting! It's a picture of a spotted towhee. Drawn with a reference, cos I'm not used to realistic art ahahaha
~4 hours of work

Happy Halloween!

Newer Images

Ilia can be smug. I like smug Ilia.

My friend was describing one of her old ocs to me and I had to draw this oml

A Tenje, for real this time. I actually drew this to show a friend what I meant when I said "Tenje" for a project I'm workin on.


Ergo has a gf now btw ok bye

It's almost December! I wanted to make a pfp/version of Feste for the holidays.


My Hylotl sona (aptly named hy-lat-l. haha.) being very confused and kind of appalled.

Feste giving Empress Avianna (my friend's character) some justice.

A gemsona design, that my friend requested!

Hylatl again, going as Elmo for Halloween.

Some novakid practice. Already outdated but still cool!

I loved Deltarune. Especially Ralsei. Oh my god. I want to cry.

A new character concept! Her name is Ilia and she's a Duralti.

Yatzil, my main in Starbound
Yatzil! She's my main in Starbound.

A novakid! I love them ;)
I like novakids too, though.
Sketches n stuff

Not for the faint of heart.

Oh oh also these are some concept sketches of Ilia's brother Kamak and Feste's son Rene. They're a great dynamic duo.

Triangle brand joke: the sequel

Sketch page for late November!

I was telling my Starbound friends about a theory where Novakid brands can regenerate their dead 'hosts' if they get killed, and my friend brought up the concept of a novakid's brand being used as a triangle instrument and well, this happened.

I love Ilia. She likes food. I love Ilia more.

Also, Ilia's a falconer! Cool, right?

Fun fact: Feste can't drink alcohol! She's allergic to barley.

Two of my gems (Biggs on the left, Chrysoprase on the right) feeling concerned about their orders today.

Old Art

A rough sketch of an old character of mine named Katrena. She's a bit of a spook.

A fan fusion woo

More Steven Universe fanart! It's of those Wulfenite gems I mentioned earlier.

More Starbound! Altali is a new character of mine who believes that she's a glitch.

A Harajuku-style Hyltol character I made for a friend!

Two of my bird characters that swapped races! My avos Fairuz became an avian, and my avian Yatzil became an avos!


My tribal thief girl Trozhu. Updating her ref sheet.


One of my older characters turned into a hylotl!

Some sketches of newer versions of older characters!

A Tenje/Lunarian/Moth! Believe whatever you want. Moths are pretty so it doesn't matter.

More Feste, you say? More Feste!

After some deliberation, I decided it was safe to post this Bowsette I made!

An art trade with the ever-wonderful black_stagbeetle on Instagram. Go check her art out, you won't regret it >:)
A thumbnail for one of my collections that I spent waaay too long on.
An icon for my collection that I spent waaay too long on.

You thought I wouldn't do it again? You are sorely mistaken.

Custom stickers for my characters!
A sticker set of six of my characters!
Top: Itli, Amya, Wulfenite
Bottom: Yatzil, Feste, Esrakh

Another person's character.
A drawing of someone else's character.

An avos! Mine, actually. There's a debate whether avos wings can actually be used to fly or not.
Amya! She has a sticker in that set above. She's a bird.

Improvement! Cool cool.

I post a lot of my sketches to my Tumblr Account.

Impromptu sketches of my friend's gemsona

"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!"
*screaming and slapping wings together*

Joke doodle for a friend.

Itli in an egg. Needs no explanation.

A joke between friends.

Altali and some cute stuff around the corners.

While trying to explain a kind of face you make when you're confused or dumbfounded, I drew this! It helps me explain things easier if I have a visual reference.

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6 December 2018 : 12/06/2018 11:14:59 pmDec 6th, 2018

Happy Holidays!

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oh my goodness i remember you from elysium !!! this is so cute
  • RuzzieRose
  • Level 25
  • Expert Miner
  • August 14, 2018, 6:50 am
Ur so good i love ur style its so cute!
*screaming at starbound*
I like your rather happy art style.
Thank you!

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