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Laziness about uploading

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avatar Saxxy
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
First of all: THIS IS NOT AN APOLOGY FOR NOT UPLOADING IN FOREVER. If you missed my content, suck it up :D(i'm kidding :D).
People who stop uploading anything to a site and then come back later always feel the need to come up with a reason(the wordle cloud above has the examples). Some are, "I've been busy", or "life just got in the way". First of all, we all understand why you stopped uploading. You were busy. You don't need to apologize; we all have something to do at some point or another.

Others are just lame. "I think the community is bad", "I don't like how other people hoard EXP", "people hate my content how". Stop saying that.... those are excuses. The other ones are truths.

However, why do people feel the need to do this(especially on PMC)? It is really just because they don't want to seem like they haven't been doing anything while they see people posting amazing things. They(I am included) shouldn't feel like they failed the site. They just did some things in real life. These amazing projects can be built by anyone, it is just if they have the time and put the EFFORT in. Which brings me to my second topic....

EFFORT: It is tiring to put a ton of it in after a while. It really is just exhausting. So you take a break.
Taking a break can result in failing to come back from the break, More on that later. But people seem to think that because they see this great content all over the site, they feel obliged to try to come up to par with that. And then they have to find a reason why they didn't. The reason is, they got tired. Creativity barrels only last so long, and when you are scraping the bottom, it gets pretty ugly. Trying to put in the effort and time all the time DESERVES a break, but it is important to remember to come back.

When you are on your "break", you realize that there are things to do in the world(WOAHHH WHAT?). Yes, you heard me. There are things to do in the world. So you start to get busy with those things, and forget about dear old Planet Minecraft. However... the cycle comes back to help you at this point. You get tired of the effort in the world, so you take a break. You play Minecraft, and you realize how much you loved building. You also realize Jeb is putting new stuff out too fast. But the truth is, it all boils down to being "busy". The other excuses mean nothing, and unless you truly blew off uploading content, then you are just being human.

So don't feel bad about not uploading anything for a while :D

Stay Saxxy.

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We missed you, welcome back!
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  • November 14, 2012, 3:34 pm

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