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Lee's Plight

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avatar genessee
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
They came in the darkest of nights, reducing the world around them to merely a shadow of itself.

Lee stared from the small opening in the tree into the chaos. He had seen destruction before, but nothing of this magnitude. The dark ones, with their claws of iron and sticks of fire, brought both beast and oak tumbling to an untimely fate in the blink of an eye. Lee had never seen such power.

The tree Lee resided in shook once, then twice. One of the demons exclaimed something in their unknown language, and as if by command, the tree began to fall, fall towards the hard earth below.

Had it not been for Lee's wings, he would have surely been flattened when the tree hit the ground. Instead, Lee flew into the heavens above, staring down upon his beloved forest. How they've ruined it, He thought bitterly, How they've destroyed it as if it were their own. His fallen kinsmen lain strewn about the ground in an eternal slumber, put to sleep by lead and steel.

And so chaos ensued for many minutes, hours, days, who could tell? And all Lee could do was watch from above. More of his own kind escaped into the sky in droves, but those who were not as gifted as they, such as the deer and the bears, were left to face the blackened beast-slayers alone.

And then they were gone.

It was as if they had simply grown tired of terrorizing the forest, or perhaps they believed they had caused enough chaos for one night. As Lee landed near the remains of his home, he observed all the damage that had been caused. The fallen lay across the grass, with mice and wolves who had not been slain devouring their remains. The trees had been destroyed, the only thing remaining being a short stump, as if to mock Lee, to say I was once here, but now I am not. Do you remember the times before they came? Lee did remember.

They would all remember.

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