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Legend of Steve part 2

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Okay guys, here is part 2 of my story, and I got recommended to me more detailed and also put it in chapters, so here we go.

Chapter 4: Living The Good Life

As Steve woke up but the gentle licks of his dog he thought about the last year, it was now 1 year ago that Steve has returned to his home village, he remembers it like it was Yesterday, the sun was shining, but thanks to the soft wind it wasn't very hot. Ashley ran to him and gave him a hug, and then the butcher and the baker followed, every villager, wanted to see and talk to Steve again about his journey, he drank some milk by the campfire and told story's about the green creepy monsters who exploded, the black crawling spiders with red eyes who where giving him a cold feeling, and the white skeletons with there bows, sometimes even with stronger ones, but the one he hated the most, were zombies, making loud noises, wearing armour and weapons sometimes, and could set you on fire if they were being burned by the sun. All the villagers were silently listening and holding there breath, some birds tjirpd in the distance, some older villagers coughed and a child was crying in his sleep, ah yes, it was a good day Steve thought, but present wasn't to bad for Steve either, he said to his dog, who was still licking his face: do you still remember the day we met wolf? another flashback occured to Steve, he was like every other day, just getting some wood and sticks for the campfire. some suger canes for the cake and some mushrooms for the mushroom stew Ashley's mother always made, yes tonight is the Day we celebrate the birth of our founder, Notch, no one knew his last name, everyone always called him notch. Steve wanted to be as famous as that he was. Wolf was just drinking out of a lake when a creeper sneaked up on him, steve saw the creeper becoming bigger and bigger until it exploded. Wolf landed in the water, but was hurt. Steve ran to him and took him out of the water, the hurried back to the village, he took care of Wolf for 2 weeks, until he was strong enought to leave again, but Wolf never left his side. Al those good memories are doing me good, Steve thought. When he turned his head sideways, he saw his wife Ashley still sleeping, so he gave her a kiss on the head then left the bed. ofcourse was Wolf following him, like his loyal comrade. He decided to make some breakfast for himself and for his wife, He made some bread and porkchop for himself and some carrots and apples for his wife Ashley, he walked back into the room with the food and placed it next to Ashley's side of the bad. He opened the purple curtains to let some sunlight in, it felt warm on his face. He opend the windows for some fresh air. He turned around and now he could see Ashley again, Her long Brown hair shined like no diamonds ever did, Her blue eyes were more blue then lapis, her cute little nose was perfect as always, Steve decided. Her cheeks were a bit red, like she was very warm, so steve grabbed the blankets and layed them a bit lower, so that the upper part of Ashley's body was uncovered, Steve thought to himself what a beautifull wife he has, he decided to wake her up gently, and handed a carrot to her. She ate it very fast, like she was very hungry. Today felt like no other day, but Steve has no idea what is waiting for him.

Chapter 5: The Darkness Appeared 

After Ashley and Steve changed there outfits into more suitable outfits, they went outside. A large group of Villagers Stood on the edge of the highest mountain staring at one point, Ashley didn't know why they did that so she asked it to Steve. Ofcourse, Steve didn't know either so he climbed the mountain and asked the villagers what it was, the blacksmith pointed far into the distance, there at the point where you think the earth touches the sun, A black beam like thing shot up into the sky, making the sky blacker and blacker, pixel by pixel, block by block, chunk by chunk, and even biome by biome. It went at a high speed and wouldn't take long until it put there village into complete darkness as well. No villager knew what was going on, all they know was that the sun wasn't able to go trough the Darkness, everywhere the shades became darker then ever before, and more mobs spawned in then should spawn, and within minutes, Darkness and mobs as far as the eye could see, there was no sun to be found, no days to count, no sunset to look at, and above all, the unknow reason how and why the darkness occured. Then a big wave of wind came, like a windmill suddenly turning on, and all the torches went off, now, in the whole village there was nothing but darkness, the villagers were slowly trying to find there home, but that was not easy, you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you. Steve could just feel the fear of the villagers, and well, he wasn't feeling comfertable either, he climed slowly of the mountain, not knowing if he was going the right way, leading the other villagers that were standing on the mountain down as well. The only thing that was giving some light, were the furnaces in the houses cooking some food, but there was no way they could last long, there was no more sight in the mines and it was hard to bring a burning furnace al the way down. The villagers despretly tried to relight the torches, but it didn't work, the only thing that was left, where ashes and sticks.

Well guys this was part 2 of my story with chapter 5 and 6, hope you all enjoyed reading it, any tips and tricks will be read and will be much appreciated
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