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Legends of a Theif:Origins

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[tt]Heres the storynnLegend of a Theif: OriginsnBy: Skate4JesusnnChapter 1: say hellonnOn the run again. Steal some iron from the Parisians and they send theyre whole ndamn army after you. Ive been running and hiding for what seems like ages. I nneed to take them down. Theyre leader Napolean is basically conquoring this nworld. Huge hunting parties go out at night and kill any monsters or humans they nfind, they burn any fledgling villages to the ground on sight and kill anyone nwandering around. Its insanity, and i'm stuck right in the middle of it all. The nParisians call me many names. The Diamond Theif, The Slayer, Creeper Hunter, The nDestoryer. Mainly because i always keep a diamond poking out from the top of my nbelt, and i have a creeper's face cape, and because of past events, still fresh nin my mind after all these years... Ive done every act against the Parisian nEmpire you can think of. Robbery, Sabotage, Assassinations, etc. And they have a nquite large bounty on my head. 2,000,000 gold ingots for the one who brings me nin dead or alive. There are people all over the place looking for me, only one nperson ever spotted me, and had an arrow through his eye poking the middle of nhis brain from about 15-20 blocks away before he could raise a finger, and now nthay have full regiments out searching for me, several at a time. There is no nsafe place. The Parisians basically took their name from a city in the 'old nworld' as they call it. Paris, France, Napolean is obsessed with the French.nnYoure probably wondering "how did this all start? Is he just gonna jump right nin?" well no, this story is about how it all started...nnChapter 2: The BeginningnnIt's been a long time since i first came to this world. It was just me, i almost nflipped at first, nothing went through my mind except "where the hell am i" over nand over again. I had woken on the beach, had no memory of what happened before nnow. I calmed down and fashioned a crude axe out of sticks and a large stone i nfound on the ground, it fell apart quickly, but not before i had made crude, but nbetter wooden axe and a pickaxe. I cut more wood and found a cave where i cut nout some stone and coal near the entrance. I made a small hut out of my wood and nstone tools. With the leftovers i made a furnace, a workbench and a bed with nsome wool that i had gotten from a nearby sheep. I made a torch and lit up my nnew home and made extras so i could explore that cave later on. My house was npositioned in a nice flat area in between the ocean and a forest, there was a nmountain off to the north, the ocean was on the west side, i could tell the ndirection because the sun was setting. I cut out some windows and put in glass nfor them just as the sun sank below the horizon and the moon took over...nnChapter 3: Dont forget your night light...nnAs the moon climbed high into the sky i started to hear footsteps outside, when ni looked out my window there was a figure in the distance, it looked human. I nran outside and as i closed in i started hearing moaning, groaning. The figure nturned around and scared me half to death, it was a zombie. I punched it with my nbare hand and backed away. I bumped i to something else, it was green and had a nface of twisted agony and sorrow. I punched it as it started hissing and was nthrown back into a nearby tree when it exploded. I got up and limped back to my nhut, as i turned the corner i an arrow stuck itself into the wall behind me, i ndidnt even wanna know, i jumped back into my hut and crafted a door. I didnt nsleep that night, there were moans coming from right outside my walls. I crafted na sword out of my leftover stone for defense.nnChapter 4: Praise the Sun!nnI sat in my hut as dawn approached, i looked out the window to see zombies and nskeletons all across the land, then, as the sun peeked over the horizon, the nland brightened and the creatures of the night burst into flame, tortured by the nlight of the sun. I noticed a creeper sneaking through the tall grass near the nforest, although it was in direct sunlight, it wasnt burning, nor the giant nspiders. After all the monsters seemed to be gone i went out to gather more nmaterials, i mined plenty of stone and coal in that cave i had found.nnChapter 5: More people 'appear'nnA figure, on the beach. A human, passed out, looks like he just got here, no nwait.... Theres 2, a man and a girl, the man looks a few years older than me, nand the girl looked about my age. I moved them into my house and made extra nspace while the sun was still up. That night the girl woke up, she looked naround, then saw me, watching the monsters of the night through my window, sword nin hand. She gasped and i turned to look at her, noticing she was awake i walked ncloser and she slowly climbed out of the bed. she was scared as i walked up and nmotioned her to the other side of the room, so nit to wake the man. "whats your nname?" i asked her. "Melissa" she said, "I'm Kyle, how did you get here?" "i ncant remember" she said, same as me, guess nobody remembers what happened before nnow. I asked her "do you remember how old you are?" "fourteen". Thats enough for none night, i told her to try to get some more sleep and resumed my position nwatching the monsters.nnChapter 6: The RescuennHe woke up exactly at sunrise, he immediately got up and ran towars me, nobviously enraged about something. I stood, brandishing my sword. Seeing that he ndidnt have a chance against me he stopped. "whats your name?" i asked him. n"john, im 17 and why the hell am i here?" I asked him "do you remember anything nfrom before you woke here?" "i remember being on a boat, the engine blew up, the nwhole boat went down, then i woke up here." "Huh" i said "this must be some kind nof 'heaven'" It really seemed that way, or a hell, considering all the monsters. n"ok john, care to help out so we can all survive?" "sure, as long as you know nwhat youre doing." I tossed him an axe and said "go cut down some of those trees nfor wood, we need it for houses. Meanwhile im going to go fish so we have food. nIll take her with me." Melissa had woken up so john went and cut wood and i took nmelissa to kill spiders and make fishing rods, we caught 7 fish and found some nsugar cane growing along the sea. When we got back to the hut John wasnt there nand it was getting dark fast. I told Melissa to stay here while i went out to nlook for him, i grabbed an extra torch and my stone sword and ran out in the ntwilight to find john. I went into the forest and saw the trees he had cut, and nfollowed his trail of chopped trees. Then i had to rely on his tracks, a spider ntried to pounce on me, i stabbed it and tossed it over to the ground i followed njohns tracks into a tiny cave where i found him trapped by a creeper and 2 nzombies. I quickly jumped on tge creepers back and stabbed its head, then nslashed a zombies lags off and stomped on its head, then spun around and cut off nthe last zombie's head. "Thank god" John said "come on we gotta get outta here" ni said, and we rushed out of the cave, the flame on my torch was running low, njust then i heard an arrow impale itself into a tree right next to my head. n"Keep going!" i told john, i span around and took an arrow in my shoulder before ni kicked the skeleton over and ripped off its arms. I got back up and ran for nthe hut, i made it through the door before i passed out on the floor.nnChapter 7: The RecoverynnI woke up in my bed with Melissa over me holding a wet peice of cloth over my nhead. "Finally!" she said. Everything was still blurry i tried to sit up but nfell right back down, massive pain in my entire right side. I was bed ridden for na week, john collected wood and expanded the hut so we had more room. Melissa ncaught fish and cooked it, as well as cared for me. I tried to get up a couple ndays after i had been able to actually sit and to my surprise, i coukd walk! I nwalked around and checked up on supplies, Melissa must be out fishing. low on ncharcoal and fish, i grabbed my fishing rod and went out and met Melissa on the nbeach. She was surprised to see me up. "you should be resting." she had said. "i ncant rest forever, i have to get back on my feet sometime." i cast my line and nsge moved over and leaned up against me. "im glad youre back to normal." she nsaid. I reeled in a fish "im glad i can get back to work." She reeled in a fish nand giggled, "you dont get it" I knew what she meant. The sun was setting, it nlooked as if it was sinking into the ocean. "its beautiful" Melissa said "not as nbeautiful as you" i said to her, and she looked up at me "you did get it!" we nhugged and then headed back to the house. When we got there john was gone again.nnChapter 8: The Betrayalnn"great" i said "if he got lost im not gonna go find him again" I wasnt, and i ndidnt. He had just disappeared, i went out tge next day and mined plenty of iron nin the cave, then on my way back i saw john running back to the house. I drew my nsword and ran after him, i caught him just as he was walking in the door. nMelissa was cooking the fish we had caught yesterday, "get on the bed now" John nsaid, i knew his intentions immediately and said "watch what you say" he span naround to find my sword at his neck, then i found a sharpened stick at mine. nPathetic. In one swift motion i disarmed him and had my sword in his arm. He nfell to his knees and i returned my sword to his neck. At that exact moment john nreared back and sprang into my legs, knocking me over as he rushed out the door, nas i stood he said, "I'll be back, and when i return, you will die." then, he nran off. I tracked him for ages, but he just kept moving, i decided to return to nthe house. When i got back Melissa ran to me and buried ger face in my shoulder, n"Dont ever leave like that again!" she was sobbing. I sat her down on the bed nand said, calm down, im here now. I went over and smelted the iron while she ncooled off. I made an iron sword and pickaxe, then i told Melissa "gather your nthings, we have to move, john knows where the house is." She nodded and went to nget her stuff and some food. I gathered what i could and set the house on fire nas we left.nnChapter 9: A new beginningnnWe traveled north, John had gone south, we continued until we found a flat nplain, with an ocean to the west and a forest to the south. To the north were nsnow capped mountains. We built a house out of cobblestone that i had gathered nand made a dock and a fishing boat. "I like this place" Melissa told me one day nwhen we were fishing, "its nice" i said, reeling in a rather big fish, "its ncozy" she said. We looked at each other and kissed. Then sge reeled in a fish nand we continued on. That night as we were going to bed in our beds on the ship nwe kissed again. "night" i said "good night" over the days we became closer, nkissed more often, did everything together, mining, hunting, fishing. Even nbecame comfortable with sleeping in the same bed. We started a farm and caught nsome of the local pigs and cows and put them in pens. We had plenty of food and nmaterials to live forever, which is what seemed to happen, neither of us ever nseemed to age at all. There were dark clouds looming as I was leaving the house. ni saw a dark figure emerge from the forest, then another, then more and more, as nthey drew closer lightning struck and i saw... it was john. And he had brought nan entire army with him...nnChapter 10: Hatred fuels my HeartnnI ran inside and grabbed my diamond sword. "Melissa!" where the hell was she! n"Oh Shit!!" i burst outside and saw the boat ablaze with men carrying Melissa noff and into the depths of the army. John approached. "what did i tell you. nSometimes its not a good idea to play hero." he said with a smirk on his face nand lightning striking everywhere. I had hidden my diamond sword and my iron one nin my cloak and plunged my stone sword into his neck. He fell to the ground and nwas dead on the spot. "Get him!!!!" i heard someone yell and the whole army was nafter me. I slashed and parried and stabbed until my sword broke, down to my niron sword, more slashing, i can see the end of the army, slash, lightning, nparry uppercut, dodge. Im closing in, lightning, parry, dodge, stab. Iron sword nbroken, Diamond sword, parry, Lightning. So close, parry, slash, slash, dodge, njump the last man and find the bastards who took Melissa. I had the whole army nafter me now, i ran, as fast as i could, after 3 days i slowed down and checked nfor tracks. There where tracks from 3 men, and a trail of blood. I followed the ntracks until the blood stopped and rain had washed away any tracks that were nleft. I headed south, that was the direction the tracks had been going. I ntraveled for days, until finally i found it, a massive city in a well protected nvalley. I snuck into the city easily and immediately went to the town square. nThere was a gillotine set up and a large crowd. They had melissa tied up and nwere getting ready to cut off her head. I made my way to the front of the crowd nand jumped onto the platform they had melissa on, just as the guillotine dropped ni wedged my sword in between it and Melissa's head, i disarmed a guard and took nmost of them out, but when i turned around there was a man holding my sword... nAnd the guillotine had dropped the rest of the way... "you son of a bitch" i nsaid almost under my breath. A long duel commenced, parry slash slash parry ndodge stab. i retook my sword from this man and held it to his neck. "who are nyou?!" i yelled. "i know what you did to my father" he said quietly "so im nreturning the favor!!!". Then he dissapeared into the crowd. John had a son, and nhe had killed Melissa...n"you will pay"nnEndnnAuthor's Notes: This is my first story so its probably boring and moves pretty nfast, if people want i might try a sequel.n[/tt]
Creditall credit goes to my bud Skate4Jesus for making this story all i did was make it public

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