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Legends of a UniBeaver

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avatar Super-Derp
Level 9 : Apprentice Fish
The following story has been translated from ancient writing.

Chapter One, My Introduction
  Most humans don't think I exist. Most humans have never heard of me. If you're a human that's reading this, tell all your human friends that I exist. The last of my kind. The last unibeaver. You probably know what a beaver is. A beaver is kind of like a bear, but smaller, less scary, and just better overall. You probably also know what a unicorn is. I'm sorry to tell you that magical horses with horns never actually existed, and never will. Unibeavers do exist. They are like unicorns, but instead of a horse with a horn, we are beavers with horns. I, Barry the unibeaver, will tell you my epic journey to find my long lost relatives. My story starts now!

Chapter Two, The Crash
  I was jumping from cloud to cloud on a sunny afternoon. It was very lonely and boring, even if it was a sunny day. Out of nowhere, a meteor came down from the skies, and crashed right into me. Down I went with the meteor. The meteor and I were going to crash right into a forest. I didn't usually go down on land, I was more of a sky creature. CRASH! We landed in a giant pile of leaves. The only thing I could've really done was wait for some fog to appear, so I could climb the fog, all the way back up to the clouds. Though it didn't seem like fog was going to appear anytime soon.

Chapter Three, Unknown Scents
If you were ever lost in unknown territory, you would probably feel lonely, sad, hungry, and scared. For me, I was usually feeling lonely and sad, so I just felt hungry and scared. I sniffed around, trying to find some food. The only scent my nose got was the scent of something disgusting that I never smelled before. Animal feces. Of course I did smell animal feces before, but only my own. Unibeavers poop out candy, gold, chocolate, and sometimes even rainbows! I walked towards the mysterious smell, thinking it might be edible. Finally, I found it. It was dark brown and squishy. Hearing my stomach growl, I ate the unknown food. To be honest, it was actually quite delicious. Humans were probably taught not to eat feces because it would give them too much energy. The next mysterious scent I got was something like smoke. It was fire.

Chapter Four, The Moose
  I felt like I needed to go towards the fire, but at the same time thought I was probably gonna die. Slowly, slowly, slower. The suspense was killing me! I rushed towards the fire, ignoring all the other creatures that were staring at me. I was going was fast as my four little feet could go but, before I could reach the fire, I heard a strange "TWANG" sound. Where did the sound come from? I looked towards my left, nothing. I looked towards my right, nothing. Nothing above, nothing forward. There was one last direction. I looked behind me, there was a moose.It didn't look like an ordinary moose, but it was. Covered in red liquid, with an arrow stuck in it, there was the corpse of a moose I never got to know.

Chapter Five, The Chase
    Slowly, I found myself moving towards the dead creature. Thinking that I could somehow heal him, I touched him on the head. I tried to focus but, an arrow was shot in my direction! I'm guessing that humans have instincts, just like any other creature. For example, hopefully one of your instincts is to say "thank you" whenever someone does something nice to you. In this situation, you're instincts would probably be to run, those were my instincts as well. Getting struck by a meteor, landing in unknown territory, meeting a dead moose, and running for my life wasn't on my to-do list. If you really want to know, the next thing on my to-do list was to relax in a hot tub while eating some wooden carrots. Anyways, back to the story. I hid behind a tree, they still found and shot at me. I hid beside a tree, they still found and shot at me. I hid on top of a tree, they still found and shot at me. I hid inside the tree, they still found and shot at me. I hit under the tree, they couldn't find me but, I got out almost immediately because I was gonna suffocate to death. While running for my life, dodging all those arrows, I suddenly remembered what my task was, to find the fire.

Chapter Six, The Village
  Focusing on a specific smell in the middle of a forest while dodging many deadly arrows is a difficult task. This is what you call multitasking. If you were playing a video game while eating some food, you too would be multitasking. Although, my situation is far more difficult and dangerous, unless you find trying not to drop your food on the ground,"difficult and dangerous." The fire was getting close, I could almost taste it but, I don't really want to taste fire as it could burn my tongue. Without realizing it, I was out of the forest. Without realizing it, I didn't find just one fire, but many fires. The fires didn't seem dangerous, they weren't spreading. The weird wood sticks with coal on the very top seemed to stop the fires from spreading. Along with the safe fire, there were also many wooden houses and humans. The humans stared at me. This was probably the first time they saw a unibeaver, so I let them stare in awe. To my surprise, all the adult villagers went inside their houses, and came out with all sorts of weapons. Bows, arrows, spears, swords, and even wooden stakes! It seemed that I had stumbled across a village.

Chapter Seven, Escaping The Mob
  I knew this was the moment to fight back. I knew this was the moment to show them my true powers. I knew this was the moment to show them who's boss! I also knew that everything I just thought was probably plain fiction and would just result in my death, so I ran. Not only arrows were heading in my direction, but mobs of villagers too. What did I do to them? I lived on clouds my entire life there's nothing I could've done to them. I saw one villager wear a coat. A special coat. A fur coat. Did they kill an innocent animal for that coat? I didn't know, and I never will. I saw a brown rock behind me, and it was trampled over by many humans that didn't even notice it. That moment I had an idea. I lied down, all cuddled up, not moving a muscle. The entire mob didn't notice and trampled me over. I got a terrible back pain, but at least the mob was gone for now. "Where is that creature? I saw one just like it the other day, but it swam away in the river!" Said a villager. Was I imagining things, or was there really another of my kind?

Chapter Eight, The Search
  Oh boy! I was thinking of all sorts of fun my long lost brother and I could have! In front of me was the river that the villager was talking about. I jumped in, and started floating downstream. I found myself feeling quite droozy. Before I knew it, I was asleep. If you woke up in a strange place, not knowing where you are and how you got here, you would have many emotions swirling around your head, such as sadness, loneliness, joy, and hope. This is how I felt when I woke up in a strange cave almost forgetting what I am doing. I got up, and started to take a look around. I wasn't too sure if there was another unibeaver in the cave or not. I then saw something that gave me my answer. I saw a picture of a flexing unibeaver.

Chapter Nine, Brother?
  At first I thought I was in a small cave, but it turns out that this will be one of the biggest caves I'll ever see. Eventually, I ended up in a giant throne room. It was beautiful, for a cave. There were some of those wooden sticks with fire on them. There was also a fish tank, inside was a genetically modified fish. At the very back of the throne room, was of course a throne. It wasn't the throne that caught my eye though. It was what was on it. A creature that kinda looked like a bear, but less smaller, less scary, and just better overall. A unicorn horn on top. I found him, the other unibeaver.

Chapter Ten, The Fight
  He got off his throne. "My my my, I didn't think there was another one!" exclaimed the unibeaver. I thought we were going to be friends, but he had a menacing glare on his face. We were going to battle. We walked towards each other. It was all silent, except for the dripping of water. Drip, drip, drip! We finally faced each other. We put our fists in the air, and in sync, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" He got paper, I was scissors. "Shoot indeed" He said with a depressed look on his face. I told him all about my journey, and about my plan to bring him back up to the clouds. He then told me about his plans, to release the genetically modified fish into the wild, and when it is struck by lightning, it will become a mighty fish. He will then rule the humans with the mighty fish by his side. We seemed to be quite different. His name was, Sally? Turned out she was female.

Chapter Eleven, The Epilogue
    Sally had the genetically modified fish in her hands, I convinced her to come join me. We left the cave and were outside. It was a foggy afternoon. We climbed the fog, and were finally back home. I'm sorry to say that Sally accidentally dropped the mighty fish into a nearby body of water, and we didn't see it again since. After a few centuries, Sally left our home to go to space and bring back some marshmallows from the moon. She never did come back, and I hope she's happy wherever she is. That's the end of my story for now. I hope you enjoyed my tales as an adventurous unibeaver, and do look out for more of my stories in the future! I'm the only unibeaver on earth, so if you see a beaver with a horn on its head, say hi.

The End

The research behind this story
  Hello, yes, before I start talking, do note that this part of the 'blog' is not in the perspective of an animal. If you are here only for the talking animal part, then go away because the speaker is human.

  Our researchers here at F.U.Y.D. found this stunning story in an old cave. This story is about 5 centuries old. We couldn't believe that some such thing actually happened, or if some dumb cave person just wrote it. That is why we want to confirm, this story is real. One week after our discovery at F.U.Y.D., A strange creature suddenly crashed down from the sky! It was like a bear, except smaller, less scary, and better overall. It had the horn of a unicorn, and I'm sorry to say, unicorns aren't real. It was the same creature from the story. I'm guessing 'Barry' still has a lot of writing to do for us, so you better stay tuned by subscribing to one of my employees on PMC, Super Derp.

Ancient Pictures
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