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Legends of Mintow

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avatar HorseMeadow
Level 1 : New Explorer
Season: 1 Episode 1:

Hello, I'm the leader of the country known as Mintow, in the north is a savanah with a beach, east is mountains, sounth is a swamp and a Forrest, west is more plains then ends in a desert, the middle is plains and that is where my castle is, a river separates the biomes except for the dessert, forrests and the swamp.

My adventure started when I woke up in a village in the savanna, I had saved that village from a raids and bescouse of that I have my own castle, I have two horses Shadow and Ruby Shadow is a pure black horse and Ruby has yellow hair, light brown skin and white spots, i recently lost Salt who was killed becouse I fell in a hole, I went to the end and back this was was pure white and their remains are in the stable where they were once.

i am getting another horse later, I hope you enjoy.

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