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LEGO Ninjago Born Bitten (part 2) Misako and Wu

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Please Note: The following fanfic is set before the events of season 10 (March of the Oni). If anything happens in the show afterwards that contradicts this story, it should just be accepted as an alternate universe.

Chapter 2: What’s normal and what’s a warning

Misako walked back to the kitchen, where a glance showed that the ninja had reconciled.
“I told you there was nothing to worry about.” Wu whispered.
In response, Misako took a deep breath and smiled at Wu. Perhaps she was worried about nothing.
“Alright, I’m heading out!” Lloyd said, waving bye at Misako.
“Wait! Where are you going?” Misako asked, causing Lloyd to stop in the doorway.
“Just going to get a comic book.” Lloyd said.
“You just got the newest issue a few days ag…” Misako said before being cut off by the sound of the front door closing.

Misako walked to the window, noticing Lloyd driving off in the Ninja Nightcrawler toward the city. She figured whatever Lloyd was up to, she could question him when he gets back. She turned around to look at the ninja, noticing most of them were planning to head out and do their own thing for the day. The only ones who stayed at the monastery were Pixal and Zane, who she assumed were going to make some modifications of some sort. Wu poured two cups of tea and handed one to Misako.

“So, what are your plans for the day?” Misako asked, taking a seat on the couch.
“I suppose none unless you have a plan?” Wu replied, sitting beside Misako.
“Nothing that would interest you that much.”
“Perhaps not, but…”
“You can join me. However, if I find you're distracting my research. I may ask you to leave.”
“Fair enough.”

Misako and Wu walked over to the study room. Upon entering the room, Misako grabbed a box from the bookshelf and then took a seat at a desk in the corner of the room. Wu, fascinated, took a seat on a couch while staying focused on the box. Misako opened the box to reveal orange and red pieces. While Wu’s eyes widen, realizing what those broken pieces once were.

“Where did you get those?” Wu asked.
“The police gave them to me to investigate. They figured I would be the best person to examine the mask, or at least what’s left of them.” Misako replied.
“Do they have any news on the location of the third mask?”
“No, not yet. For all, they know the Sons of Garmadon may have hidden the last mask somewhere deep in Borg Tower.”
“I see. Hopefully, they find it soon, who knows what could happen if it gets into the wrong hands.”

Misako nodded in agreement, then began to examine the mask while taking notes. The two sat in silence for a few hours, doing their separate things. The silence was interrupted when they heard the front door of the monastery open.

“We’re in the study room” Misako shouted, figuring it was one of the ninjas.
“K. I’ll be in my room.” Lloyd shouted in reply.
“I’ll be back, I’m just going to check on Lloyd.” Misako said to Wu.

Misako walked towards Lloyds room, only to hear him mumbling to himself:
“1248.10 dollars plus 100 for installation… Stupid Sons of Garmadon… Stupid Oni Mask…”
Misako opened the door slowly and walked in. Lloyd, hearing the door opening turned to look at Misako.

“Mom! I…uhm.” Lloyd said in surprise.
“Are you going to tell me where you went today because that sounds like a lot for a comic book.” Misako said.
“I just had to fix something.” Lloyd said, turning his head away from Misako.
“Why didn’t you have Nya and Pixal fix it for you?” Misako asked.
“They told me; it would teach me a lesson if I had to pay for it.”
“Why would they say that?”

When Lloyd gave no response, Misako figured it would be best not to pry, at least not yet. Instead, she took a seat at the edge of Lloyd’s bed and said:

“Did I ever tell you how many things Garmadon broke?”
“No.” Lloyd said, turning his head to her with curiosity.
“Well, he broke a lot more than picture frames. Most of the time I wasn’t home when it happened, but other times I was just in another room.”
“Wait, if you weren’t home? Why was dad breaking things?”
“It wasn’t because I was home, but rather who was still home with him.”
“Uncle Wu?”

When Misako looked at Lloyd and slowly nodded her head, he began to realize the true reason his father broke so much.
“Why are you telling me this?” Lloyd asked.
“Would you like me to tell you the truth?” Misako asked.
“Well… yeah.”
“Fine. I’m worried, Lloyd.”
“Worried? Why?”
“You’re losing your temper so much recently, even on the smallest things.”
“Kai just calls it, mood swings.”
“Alright then. Now did one of these mood swings just cost you, 1248.10 dollars?” Misako said with a firm voice rather than her usual gentle tone.

As she expected, Lloyd gave no reply. However, now Misako figured she had enough of a starting point and began to pry.

“May I ask how the Sons of Garmadon played a role in what you spent your money on today?” Misako asks, returning to her calmer tone.
“They started this, they knew I was going to try, and save him alone…” Lloyd said.

Misako's mind flashed back to the night of the horrifying broadcast. Remember the horror of watching helplessly as her husband continuously fought and blasted her son to the point where he collapsed on the ground. To think all of this started because…
“Mom?” Lloyd said, staring directly at Misako.
Misako's thoughts vanished as she realized Lloyd seemed to be concerned.
“Yes?” Misako asked, feeling like she missed something.
“I was just asking if you’re okay. Your mind went off into space, and you look… well, terrified.” Lloyd said.

Fun fact: The prize I used for fixing up the screen was based on rough guesses. Based on how Lloyd's screen was able to have a video call I made a fair assumption it would be on the higher end.
Car touch screen radio: around 1500$ Canadien / 1170.09 $ USD
Installation: around 100$ Canadien / 78.01$ USD
Total: 1600$ Canadien/ 1248.10$ USD

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Hi everyone,

I’m not a writer and will never claim to be. So if you notice any spelling mistakes or a sentence that doesn’t make sense. Please let me know so I can correct them! Also, constructive criticism is welcome and strongly encouraged!
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