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Let me talk about Minigames_5

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avatar Reddude9
Level 47 : Master Dragonborn
Minigames_5 for Minecraft 1.10

Hello friends, I just wanted to talk about Minigames_5 the fifth installment of Slickcraft Minigames since release 1.5.

To start of here are some screenshots that my friend takes, along with his reddit post to grab your attention

Imgur Link Screenshot Collection
My friend's Reddit post

We are on our 5th world of Vanilla Minigames since 1.5, (YES VANILLA MINIGAMES!) Most of these mini-games are an inspiration from already existing ones from popular minigame servers. (to name a few: Hypixel, cubecraft, Mineplex) And only 2-4 of us play at a time since some of our past friends have left Minecraft. And its hard to invite people online because of trust issues. (We had our fair-share of griefs) All of these minigames are usually driven from plugin based and modded based ones, but it is a pure vanilla spigot server with just WorldEdit, cuz you know, WorldEdit is awesome.

We use hamachi since in-before: Pre Minigames_3, most of us were cracked users. And to this day i use Hamachi, because of its small size, little requirements, user-friendly interface and really because I have no Idea how to host using other things. So have fun with the screenshots.

BUT WAIT!? Why are you sharing this to PMC!?
Excellent question. It's because, recently it is becoming a problem that we are losing people to play with. And with the development of more and ever-changing minecraft mechanics and creation of more Minigames that actually require more than 2 people to deem it fun, I was wondering if people would actually like to Check it out. So if you want to try stuff out PM me or comment below and I'll ask a few questions.

MINIGAMES LIST along with their inspiration and background.

Sumo - punch people off the platform. WOW SO INNOVATIVE
There are some minigames that just never grows old. Existed since M_1 or "Slickcraft Fun"
PvP - Pvp with kits, has seen changes all throughout the Minigames. Recent addition is Abilities with cooldowns, and with addition of the new combat mechanics; has added a crap-ton of possibilities.
Boat-Race - Ice and 1.9 Boats go nicely together.....
2 modes: Time attack - record your runs and Normal - Complete 3 laps the fastest.
Slick Hockey - KB hoes and invulnerable Chicken. Nuff Said
Cloud Control - Money based pvp game Inspired from Cubecraft's Money Wars or Egg Wars. Changed alot/added of elements such as Tier Shops and Masteries.
CriminalTrouble - inspired from G-Mod's Murder. Fully
Blast King - King of the Hill type with random events. Race to X amount of points Wins. Newly Made minigame

Rozmeltron Says - originally called Minerware, from Tf2's Tf2Ware. Existed since M_3. Name from Hypixel's "Hypixel says". Rozmeltron is a dragon one of my dragons from DragCave.Net:
Yow, I'm Rozmeltron and I'm awesome.

Old Minigames (From M_4 and older)
Probbably make these again soon:

Slick Olympics -
Includes Spleef, CreeperBall, Ladder Race etc.


Latest biggest Project was Elementalist PvP Class:
Ignite 1 of 10 Elementalist skills
Which is basically invoker in Minecraft.....


CreditWvrLight, Saruhiko, Posky, Rozmeltron, ayy lmao

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06/15/16 : 06/16/2016 5:57:40 amJun 16th, 2016

Updated to Minecraft 1.10

06/13/2016 3:55 am
Level 42 : Master Nerd
Hello. /u/WvrLight here from the reddit and member of M_5. It's pretty fun! One thing to note is that we're GMT+8:00, so if you're far from here, you'll probably get lag.

Cracked users can join in (I recently lost my account, that's why) too.
06/13/2016 3:58 am
Level 47 : Master Dragonborn
yeah we're asians......
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