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Let's talk Minecraft - Special blog (barrels)

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Redstoner7 avatar Redstoner7
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I now have proof for my last article:

I now have the information, my source: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Barrel also I know how to code for 1 thing and I know this with all devices that whatever is printed on that screen requires code to be there. Therefore even in game the barrels in game required code to be there and still do. also on the link provided it shows also in the picture that they were added very early but, did not have functionality which means that it had to be hidden.

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05/11/2021 9:16 pm
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HoboMaggot avatar
Just because it did not functionailty, it does mean it had to be hidden. Unless it exposes something that people dont already know, theres no reason for content to be hidden. This is the case with smithing and fletching tables when they were 1st released in the same update as barrels

The texture for fish barrel might've been hidden in the game's code, but the normal barrel wasnt, as you can see in the vid below.
Your original point was that Bedrock had the barrel 1st, but the videos date disparity shows otherwise
ver1.9.0.2 in BE
ver 18w44a in Java
If you also compare the dates when the updates that 1st added barrels were released, Java released 1 month earlier than Bedrock as I explained before. Just click on the version links on that page
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