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Let's Play Sonic The Hedgehog | By diSCO | Minecraft

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Sonic The Hedgehog | By diSCO

What's up everyone my name is AnsiTiv. And first off let me just say, I've been sick for the past few days, and I'm just not starting to get over it, so my voice probably sounds a little weird. Anyway I hope you're enjoying your stay here on my channel. If you like what you see than please leave a Like rating. This video is going to be about Sonic The Hedgehog by diSCO. I saw this map in the listings over on Planet Minecraft I believe the day it was released. diSco has really done a number to this map, he was able add Sonic gameplay into Minecraft without the use of any 3rd party mods. Now he did have to edit the map to get the TNT Spring jumps, but I don't see that as a mod because it's still within the game.

Map Download Link

Music used: After Dark by Machinimasound.com

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