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Lets Play World of Tanks Blitz! (Closed Beta)

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avatar Dynamite99
Level 47 : Master Dragonborn
What is it?
World of Tanks Blitz is a game currently only on the iPad. It is a game where you battle other players' tanks and build up your own. The game is based off the popular computer version of the game, World of Tanks. It will be becoming public and coming out for smartphones as well.

Getting Started:
You start off the Beta by signing in through your account through the email they send you confirming your access. To become a beta tester, you must first complete a simple survey. I got accpeted within a day. Sign-in is easy and hassle free. 

I started off by choosing one of three tanks. They offer three tanks: American, Russian, and German. I chose the German tank as my primary tank. A cool feature i liked is you can use all tanks whenever you want. They don't just limit you to one. After i chose my tank, i went into a tutorial. Nothing much, taught the basics of the game. The tutorial covered basically everything you needed to know. After i got into a queue to fight against other players. Queue times are decent, i never had a wait over 2 minutes. The matchmaking seems balanced too. As a tier 1 and 2, i never fought a tank above or below 1 my tier. The game starts off a bit confusing. The cannon of your tank can be very clunky and won't follow you around. I think this may be a bug because it resets to looking foward when you start moving. Tier 1 tanks can also be very slow. Climbing up mountains seems impossible. I know the developers just wanted realism, but adding a bit of speed to tier 1 tanks wouldn't hurt. 

After a few Hours of Play:
After i  got the hang of things, the game got really fun. Personally, i hate iPad or smartphone games but this one was great on my iPad Mini. The tech tree offers a lot of variety to improving your tank. However working towards a tier 3 tank seems difficult because the cost in experience. is quite huge. You do gain a lot of money while playing so i never found that a problem. The maps are all quite diverse and the terrain is nice besides the steep hills. Your tank's tracks will get damaged in water so beware! Graphics are nice for a mobile game as well. The game however lacks a certain community and a better chat. The ingame chat is kind of useless and silly. The Game isn't pay to win at all which is a great plus. 

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Playability: 9/10
Strategic Value: 6/10
Controls: 7/10
Environment: 8/10
Community: 4/10
Uniqueness: 10/10

Definately would play again!


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  • scurlock
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  • March 30, 2014, 3:07 pm
  • nolez15
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  • March 30, 2014, 6:46 pm
Wow, you're a tool.

How about you try making a decent server so you don't have to advertise it here like a moron?

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