Leveling up in planet mine-craft

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Leveling up in planet mine-craft

Upload unique content

Never upload someone else's creations, always make sure you made it. You should always get permission from the person who made it. Players love to see new creations and your effort put into making it all.

Catch the players attention

Personally I would instantly leave a blog if it was pure text and no images. Try to talk with images instead of text. It really helps if someone reading your work is very impatient and wants some humor or a new way of learning.

Don't press that upload button so soon

When you press that upload button for a project lets say, you are basically signing a contract saying this will only be displayed on the recently updated projects once. That short moment of your project displayed at the top can earn you lots of views.

Views earn experience

The more page views you get on your work can earn you experience in general. It's simple and goes like this. It all starts with views; comments; favoring; diamonds; subscribing. The more experience you have the more levels you will get in planet mine-craft.

Levels earn lots of things - You can find all the leveling up stats under members tab I believe

Levelling up can earn new classes so you can become the rank herobrine instead of a plain old miner rank. It can also earn you a planet minecraft card kinda like a paypal button but PCM. Best of all you can become white listed on the PCM server at level 10! Learn about how good server community's work.
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