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Life Of A Snow Golem - Dreams For Christmas

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avatar AmiChu
Level 12 : Journeyman Pokemon
Snow surrounds me.
Never-ending happiness.
Ornaments on our tree.
White blankets on the floor.

Great time to celebrate!
Out of the sky,
Leaves the sun arrives the clouds.
Everybody cheers!
Might this day last forever?
So I can stay alive

Live life. For Christmas?
If I could what could I do?
Fun in the sun. And not become a tear?
Everything would be happy. But that's a dream for a different day.

Read the first word of each line! I Tried poems are hard for me but I think blogging is my thing ! Hopefully, my poem isn`t too bad, sorry if it is. I`m not amazing at poems. Sorry. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Even if you don`t celebrate Christmas, i wish you a new year and a happy day/night / evening! Where ever you are in the world!

-AmiChu :3

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