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avatar buzzybrendan
Level 49 : Master Engineer
I'm showing u a mod called LIFES GOOD MOD.
I'm not a modder so this isn't an actual published mod. BUT i did think of this all by myself.
The mod adds 1 new ore, 1 new tool set (including sword), and 1 new armour set. BTW sorry for no pictures... PMC won't let me upload them... PMC plz tell me what im doin' wrong...
Any way it adds the pink ore. Pink ore has a zero % chance of being found naturraly. You put a dirt in the crafting table and u get a pink ore. Place the pink ore and break with a gold pick. WARNING: Only GOLD PICKAXES can break pink ores. Once u mine the ore u get a pink gem. Pink gem can make armour & tools. Pink gem = Diamond.
Also this mod adds the new Game block which can be customized.
How it works:
When u click on the Game Block it will open to four NEW buttons. Checkers, Chess, Capture the flag, and Custom list.

Checkers: If u click on checkers an Internet Explorer thing will pop up. On it you can play checkers with: 1 player or 2 players. It's simple, and from there u can just play & play & play. But this is Lifes good mod, we can go on any website and do this. So when u play u get PRIZES, don't u just love prizes. But not just any prizes in-game-prizes.
Win or lose u still get prizes. So its just WIN & WIN & WIN!!!

Chess: If u click chess it takes u to a different Internet Explorer where u play chess with better in-game-prizes. So it's a WIN & WIN & WIN & WIN!!!!!!!!!

Capture the flag: Ctg is a little more complacated. It's kinda like Mob arena plugin for servers. 1st: make an arena with two sides two team bases and two gold blocks ( <- flag) on each side. Also make a stand or place where u can watch the battle. There's new commands to help make the Ctg arena. Commands: /ctg help : lists all ctg commands /ctg spawnpoint <red:blue> : creates a team spawn point for team red or team blue /ctg corner <1:2> <ctg arena name> : shows a wall corner for the arena (you are not allowed to leave your selected area when game is on) /ctg givecheat <player> <invincibility:fly:break:spawn <times> > : gives a player a specific cheat for the game. /ctg <ctg arena> done : shows this arena is done and that you've done everything if MC replys with: Ctg error: Missing _____.
then that means u forgot something.
2nd: do /ctg add <name> and make your arena
3rd: select two corners surronding the part of the ctg arena the in ctg players can't leave with /ctg corner <1:2> <ctg arena>
4th: pick the two spawn points for team red & team blue with /ctg spawnpoint <red:blue> <ctg arena>
5th: do /ctg <ctg arena> done and your arena is ready to be used with the game block.

Custom list: Coming soon!!!

Game Blocks need a redstone source next to it in order for it to work.
Also NEW: Ores:
Orange gem
Fire crystal
Ruby axe, pickaxe, sword, hoe, shovel.
Orange gem sword, bow, & arrows.
Fire crystal axe, pickaxe, sword, hoe, shovel.
Sapphire axe, pickaxe, sword, hoe, shovel.
Ore block things:
Ruby block
Orange gem block
Fire glass
Sapphire block
Ender transporter
Item transporter
Collecting chest
Anyhow hope u like
-happy minecrafting
PS ill put Pics when im told what im doing wrong NOTES: i'm using .png but it says Can't work .bmp doesn't work
Plz help...

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Update #1 : 12/14/2012 7:51:50 pmDec 14th, 2012

Life is good and i decided to step up my game if i wanna be a finalist so bring it on :D

12/14/2012 9:20 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
Use Filesmelt to get the Url's of images and use the little image button when you edit your post to put the url's into a picture for the blog.

12/15/2012 8:42 am
Level 49 : Master Engineer
ok thnx
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