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Lil' poem 'bout a horse named Grumm

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avatar VthX_Zenith
Level 27 : Expert Taco
So this is a poem about a horse named Grumm, now this is my friends horse in Minecraft, its a bit... Well, Grumm is a bit broken, just a bit, well a lot. This is my first one of these, so I hope you like it! Dont forget to Diamond if you liked it, Favorite if you loved it, Subscribe if you want to see more, and Comment just for me :D

There was a horse named Grumm,

Oh he was a white horse, a stallion 'ven

He didn't mind much his name,

Untill that dreaded name.

Oh that dreaded name was Grumm,

Given to him by a guy named Wolfy222000!

Oh then he got grim at the name Grumm

He lived with it a lil' bit.

But then he couldn't stand it 'more

Then he got - Very broken!

Broken he did, broken he was.

So bit behind the poem: My friend has a white horse in minecraft and decided to name it Grumm, odd name I thought and then Idk when after but the horse got broken. as you'll see in the images above, it was really weird and so far he's staying like it.

As I said before, dont forget to Diamond, Favorite, and Subscribe! :D

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