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Linux — Seriously, screw Mojang's official launcher.

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Before, this post was going to be titled Linux — Session persistence resolution via third-party launchers. But not only is that a mouthful, it's also not nearly as punchy and to the point. As someone who is an advocate for choice, and as someone who is using an open-source system at the moment I've been encountering issues lately which make me want to say screw Mojang's official launcher! So I did!


If you could not gather from the Preface my particular issue as a user of not Microsoft Windows has been session persistence — The thing which allows you to do the other thing which is quite annoying to do every single time so you can do your thing more quickly, the other thing being logging into Microsoft so my account I spent almost thirty United States dollars to have with Mojang can be authenticated for valid online play post-migration.

Whether you recently migrated your account, or always used your Microsoft credentials, if you've become sick and tired and completely over Microsoft Windows, you'll notice as you use Mojang's "Unified Launcher" (should you install it) you'll have to log back in. Every. Single. Time and boy howdy let me tell you it's something that I have been finding rather annoying ever since. I've got some choice words to wax about later in this article, right now let's get to the point.

Alternative launchers

You know them, but you probably never use them. And you're a fool for doing so. While there are other solutions, such as:
  • MultiMC
  • TLauncher
  • gdlauncher
  • And various unlisted others
The one I have experience with, and which suited my needs was ATLauncher. And, as such is all I will cover here because of its very no-nonsense UI, ease of modification in present day, duration of existence (it's been around the block quite a few times) and personal experience.

They almost always require JRE, so if you're viewing this and want to use on Windows, you must use either whatever version of Java comes with any instance of Minecraft to run it or install a stand-alone JRE.

Online setup

If you want to do a remote server, you want to set this up. Both Mojang and Microsoft are supported, though if you had migrated recently, Mojang is out of the question.

On the right-hand side, click Accounts and select the button underneath the login fields titled Login with Microsoft. A browser window will open up, do the dance and let ATLauncher have your Microsoft credentials — this is so you can use online play features.

Instance configuration

ATLauncher will handle everything for you — Including downloading Minecraft and applying mods. If you already run modded through the Unified Launcher, then you can move over or link files from your instances registered via Unified Launcher after initial configuration of instances you wish to use.

Afterward, just play the game, and know you're going to remain signed in to your Microsoft account when you're finished.

Speculative intention

This is what I think is going on. Microsoft, in a bid to promote Microsoft Windows, is not resolving the persistence issue — or rather, lack thereof — because they want to make every Linux look and feel terrible to the average layperson who doesn't necessarily want to use an alternative launcher. It's already hard enough to convince people Secure Boot isn't necessary like, 99% of the time at the best of days but this? Microsoft, what a low, low blow this is to not fix this, and make playing Minecraft via the official launcher exceedingly more annoying than it has to be.

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