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Little Jack (Log Maidens Houses Of Halloween Event)

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CrypticMorbid avatar CrypticMorbid
Level 34 : Artisan Artist
This special creature hails from House of Gourd, and was created one Halloween night after the owners Allay passed one unfortunate day. They loved their Allay, his name was Jack. Him and his owner went on adventurers everyday, living life to the fullest. On Halloweens, Jack would be taken to Trick or Treat by his owner every year.

Sadly, Jack passed doing what he loved with his owner. Adventuring just wasn't the same after that, and the owner constantly mourned for him and even built a large memorial in Jack's memory, but the pain still swelled in his heart, choked his throat, and burned his eyes.

Halloween finally came, and the owner couldn't stand being alone anymore. He concocted a spell to bring his life long friend back. The spell required one pumpkin, the essence of Hallows Eve, a single piece of candy, and memories of his friend.

With candles glowing warmly in his shed, as he chanted from his book and splashed the essence from the vial upon the pumpkin, a bright flash of purple light blinded the owner.

In impatience and uncertainty, the owner watched and watched for the pumpkin to come to life...but Jack never came...

The owner stepped out of the shed, looked up at the night sky as tears poured from his eyes silently as he dropped to his knees. He thought all about Jack, like the time he rode a wolf that was chasing a sheep from their picnic, his owner running for him and shouting. Or the time he mined day after day for diamonds in musky caves, drenched in sweat with no luck, while Jack comes up behind him with two armfuls of diamonds.

The owner chuckled, as his eyes blurred. He briefly thought for a moment about taking his own life, when he heard a voice behind him say, "Trick or Treat".

He turned around, to see a little pumpkin wearing Jacks favorite outfit, holding a bag out in front of him. The little creature never broke eye contact with the owner as it reached into the bag, and pulled out a dog collar and a diamond...

Little Jack (Log Maidens Houses Of Halloween Event)
CreditLog Maidens Houses Of Halloween Event

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10/06/2022 7:36 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Warrior
LogMaiden avatar
A happy ending. :)
Or at least I think so! I wouldn’t mind a spooky friend like this.
10/06/2022 10:17 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Artist
CrypticMorbid avatar
A happy ending indeed, another nice twist from my general awful tales...
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