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Live from the Obsidian Bunker: Creating an Adventure Map? + Why I like the Combat Update

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avatar GamerGeekedSB
Level 22 : Expert Nerd
Well this is a post.

Adventure Map?

I've decided to make an adventure map, using all the features. Including place on, can destroy, data packs, custom advancements, texture resource packs, knowlege books, and more. It will have puzzles, command blocks, and redstone. Custom mobs, Custom weapons.. Even a parkour section.

1.9 is GOOD

I kinda like the 1.9 features. There's special abilities for swords (sweep attack) and axes (shield disable). The combat strength meter gives a reason for a shield. Attack speed also balances the axe that otherwise would be overpowered. Even fishing rods add a nuance to combat, being able to pull players. And so much more.
Also lefthandedness is cool. Actually, on that note, the offhand is useful for so many things. Torches or cobble placement when mining, shield when fighting, map when exploring, food while building something.

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