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avatar kingck
Level 50 : Grandmaster Sailor
This is the tale of kingck123 more then just a Minecrafter theres been highs and lows, losses and wins but over a great tale / ( please try to inqore the horrible grammar )
hi my name is kingck123 i started out minecraft like most people thinking it looked retarded and boring boy was i wrong this game was about to eat the most hours out of my life then any other game i eventualy started way back in 1.2 beta i still remember my first house ( i still have the map as a matter of fact) when i first started i didnt think of much of multiplayer or minecrafting communities i only had played on one server and got banned in bout 3 days :P. the first real "group" build was with my 2 friends from school that formed a minecraft club and my first major build was a dirt hut that had 4 bedrooms(before beds were even around), a sauna, a bar, and adding a pool. this was all made on my freinds hamachi server. we made serval maps together castles,my first popular build the blimp, farms, even my all time fav water park ( which he deleted over a agruement) after a while our little group went our separate ways im the only one out of the 3 who still plays minecraft. around the begin of last years summer i got bored mining by myself so i went out on a quest that shaped who i am today! it started when i caught word of the first creative server gazamo were id meet a bunch of un trustworthy back stabbers after bout a month and a half i got banned from gazamo due to a (censored) moderator who didnt like me before he got mod well my crew supported me and left with me to find the server were i would get my first ( and only) moderator promotion cryptcraft after bout 3 weeks of our communtiy making a HUGE hotel line thru out cryptcraft i got moderator my friends from gazamo got gelous and left me high and dry at cryptcraft then and only then did i meet my true minecraft freinds 808ninjapro, brookexbroken, and justinwiz us three became great freinds unforrently due to a dispute i got banned from Cryptcraft after 3 months of moderating for them and thats were i learned how to run a server i met one of the greatest co-owners ive ever worked with veslarius one of 808's freinds conviced ves to buy us a server i BS'ed my way to admin saying i knew how to build a server oh boy was i in for it was until ves bought me my very own server to mange on my on forgotten craft to replace riowinds server forsaken lands it was the most popular server id had ever ran untill i open herocraft but ill get to that later forgotten craft was a WW2 themed factions server thats were i built the white house replica eventualy all good things must end and forgotten craft had shut down i went back to ves's servers for bout a month and then retired from minecraft all together it wasnt untill 1.9 ( i think) that i started to play again after bout a month of begin back on the pigs saddle i diced enough is enough i will fund my own server so Herocraft was born the idea was a offline server for all my school to play on later it went public and got fairly large i met my tech manger nokia there and formed the MSA(minecraft server alliance) with herocraft, nokiacraft, and lovecraft eventually herocraft had died no one played it anymore so i was guna shut it down and quit minecraft until i found tekkit! i played on a tekkit server for bout 2 weeks and thought u know what ill make a tekkit server which became my most popular server ever! Herocraft 2.0 was a hit ( for at least a month) but at least i could say i made a 40 slot server full by far one of the best feeling ever! now herocraft is back on the down slide but over all looking back i can remember every house,every hotel, every ship, and every server ive ever created and i have to say its been one hell of a ride ive met lots of new people ive ran popular servers ive picked up fans its hard to say with a heavy heart that ill be hanging up the pick axe again in the fall of 2012 to pruse the Beast they call fame i want to get my name out there and be more then just a one time server owner so ill be searching for new games to expand my YT with but its been a hell of a ride and i would trade it for the world i hope u enjoy read about it as much as i enjoyed living thru it
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