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Lord of the Rings mod Let's play; Awaken Dreams (The Valar Project)

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avatar Nicrlaitheking
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the following story is possible on the valar Project's server (with our mod- Awaken dreams) IN THE FUTURE. so this is basically a show off how it will be in the future. many of the things you hear about is in progress or is already in our mod. in the bottom of the blog you will find an explanation of what the "fat" marked phrases means.


o Arandir Elenion is my name(1). Lord(2) of Minas Brethil, in the kingdom(3) of Gondor. Just like my father and his father; Io ve ruled these lands for many years now. Together with my youngest brother(4) Feoldrim, Io ve defended the borders of Gondor; But no more. Beause the shadow of Mordor lies over us. My brother fell in battle(5) up north.

It was in the morning near Cair Andros. My brother and I were sent on a quest(6) by Steward Denethor(7) of Gondor. Feoldrim mostly wanted to join the tournament(8) in Cair Andros. He really needed some money; but I convinced him to take up the quest.

The fog(9) lies over us. In the distance you could hear the lightnings of Mordor(10). The morale(11) of my men(12) was crumbling. Before we knew it orcs(13) were everywhere. I tried to gather the men and defend the road we were walking on. I dragged(14) my mace(15) and my brother dragged his two-handed(16) sword. The sky was covered with flaming arrows(17). One by one our men fell. Then, an army(18) of horsemen came and rode down(19) the foes. Their leader was GrÃnthur(20), the beheader. He killed the cavalry leader. His blood(21) flowed down the dirt, like a small river. A roar(22) from a troll(23) sounded in the distance. Each step it took was like a deep drum from the darkness of Sauron.

And there I saw ito ¦ GrÃnthur, beheading(24) my brother. I went furious, and took up a javelin. I threw(25) it as hard as I could. That was the last day GrÃnthur beheaded anyone.

The battle was won(26). My men tried to revive(27) as many of the fallen as possible. When we came back to Denethor a great feast(28) was held. My men drank mead(29) & played music(30) as never before.

Revenge, was the only word I could think of. Mordor will pay for this! With catapults and battering rams(31) I will crush(32) the black gate(33) of Mordor. No more, shall the creatures(34) of Mordor threat us.

Because this is GONDOR! And I will AWAKE this DREAM!o


i hope you guys like it and are just as exited as i am. sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

if you have questions or want to hear more about the mod feel free to leave a comment below.

remember to tell your friends about it so the post stays alive.

link to the mod: Awaken Dreams
Creditnicrlaitheking, scribblemaniac
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