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avatar Nicrlaitheking
Level 46 : Master Wizard
The Awaken Dreams mod

- The Valar Project


Hey Everyone

it have been a while since i updated this blog but i think it's great way to disguss what should be in the mod. so i have updated the mod palns as you can see i nthe spoilers below. i hope you like the plans. make sure to read the plans carefully, so you don't get anything wrong


Mod: here


Website: here

Basic info

The mod will be in two parts: Single-player & Multiplayer. the multiplayer will contain parts of the whole mod and will only be on our server; The Valar Project.

* over 270 new block will come
* over 150 new mobs
* over 200 new weapons & armours
* over 100 heroes/ evil heroes
* over 100 new items (rings, fooed ect)
* many new animals (some rideable)
* HD textures! very rare seen in MC mods
* many news sounds (estimated; above 150)
What is in the mod so far?
* ability to smoke pipes (many different pipeweeds & pipes)
* many new discs with LOTR music
* many new ores- ruby, mithril ect
* many new blocks (including doors, beds, windows, trapdoors)
* many flowers
* heroes added (no AI for now)
* new mobs- orcs, humans, uruks
* telescope- to zoom in
* throwable weapons- stones & rocks
* new food
* new weapons
* new armours
* crossbow & hobbit bow
* road block (makes yo utravel faster)
* more lights
* new plants & flowers
* new items
* new sounds
* new logo in the start menu (Lord of the Rings)
* fire arrows
What makes Awaken Dreams so special?:
* a new fighting system. 3 moves- stick, swing swing from above.it will make the game more dramatic & cinematic.
* reputation bar. depending on your deeds you will turn good or evil.
* ability to switch race. each race have plusses and minusses
* ability to command mobs. you can control and recruit mobs to your own army. evil mobs fro evil players and good mobs for good players.
* quests! you can get quests by heroes of middle Earth
* NPC's lots of heroes will be availeble. they can tell about their life, sell/buy & give you quests
* new background music added- LOTR related
* get an ingame LOTR name- a long list to chose from
* gore added. players and mobs can bleed now
* ability to upgrade skills
* new GUI. more LOTr fitting and also you can wear up to 8 things (MC is 4 atm). 1. helmet 2.chestplat 3. leggins 4. boots 5. arm armour 6. ring or amulet 7.weapon in use 8. second weapon in use
* new font! you can now write elvish and dwarvish (tengwar & khuzdul)
* new star heaven. in middle earth there is some special stars. we will add those to the nights.
* new biomes (mordor biome for example- always dark and thundering)
* new weather types. lots of new weather ypes is planned; fog, fog with rain, cloudy, storm ect
* spliting up weather regions. fro mnow on it an be different weather depending on what part of a map you're in.
* music instruments! you can play guitars, flutes harps and more!
* ability to wear rings & amulets/ necklasses
* ability to wear arm armour (new sort of armour)
* ability to use two weapons at the same time
* ability to use two-handed weapons (longer reach and larger ingame)
* new economic system. sell/buy system. 3 sorts of coins added.
* adding vehicles & warmachines- catapults, ships, battering rams, siege towers, carts, wagons sige ladders ect
* improved AI system. all mobs will react more natural and also there will be many sorts of folks.
* get an ingame job! farmer, miner, soldier ect
* adding spells & magic
* mana bar for magic
* small blocks added. 1/8 of a block and 1/4 of a block.
* new height level
* new portal to a different dimension- valinor/ the undying lands
* adding a "save checkpoint" block. players will spawn at the block, when they get killed
extra/minor details we add
* drinks added! ale, mead, water, milk ect
* ability to become drunk
* you can make potions out of flowers- "a true herbalist"
* new maximum amount of hearts- 20
* added swamp water- will drag you down and drown you
* decreased speed while wearing armour
* ability to knock people out
* ability to revive players
* ability to cut off the head
* adding throwable weapons- axes, stones ect
* new tools- smith hammer, hammer
* added horns
* added bells
*ability to kick. kick players and mobs away.
* smaller combat improvements- crossbow reload time ect
* gollum will crawl on walk, so will goblins.
* adding a rucksack- so you can carry more things
* adding ingame games. card games, dice games
* new achivements for single player
* wheel engine (will make things pin around). used for windmills & watermills
* ability to block attacks with weapons
* ability to see other players health
* water in waterfalls turn white
* adding keys & locks
* snow & mud slows you down
* adding cloaks, coats & capes
* female mobs damage more to the Witch-king (it's nearly impossible for a male to kill him)
* adding a morning star- that looks natural ingame.
Important* this is not all the plans but around 95% of them!

Trailer with our plans:

video about the plans:

This is a article that's made for people there have some ideas for our LOTR mod. post your ideas below and try to describe it as good as possible.

Give a diamond and favorite if you want to support our cause ;)

thanks to Aximili for the Boromir skin

kind regards from the team

10 Update Logs

Trailer : 05/30/2013 11:44:55 amMay 30th, 2013

our first trailer for the mod is out! it's on the blog now i hope you like it!

kind regards

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  • LordEnedar
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • November 7, 2014, 8:19 am
Do you guys have a Balrog???
well we made a test version around a year ago, but it had some faults, so we will make a new one. First we want the Oliphaunt to be added and working properly, then we will add more large mobs like the ballrog, the watcher, fellbeast and the great beasts that's pulling the battering ram Grond :)
  • LordEnedar
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • November 8, 2014, 2:17 pm
  • jackfoo22
  • Level 39
  • Artisan Grump
  • March 17, 2014, 2:50 pm
The AI.. Reputation...

What if, and this may be hard to code, what if your reputation made messages from NPC's change based on your reputation, a more hostile message the farther away from the NPC's alignment, and more willing to spout information from having good reputation with their side. Plus,  the NPC may or may not attack you, yet again based on reputation.. 

Plus, each NPC has a preset reputation, for example, Saruman has a -10 to talk to without being attacked, -25 to have a peaceful conversation (different dialogue), and -50 to be able to take quests from him, but players with +10 reputation may talk to him, but they will lose half their health; players with +25 to be attacked with only 1 line (something like A lesson for you and your master to not trifle with me, Master <name>!) 
Now how's that for an unoriginal idea, eh?
  • MCJapanga
  • Level 43
  • Master Necromancer
  • March 2, 2014, 6:20 pm
Is the song "Misty Mountains Cold" Included?
We ain't 'ad nothin' but maggoty bread for three stinkin' days! -Maggoty bread.
  • jackfoo22
  • Level 39
  • Artisan Grump
  • October 17, 2013, 9:11 pm
I was thinking, since my RP character is an old duffer, could the mod have age benefits?
Something like that.
The youngn's would get a better stamina bonus, are more accurate in their shots (for bows and stuff), and are able to heal faster, but it takes more time for them to gain experience. Hunger sets in quicker than if you were older, they also have lessened mana points, but more substantial health bars. The younger people are better for melee and ranged combat, as well as hiking on long journeys.

The ol' farts (like me), have a lessened amount of time to gain experience, have the normal health bar, have no stamina bonuses, and can often take more fall damage than normal. They have a higher food saturation rate. They can often gain experience points from brewing potions or reading books/scrolls. They have an overwhelming increase in mana, and are the best for casting spells, enchanting, and making potions.

This is, of course, for humans and dwarves only, elves and Maia don't experience normal aging, now do they?
well it have been discussed a lot of times. when you create your character we might add a tab where you can choose age etc.
the only problem is it's a very small detail so it would first be added in version 1.1 or something.
maia & elves can live forever btw.
i think it's the same for orcs, goblins & uruks.
also the age might get difficult for some whenit comes to dwarves. they get much older than humans and when they are 80 they are still fresh. they get around 200-275 years old.

the reason why it still to debate is this:
we will add a calender with all months & days (including seasons). so basically each minecraft day will be shown on the calender. the problem is that your character would never get older
because the period is 3018-3019, Third Age.
but i think you can be quite sure we will add it in the end ;)

i hope i answered all your questions ;)

Kind Regards
  • jackfoo22
  • Level 39
  • Artisan Grump
  • October 8, 2013, 6:45 pm
[size=small]Hmm, maybe you could add Pallando and Alatar's Staves of Power. I keep thinking of the Istari duel in FOTC, and maybe the two staves could have a specific ability when pressing one key like levitation and throwing or somesuch and another on ANOTHER key.[/size]

Glamdring- Almost as strong as a diamond sword, Glamdring would be a sword (duur..) that could also act as a bow in that it summons bolts of lightning onto your foes with a click of the old left mouse button, but each bolt costs a certain amount of durability.

Forging your own weapons, well, almost. There are certain recipes, but you have to collect the materials, stoke the fire, hammer it the right amount of times, and hope for the best. If you mess up, you get a Cracked, Broken, Flimsy, and or Brittle"x" Sword (x=iron,gold,ect). They would have a certain amount cut off from durability as a price of poor craftsmanship

Instead of swords dissapearing, you'd get a broken sword to be reforged by a smithy.

Nausea should make your hunger bar deplete rapidly

[size=small]Speaking of Staves of Power, the other Istari's Staves of Power?[/size]
  • [size=small]Saruman's staff would be in shards, a very rare drop from Hobbits, very rarely found in chests in Hobbiton and Orthanc,and be able to shoot fireballs and levi-throw[/size]
  • [size=small]Gandalf the Grey's staff is a very very rare drop from Goblins, and is able to light the dark, ward off goblins whilst the light is lit, and levi-throw[/size]
  • [size=small]Gandalf the White's staff can be obtained during an extremely challenging and time consuming adventure from Lothlorien, and can do everything the Grey staff can, but it can also cure Wither, Poison, Nausea, and other nastiness.[/size]
  • [size=small]Radagast the Brown's staff would act as a sort of insta-Bone Meal, heal dogs,cats,and horses, grow trees, and cure Poison, found as a very very very very rare drop on Mirkwood Spiders or Goblins.[/size]
Beorn and his house from The Hobbit!
Maiar and above should be able to communicate with animals ( a sort of easter egg)
Honey, bees, birds, nests, rats, mice, and snakes ( in The East.)
Eagles of Manwe, eryies
Other types of dragons,dragon scales as a potion ingredient,
Dailir and Belthronding
[size=10pt]Flags on standards[/size]
[size=10pt]Ring of Barahir[/size]
[size=10pt]Sceptre of Annuminas[/size]
[size=10pt]Chains and Ropes[/size]
[size=10pt]Morgul blades[/size]
Secret Door into Erebor

That's most of what I have for now.
Most of this is planned it just take ages to code etc here is all my answers:
1. Pallando & Alatar will be added including their staffs
2. We will use other keys for attacks etc (part of our new combat system; v,b,n)
3. Glamdring; textured (HD), coded & it will be in the next update. It has been ready for many months so it's just sad it hasno t been added before.
4. We will add a smith-hammer which you need to activate the anvil. We won add random weapons though. But we will add a new tab in the anvil so you can switch between vanilla anvil & something like the crafting table. Basically: we will do so weapons etc only can be crafted in an anvil.
5. Swords wono t be broken sorry. We will though do so when you drop your sword (Q key) it will stick to the ground and look like a cross.

6. We wono t add nausea. But we will add a stamina bar so you cano t run or walk forever. If the bar is empty you will slowly miss health & die. Therefore people will need to eat camp and rest sometimes.

7. The era we play is before Sarumano s death. Staffs cano t be crafted. Ito s meant to be used by the heroes only.

8. Beorno s houseo ¦ thato s server related not mod related. No generated structures

9. When you say maiar do you mean the maia rank or maia race? Anyway right now I dono t have an idea how people should communicate with animals and nor what the animals should say. Beornings can though change form to animals so forth they have upgraded the skill.

10. honey, bees, birds, rats &snakes is all ready. We won add mice since it would be too small :P and rather useless. We will also add many other animals: bears, swans, foxes, crows, giant bats, giant spiders & oxen.

11. The great eagles of Middle Earth is of course planned to be added ;) it just takes time to make the model etc. (because we make them very detailed)

12. Dragons are rare and will therefore be like heroes. There wono t be any random dragons. And yes we will add dragon scale which will have high value & can be used to craft some weapons & armor.
13. Belego s bow was buried with him. But we have been thinking about adding it & hiding it near his corps. But ito s a small detail & it will take a while before we begin to work on it. Same with the arrows.

14. Barrelso ¦ coded, modeled & textured. All is ready. You can even see an example on our facebook fan page.

15. Flags over 20 textured (paintings) also banners is ready (will be used to command other mobs)

16. Planed long ago. Ito s a most have so it was waste of time suggesting it ^_^

17. Ring of Barahir. Textured as far as I remember. Planed long ago same with the three elven rings & the seven dwarf rings.

18. Sceptre of Annúminas. Textured long long ago (over 9 months ago). It will be added but ito s unknown when.

19. chains & ropes. It will be for blocks you can see and example on our Moddb page.

20. lanceso ¦ if you mean pikes or spears ito s textured & will be added.

21. Morgul blades. The Morgul sword is already in the mod. Their daggers will be textured soon.

22. Erebor door. We will add it & the key is already textured.

thx for your suggestions even though most of it was planed in some way ;)
I think that you should add Legolas' bow that he was given from Galadriel, if you could make that in the mad that would be awesome, a quick tip, try to get it as accurate as possible to Legolas' bow in the movies, also I would suggest adding the palanatirs as well, it would be a great way to communicate to other players at other ends of the map quickly and easily. I hope you can add those things as it would make this mod even cooler.
dude.... not to be rude but..... both these things were planned the first day. it's probably the worst suggestion we ever got. this is the most basic stuff you could ever suggest and it have been ready to be coded since september :P

please don't suggest anything alike this nor about mobs...

kind regards
OK I wont, thx for letting me know
  • RelioBear
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Blockhead
  • May 26, 2013, 9:03 am
HD Textures.
HD Skins.
if yo uactually watched the project you would know it's HD textures. the skins is no in HD though, because our skinner wont make them in HD, he is though very good you should check him out, he is called Aximili ;)
  • RelioBear
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Blockhead
  • May 26, 2013, 9:17 pm
I know him, he is my hero.
I can make HD skin. I use a technic call resize
New Idea:
- Wyverns, Gold eagle.
oh that would be a great help. at the moment we could use a couple of skins for the rohirrim warriors. if they are good you will of course be mentioned in the credits. and also there would be more jobs.

here is an example what sort os skins i had in mind. please note that there is some guys in the background ;)


kind regards
Hobbit doors (round)!
those golden tree thingys from that elf place!
3D clubs (like ftb power tools)!
Trolls that turn to stone at day instead of burning (new block)!
Those elephant thingys (MuMarks?)!
Triple world height for big mountains!
That creepy eye!
New fireworks (Gandalf's)!
Chairs, thrones, tables, toilets, four poster beds!
Cooking, veggies, pots and pans!
Those herbs that Aragon uses to heal Frodo!
Ridable wargs!
And of course,
fire aspect on swords is animated!
Any of that possible?
nearly all of this is in the minor categories and is planned long ago. also the catapult is mentioned in the plans above, so is rideable animals (ponies, wargs, fellbeasts, eagles, oliphaunts ect).
the seasons will probably be a plugin but was planned some months ago.
and the herb is called Athelas and is already in the mod.
the chairs, benches, stools & tables will be buildable with the small blocks, but we will make a block for benches & chairs, which can be sit on- it's a failure of mine not to mention it above.
the cooking tools was planned long ago and so far we have textures for frying pan & cooking pot.
the balrog will be a hero a long with many other rare & large creatures like treebeard, the watcher & the old willow man.
the eye you mention is the eye of sauron- and it's planned to work as a mob, the only problem we might have is how the light should light up chunks so far away, since barad-dur (the tower the eye is in) is like 4 times larger than any building in this world.
the fireworks was planned long ago even before it was in vanilla MC, i just removed them because we will only add some few new fireworks- which is seen in the movies.
i am not sure what you mean by necromancy- cause' if you mean magic and such it is planned. and it also stands in the plans above. the hobbit doors was one of our first plans and the textures for a test door have been ready since august. the height limit will increase which IS mentioned in the plans as well -.-
clubs,maces ect is planned and textured but it wont be in 3 unless you mean the troll clubs or a morning star.
the golden tree is called a mallorn tree and it is planned- hopefully it will be in the next version since everything for them is ready.
there is many different races of trolls and not all of them turns to stone in daylight. we actually like your idea with them turning to stoen, even though it's not a unique plan. but we wont make it since it's a server mod and we don't want to get rid of their stone fragments all the time. maybe we will add it, but then the blocks will be small and also it will dissappear in time.

i don't understand what you mean with beards.... the skins we use already have beard. if you mean we will make them in 3d i have to dissapoint you.

uhm gargoyles... o.0 they don't exsist in middle earth. if you are refering to the "flying beast" (called a fellbeast) that the ringwraiths are flying on- then this was planned long long ago, since it's one of my favorite creatures. you can actually see a beta 3d version of it on the mod page.

the fire aspect on swords sounds quite good. at the moment we are trying to improve the combat as much as possible. i hadn't thought about making fire to any swords or when blocking attacks, but it's a very good idea and it fits perfectly for our current plans to the new combat.

so all in all most of your suggestions was planned or is already in the mod. thanks for your suggestions if you have more feel free to post them. oh and please read the books, then it's easiere to understand what you mean- including it sounds more proffesional ;)

kind regards
When I said gargoles I meant as a 3D decoration block for things like barud dur or erabor, moria. The word I meant was statue.Also for combat, blades that light up near mobs like a torch mod (swords like sting).Also you see in the movies legolas use his drawn bow as a weapon slashing open throats with his arrow.
Ducking (SHIFT + s) could be good for combat as well as dodging (ctrl + a or s)(donging making it so that if an arrow is coming your way u have an 80% chance of avoiding it).

- Catching arrows
- flaming arrows blowing up creepers
- bowstring throttling
- kneeing in the groin
[size=10pt]- poisoning food[/size][size=10pt]- poisoned weapons[/size]
[size=10pt]- [/size][size=10pt]oliphants[/size]
[size=10pt]B[/size][size=10pt]y necromancy I mean being able to summon zombies etc. to your command, like sauron did in the hobbit or that witch king. Also the ability to make uruk hai, like saruman[/size]
-horse and carts a 3d model with the inventory space of two double chests in it, maybe put them in the model and make them separate fromeach other?
it seems like you don't really get the plans or don't understand the meaning of them. with small blocks we can build everything, so making statues would be foolish.
about the ducking, we have planned to crouch (dunno if it's spelled correct). but i don't think it will change the combat much, it's only meant for taking cover.

what do you mean with catching arrows?
flaming arrows is already in the mod and i found some sounds for it today.
also you should note that zombies & creepers will be deleted in the mod since it ruins LOTR.
bow string throttling? o.0 this is not hitman or assassins creed. the combat would stay realistic- not over powered assassin players. lol
the kneeing in the groin wont be added. but as you see in the plans. you will be able to kick. to you can basically kick him in the groin XD

i don't get why there should be poisoning food. when holding an object you can see the name, and i doubt anyone would eat food if it says poison.
poisened weapons will be there. and we have planned to do it on the morgul blade, like you see with frodo the wound never heals 100%
in my previous comment i said oliphaunts would be there including it's said in the plans also -.-'
the necromancy sounds a bit weird. also the story in the hobbit about him awakening the nazguls is wrong. dol guldur is not a ruin and nor is the ringwraiths/nazguls dead.
you will be able to spawn mobs with spawn eggs and also with a special mob spawner we add, where you can choose amount ect.

horses will be in 1.6 of MC. and for the cart it is mentioned in the plans. it says; adding vehicles & warmachines. one of the examples is a cart (a wagon too).

kind regards
  • SuperSodaPops
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 43
  • Master Lad
  • March 1, 2013, 3:33 pm
Not sure how difficult this would be to code, but you could perhaps include Dwarven doors like the one from Hollin (in the film, it is where they enter Moria). The user could right click the door, and a password would have to be typed in order for it to be opened.
good idea but difficult to code. but we invented something with the same function. a "engine" which will make a marked area move like a door (or gate). and also we will add a stone inscription with moonrunes (the runes will only appear at night).

but i will consider the password idea i just need to figure out how it should works first :)

kind regards
  • SuperSodaPops
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 43
  • Master Lad
  • March 2, 2013, 8:51 am
Awesome!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)
the dead army and only the anduril sword can damage or ally them
this is already planned and the textures for narsil is made as well ;)

i'm though not sure yet if it's a good idea about who can kill the dead.

cause no one else than Aragorn will carry around with Narsil, or thats the plan for now.

hmmmm but maybe we will make them so they can't be killed,then they will just dissappear in daylight so we don't meet them in pelargir or edoras.
im also talking just for singleplayer mod usage and you cant kill this army or ally them unless you craft the anduril.
the mod is made for the server not amateurs who wanna create "gondor"
its not like being on a server is professional either by i see your point but i dont understand are all of the unique weapons only going to be wielded by npcs?
yes. the plan is not to make small kids use our mod and think they are aragorn. the point it to gie them a feeling like how a normal day in middle-earth is. we're just trying to make them a part of the world
heehee. i see your point but i still think it would b cool
  • thomvd2
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Artist
  • September 24, 2012, 12:08 am
a own texture pack?
no need for that the mod will add all we need.
  • lord_rubix
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • September 9, 2012, 6:42 am
ability to choose a race would be cool
is planed -.-' stupid request. it was one of the first things we planed.
  • lord_rubix
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • September 10, 2012, 10:28 am
ok sry *.*
no prob ;)
  • noanorsu
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Skinner
  • September 7, 2012, 9:15 pm
uruk-hai armor
all sort of npc's, mobs, weapons, armours, animals & drinks is already planed. actually big part of the uruk-hai armour is already skinned :D
  • NOVA47
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Hunter
  • September 5, 2012, 3:31 pm
Will oliphaunts be included and if they are will you be able to ride them?
yes. they will be wild then you can use the saddle/ tent and click on them. there after you can click on them the plan is that at least 5 players can share 1 :) i will try to model one in for a week or two. when it's done a picture of it will be uploaded ;)
  • NOVA47
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Hunter
  • September 6, 2012, 9:49 am
cool and thanks.

P.S:what about the lands of the corsairs and southern gondor (the desert)?
no prob just ask if you have more questions :)
  • IceCraftGroup
  • Level 16
  • Journeyman Lumberjack
  • August 29, 2012, 6:53 am
Horse mod?
horse mod what? yes horses is in of course check our mod site -.-'
  • EvilIguana343
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Narwhal
  • August 10, 2012, 10:42 am
will the witch king on Angmar be an npc?
of course. there will even be a special event version of him ;)
Just thinking how you could make the no man can kill him thing work.

Me: Haha I will kill you!!

Witch king: I checked online... your skin on planet minecraft says that it is male

I guess you should just add Eowyn?
no we will just give him alot of life and if you then change race to a female human forexample you will damage him more than males ;) but only on him of course ;)
  • jbaggins
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 13, 2012, 11:34 am
could alatar and pallando belong to a magic cult?
hmm maybe i will think about it and how it would appear ingame ;) thanks for your ideas

  • jbaggins
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • June 29, 2012, 5:23 pm
What will you do with the east part of Middle-earth (the part tolkien never talked about?) Just curious?
i have alot of pictures of eastern arda but it will be made as extra content, wich means that it will first be built when the most known parts of endor is build. i think we will build bellakar and all the other lands in the south before we're making the east front bigger ;)
  • jbaggins
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • June 29, 2012, 5:27 pm
I think alatar and Pallando (if you dont know who they are google them) should be in the lands of dyr
of course i know all the Istari's but i'm not sure they would belong in Dyr cause it's a brutal viking-alike folk there lives there. i would rather place them in the logath area near dyr cause they actually had some "good" tribes. but i think they will like separeted from the folk and each other in a pine forrest in the logath area.
new idea

v,b,n as a new combat-system

& when you drop a sword it will stick to the ground
Sounds like you've got a good mod.
[size=12pt]-Main Storyline quest W/ side quests[/size]

[size=12pt]-Ability to join a race: Man, Elf,
Dwarf, Hobbit. Spawn point different for each race. This or
clans/factions/groups/ or both. If second idea included, then the ability to
buy large clan/faction/group houses. (EVIL RACES TOO)[/size]

[size=12pt]-Good and Evil races combat and can take
territory from other races.[/size]

[size=12pt]-King(or some variation) of each race to
make certain decisions, and can be dethroned.[/size]

[size=12pt]Able to group up in a party with a GUI
showing each person and their health, also a targets health, such as a zombie.[/size]

[size=12pt]-RPG/RP Elements: Each race comes with
their own perks, and a technology trees for skills such as Swordfighting,
Archery, Mining and Smithing (Can make ores reload in mines after certain
amount of time to preserve the natural look)[/size]

[size=12pt]-Add mobs:[/size][size=12pt]
Troll, Balrogs, Barrow-Wights, Dragons (Air-Drakes, Earth-Drakes, Fire-Drakes,
Light-Drakes, and Water-Drakes), Ents, Giant Spiders, Giant Eagles, Orcs,
Goblins, Vampires, Werewolves, and the Dead Men of Dunharrow.
Nature Creature: Deer, Bear (Aggr.), Boars (Aggr.), [/size]

[size=12pt]-Buy horses from stables for a good
price (possibly have horse armour and/or a small inventory)[/size]

[size=12pt]-Make armour only at a Forge, weapons
only at an Anvil, Smelt ores only at a furnace(leather at tanning rack). Skyrim

[size=12pt]-Add Items: http://forums.spout.org/threads/fun-rpg-morematerials-v1-6-2-unleash-the-power-of-custom-blocks-and-items-spn-737-cb-1-1-r4.70/[/size]

Such as a larger boat that you can walk on maybe with a couple chests and maybe some kind of cannon to fire.

[size=12pt]-Custom made texture pack and GUI, Lord
of the Rings Minecraft style of course.[/size]
Thanks for your ideas but many of the things is already planed. But I could use the idea with different spawn points for each faction ;)

Kind regards
Hmm.. Didn't mean to make it so large..
ha ha its okay now i know that you really know alot of stuff about middle earth ;) great ideas XD
  • wolfeye123
  • Level 17
  • Journeyman Dragon
  • May 30, 2012, 12:37 am
Capes would be awesome.
cloaks & capes should be possible to make. aragorn will use a cloak ;)
  • The_Steve13
  • Level 47
  • Master Baconator
  • May 17, 2012, 2:03 pm
Hey if you need any help with modding, I'm pretty good at it. Just PM for help. Enjoy my diamond
  • Janeiac
  • Level 24
  • Expert Nerd
  • May 16, 2012, 6:29 am
How about a Nazgul mob that causes some kind of fear effect in the area (other mobs run away, movement is slowed, attack is weakened). I believe it's called the Black Breath in the books. You could also have some kind of magic artifact/word of power system to repel them "Elbereth" possibly.

Barrow-Wight mob with a freeze-fear effect (maybe like the undead things in Legend of Zelda).

Mountain biomes that have random watch/signal towers or ruins on top.

A single chance spawn of Tom Bombadil's house in a wooded biome.

Old Man Willow mob which spawns in heavily wooded areas and grows vines down and across the grass, if the player steps on them they get dragged in.

Watcher in the water mob drags you into underwater with only half a breath meter (because you don't have time to take a breath before going down).
wow most detailed ideas yet i like the idea with the nazgul mob (it will be a NPC instead cause we only want nine of them) i have thought alot of the old willow but i'm still not sure to add it, but i think we will but it will be a NPC. the watcher in the water was planed long time ago as a NPC. but i like the idea with half breath :) tom bombadils house will be on the server and wont be part of the mod, but tom bombadil himself and goldberry will be added as NPC's of course. 2 new biomes is planed but i still don't know if a mountain biome is good :) if we add it it will be one of the last things we do.

thanks for you wonderful ideas.

- may the light of Elbereth shine upon your path

- best regards
  • Janeiac
  • Level 24
  • Expert Nerd
  • May 23, 2012, 5:50 am
I've been brought up on Tolkien, long before the movies. I'm glad this is being done by people who have some proper knowledge of the subject =) Nice to hear that Bombadil & Goldberry won't be left out =)

What are your plans for Dol Guldur? (another area I feel, get's forgotten all too often.)

Namarie mellon nin =)
mae govannen

thanks i've been working with arda/ the universe of tolkien for 12 years or something now .

actually a new card game for LOTR came ourt for 8 months ago or something like that. it got some nice photos with Dol Guldur i hope we can make it look abit like them ;) but i can insure you that nothing will be forgotten i got all the most detailed maps there exists (i think) and it will all be based on the maps and info. the angerthas and tengwar letters should also be avaible to be written. we will also add books & scrools. i think the server (including the mod) will be the best way to show how it is to live in middle earth.

It will AWAKE your DREAMS (mod is called Awaken Dreams)

-best regards
oh and btw i think all known characters from the books and movies will be added all from angbor, anborn, lagduf to every hobbit family member ;)
  • EvilIguana343
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Narwhal
  • August 10, 2012, 10:38 am
seeing how many hobbits bilbo invites to his birthday party (tooks, brandybucks, Sackville-baggins...) that could take a while
it is done but some of them is dead at the time of the war of the ring :(
  • Janeiac
  • Level 24
  • Expert Nerd
  • May 23, 2012, 1:56 pm
^_^ <3

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