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Lotr (lord of the rings) modded server

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avatar Scarecrow1864
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Hey guys cjkiernan here from a really long break of posting but this is just a quick little reveiw of the lotr  modded server that i play on.  So first off, i love this server cause its a nice open minded server with lots of nice staff and players that come on. The gameplay is amazeing with almost 150+ things to craft and almost 30 or above sets of armor tha you can craft. Also! there is actualy factions as in mordor, gondor and the shire, stuff like that. But also adds the "actual" faction plug in that consists of players not npcs. Whats even better is that theres structures in almost every place but rhun. (Cause we all know that place is boreing) Includeing Towers,houses, forts anymore more to come! I update this blog everytime a update comes up for the mod so you can stay in touch with the server :D. 

I have no credit among the creator of the server: sevdeawesomedude who is new owner. The founder of the servers very roots was manly.

I have no credit among the mod either of the creator: mevans.

ill leave all links for ip mod and manlys evolve craft right below here :D



Creditmevans manly and sevdeawesomedude along with rob :D
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