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avatar teamsolocrysm
Level 44 : Master Batman
I think in Minecraft you should be able to do these things with redstone: Run it up walls, Make it so you can dye it or something and it will only be compatible with that color so you can make more compact designs. I think there should be more types of Golems and more tools and weapons. There should be more transport such as bikes and horses which leads on to more passive mobs and maybe more hostile. There should be more dimensions like a wither portal and you can only summon the Wither there and materials from that dimension to make the next dimension. There should be more armor and more Ores. You should be able to make obsidian armor and tools which are indestructible. There should be better versions of TNT and Nukes. There should be an easier way to host servers. You should be able to make every block a half-slab and stairs. There should be more blocks in the game and more biomes like volcano's and glaciers. There should be randomly generated ship-wrecks where you can find treasure. There should be wireless redstone. There should be a camera tool where you can place it down and set it to a key and when you press the key it will start recording and when you press it again it will stop and when you stop it it saves it where it saves the screenshots. There should be better character customization tools where you can give it a hat and texture it how you like and make your own capes. There should be a friends list where you can add people and follow them to a server.There should be an easier way to install mods like a folder you just put the file in. I could say a whole lot more but I would be here for hours. So bye :D


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