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Love is hard/ complicated

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You Dont and never will truly know love until you date someone get to know them then that person gives you hell yet you stay because you know somewhere deep inside of you
There is still a spark that will never let you seperate from that person. And that spark is there for a reason that spark is there showing you that, that person is meant for you
Meant for a soulmate it shows no matter how hard time gets you will always be there. Weddings rings dont mean forever. "The spark between two people" Means truly forever.
Love is special. Love shuld be cherished no wasted. If you love someone then tell them if you want to be with someone then tell them. Because once that chance is gone. its gone.
But of course there is always another fish in the sea you could get as people say. When the real and true fact is that no person is ever the same so the person you fell in love with will never be another person
will never be just like the person you knew and loved more than life itself. Because everyone cannot be the same. Now if your with someone you truly know and love. Turn to them, Text them, Email Them. Whatever you wish to do
Tell them. You Love them. Always tell them that. Even if they dont respond or dont like it. Then fine its their lost. Love is hurtful,Love is happiness,Love is depression. Love is life.
You will know your connected with someone. Noone can "Comment" say your perfect together. Thats only for you and the person your with to know if your truly "perfect" the "best".
You know what hurts more than being stabbed with a knife? Saying you love someone then them saying they dont love you back. It feels like the world is a dream a bad dream. a dream cant get away from.
Sleepless nights,Tearful Nights,Depressed Nights,Memory Nights. Memorys can also be painful or happy. If you remember the good times you had with the person that left you thats true pain.

To think that the person you loved loved you back is amazing until they dont love you back.
If you have someone and you love them Never let them go because one day life could change,Minds could change,worlds could change.

I have someone I also love But I am questioned if I am loved back. so never let that person go.

If you have dealt with all of his or her problems and they ask "Why are you here" "Why do you constantly stay with me even when I hurt you more and more" or "how do you deal with me"
That whole paragraph at the top is why basically its our job we think to take care of you make you happy keep you smiling make all your worries go away and we understand that we cant help
everything that is wrong. But basically what we are saying is that we could die Literally end our life to keep you alive,Well,Happy,Make your days easier. Sometimes its gonna be hard sometimes its gonna be long
But in the end it will get well or.... It will get bad. Everything cant be 100% in this world its 50/50 in this world.

Love the people your with is all im saying to you.

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  • Jaxonminer
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  • April 12, 2016, 10:25 pm
Powerful. Can relate!

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