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Low- Anxiety Survival Minecraft Settup Guide

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Jexadox avatar Jexadox
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So let me start by saying, I'm so sorry you are here. Having dealt with anxiety, to the point it becomes debilitating is a terrible experience. I hope you get better soon, find support and things that help you heal.

Having said that, I've been here. and it *sucks*.

If you suffer from anxiety that gets to the point, you are physically unable to tolerate jump scares, such as falling to your death in minecraft. Or a creeper blowing up. You have to make some adjustments or quit playing video games.

So let me walk you through some changes I made in my own game to make minecraft playable, and enjoyable, without loud sudden sounds, jump scares, or death punishments, so that I could continue playing in a survival - like environment on minecraft.

Game Rules
You can now use these rules when you create a new world, or if you have cheats on, can change them at any time. I highly recommend keeping cheats, so that if there's ever an issue you can go "admin mode" and fix it with cheats, or if you are feeling better turn the "low anxiety" game rules back off for a more challenging gameplay again.
-Firetick / Firespread OFF
  fire doesn't spread, helpful from lightning strikes
-patrols spawn OFF and disable raids TRUE
  this will remove a stresser of those pesky illegers. it does break some of the mechanics, such as raid farms.
-forgive dead players TRUE
  this is a simple one that means death will end the anger of mobs such as enderman/zombified pigmen.
-keep inventory TRUE
  I found this one extremely helpful, as dying caused me so much anxiety issues. This basicly means, as long as the gear/inventory was on you, you don't lose it. You can go do something else, take a break, shut down, and now worry about your gear getting lost. Don't let people telling you its "cheating" be the reason you quit playing. You can play however you want to, and with anxiety, less stress is healthier. enjoy :)
-insomnia FALSE
  If you absolutely hate sky rats... excuse me phantoms, mainly for their shrieking, here is how u disable them completely.
-warden spawning FALSE
  this will prevent the scariest mob in minecraft from the ability to spawn. just in case u need it and want to see an ancient city.
-fall damage FALSE
  I don't use this one personally, but it makes is so if you fall you don't hurt. if it makes the difference of stress so you can play, use it.
-Mobgriefing FALSE
  I also don't use this one personally, but it prevents mobs like enderman and creepers from damaging even the flowers. To achieve this I use datapacks, because this gamerule ALSO prevents villagers from picking up farmed crops.

Vanilla Tweaks
There are so many resources on this website to help mute or drop the sound of stressful mobs or sounds in the game. My favorite is to mute the cave sounds, that have no reason to exist and most of which are such a jumpy scary sound. Just look under "Peace and Quiet" for the sound altering packs. There is also a link on how to install them if you need that.

On this same site, under datapacks is a section on mobs. These packs allow you to individually turn of griefing from creepers, enderman, and ghasts. I also love the one that puts a death message in chat if a villager dies.

Look for a world that is already beautful that inspires you to build or be creative. Find some beautful shaders or resource packs that add some color to the world. And Don't let anyone tell you your cheating. I got through several years of my life that I might always think of as "the dark time" when I craved beauty and didn't have the tolerance to play most video games. Minecraft has so much adaptability and potential to be anything you want it to. There are hundreds of tools, even external tools that allow you to build or sculpt the world. Take a breathe and enjoy.

Hope this helps you keep mine crafting!

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