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Low Reputation on Servers

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MineCraftatron85 avatar MineCraftatron85
Level 42 : Master Droid
Hey everybody this is serious. I was going on my favorite server but then it
said my REPUTATION was too low!
I didn't get what I did so I checked on MCBans.com and my REPUTATION was this:


I don't think my reputation is supposed to be THAT low. Is there something wrong or did I just messed up on servers?

Also I checked my bans and I have:

~1 Local Ban

~3 Global Bans

IDK if thats something I should worry about. Please tell me what to do.

One server (GLOBAL) (mc.glitchingnetwork.com) banned me for griefing he confrims; screenshot proof avaliable.

And another was (GLOABAL) (hub.obsidiancraft.com) was for homophobia when I wasn't homophobic.

Then (LOCAL) banned me for your slow ... <----- Makes no Sense

Then server.mcbans.com banned me for [griefing; hk confirmed #lucky] ANd I'm currently disputing the ban.

If you guys know a way to bring your reputation up please tell me.

Mumaus is one of my best servers and my REP is

too low to enter.

If not I'll just go to a different server...

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I\'m Okay! : by MineCraftatron85 09/19/2012 8:04:15 pmSep 19th, 2012

I can go on the server now! Yay!

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11/22/2013 8:45 am
Level 1 : New Modder
YEETer6669090 avatar
i have 2.5 of rep and i've been banned 2 times
12/19/2012 5:15 pm
Level 1 : New Architect
mdcjr10 avatar
You cannot gain rep as a player, if you want you can see if the server you want to connect to will add you to their mcbans exceptions list
12/19/2012 8:23 pm
Level 42 : Master Droid
MineCraftatron85 avatar
OH THX!!! Maybe thats why
09/19/2012 8:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
markus6081 avatar
how do i make an article?i really want to know.
09/19/2012 8:29 pm
Level 42 : Master Droid
MineCraftatron85 avatar
You go on the "BLOGS" tab at the top of the site. Then you will see a "UPLOAD YOUR BLOG" button below the popular blogs. THen when you are in the editing thing, you can choose a catagory in the "catagory" dropbox. The default is "Artical"
09/06/2012 8:06 pm
Level 20 : Expert Cake
pittsburgheric avatar
Dang that sucks. I think its a bug with mc bans. It says its down right now and there solveing problems. Maybe it something with mc bans, i don't know but if isn't ... sorry.
09/07/2012 10:14 pm
Level 42 : Master Droid
MineCraftatron85 avatar
thx for the sorrys
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