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luna craft great just like minebuilder and its free!!!!!

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avatar ultamiteminecraftian
Level 19 : Journeyman Archer
a game wich is inspired by minecraft under the name of lunacraft is on the appstore like minebuilder but no multiplayer lets just say they replaced creepers with brown :D it looks like a brown slime that has the epic face and explodes (no damage taken thogh and its a big hole) lunacraft has diamond replaced with a material called ''notchium'' but u need loads of it u need 4 ore just for 1 peice as well as the fact you usaly find ores on land or inside ice (probably a bug) as well ZOMG SLUG PISTOLZ AND TURRETZ!!!!! lol thats 1 owned ailein

//// . . o
0 0 -------- -/-
o / /
anyway back to the statment at hand u have rocket booots and if u reveiw it on the app store you will get a camerea so you can post your creations on websites like this!!!!!

mooncraft the future of both minecraft and *cough*minesa *cough* This would probably be good if u wanted to moon mod minebuilder without jailbreak unfortunatly needs 2.0 retina display :( so this will only work on ipodtouch 4 iphone 4/s and ipad/2 so thancks for your time in reading this subscribe and give this a diamond

all credit geos to mode of expression, LLC.

ultamiteminecraftian over and out.

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Just like MC, got it right after reading this lol.

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