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I've started interviews again.
Welcome to this week’s interview! Today I will be interviewing the lovely anxii. They are an inspiration for many skinners, including myself!
So check out their page!

My questions are in Dark Blue; Their answers are in Light Blue

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1. What inspired you to start making Minecraft skins?
1. hmm i always liked anything related to art (drawing and painting are my hobbies) and i love(d) Minecraft so making some sort of art related to one of my favourite games just seemed amazing, + i wanted to share some of the skins i made with people to get some opinion, and maybe meet talented people who had the same hobby as me :)

2. What is the inspiration behind your username?
2. i swear i always thought it was obvious but many people said it wasn't and i'm just confused xD basically it's anxiety or anxious but shorter (because anxiety takes way too much place in my life), and with another i because well, anxi was already taken everywhere :') so -> anxii :D (i had many other names before but i think i might stick with this one for a while xd)

3. What’s your favorite skin that you have made?
3. my persona alice :) she changed a lot since the first time i made her (2017), i recommend checking the time line even if it only goes to 2018 haha, then here you have the 2019 alice and here the 2020 ones :')

4. What advice would you give to a new skinner?
4. take your time, get inspired by other skinners if you need to (but make sure to credit, and don't just trace every pixels!) and don't give up if you don't immediatly get many followers, it doesn't matter that much :) also try as many things as u want, experimenting is key!

5. Do you have inspirations? If you do, what do you like about them?
5. i have manyyy; for palettes and shading i really admire Kawaii mcrjellyfish Moon Ouchy habearry wqtermxlon Grymslie Felidae_
and for designs i really love Twixxed Aquarelles twiig Incandescence Valkyrien_ thvmes mellieee_ (and all the people i listed before) and i also love all those people because they are always so kind uwu (sorry there are so many lmao but i don't want anyone to be left out-)

6. What is your best memory here at PMC?
6. simply all the super kind and beautiful people i met here and who i consider my friends :) they make me happier than anything else

7. What is your dream job?
7. i don't have a dream job as of now :( sorry

8. How would you describe yourself?
8. oh no- i'll get yelled at for this haha but i'd say i'm a very sensitive unsociable person, thinking / worrying too much about things that don't really matter :') and not as talented as it seems-

9. Do you have any other interests other than skinning?
9. yes, drawing and painting owo (and, don't judge, but i love writting pretty and colorful notes in class, even if i never read them again?? it's just aesthetically pleasing to me xd)

10. Do you have a favorite Youtuber? If so, Who is it?
10. ohh idrk if she's my favorite, but i really enjoy mary / frozencrystal's videos (she's a frenchie sorry <3) because they are chill, and she talks about many interesting things about her life while drawing / playing / taking care of her pets, etc. ... :')

11. Do you have a persona? If yes, what inspired you to create it/them?
11. well yes, alice xd (and alex even if i mostly talk about alice-) i think i took inspiration of an outfit base on skindex years ago and just changed things so it would fit me more? and idk at this moment in my life i probably wanted to be blonde lmao, i kept changing things over time because my mind changed and so did the things i liked xd so yeah the alien face turned into a crescent moon and some stars, and i made her more colorful :') alex was just inspired by my bestfriend honestly lol, and they are siblings, and both have a crown like shiro and sora in "no game no life" uwu

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Thank you anxii! Hope you liked my interview. ;) Keep reading to find out next week's interview! :D


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10/08/2021 8:58 pm
Level 44 : Master Prince
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nice interview
10/09/2021 1:47 am
Level 27 : Expert Princess
astrid_moon avatar
tysm aqua <3
10/08/2021 2:52 am
Level 34 : Artisan Bear
habearry avatar
Thank you so much anxii for mentioning me as an inspo <33

great interview also!
10/08/2021 7:02 am
Level 75 : Legendary Meme
anxii avatar
10/07/2021 2:50 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Meme
anxii avatar
ty for interviewing me <3
(my pronouns are they/them tho :p)
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