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~ LunarLights // Interview with JessaMoon ~

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Welcome to this week’s interview! Today I will be interviewing the lovely JessaMoon. She is an inspiration for many skinners, including myself!
So check out her page!

My questions are in Dark blue; Her answers are in Light blue

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1. What inspired you to start making Minecraft skins?
1. I started by coming across skins on Skindex and becoming inspired and eager to try them myself since I already enjoyed making pixel art in my spare time, which ultimately led to me creating an account and publishing skins, which slowly began to be noticed which wasn't what I had planned at all, but to be fair on looking back, I don't regret a thing with how much I enjoy doing what I love and being able to create stuff for people.

2.What is the inspiration behind your username?
2. My username itself consists of the abbreviation 'Jessa' for my real name which is Jessica. The other half ('Moon') is the literal word for a celestial body I have always adored my whole life and has a few funny things connected to it, so I ultimately ended up choosing the name 'JessaMoon' for my online presence as it represented myself in a quick instant!

3. What’s your favorite skin that you have made?
3. Ooh this one is hard- I would perhaps say 'Future Sight' as I really enjoyed the visual aspect of how the skin turned out, as it consists of (in my own opinion) some lovely aesthetic colors which I find pleasing to look at- or either 'My Scars, My Story' since this skin is very meaningful to me personally due to my past and making amends with events and previous battles.

4. What advice would you give to a new skinner?
4. I would say the best thing to do as a new skinner, is definitely look at color theory and shading practice, as both these things can greatly affect the appearance and lure of a skin, but ultimately just have fun with experimenting as your find your own style and aesthetics to produce!

5. Do you have inspirations? If you do, what do you like about them?
5. Inspirations in other Skinners? Well the one's I fell in love with when I began where people such as Lxnacorn, stxrrynight, canday, Kawaii, Valkyrien_, mellieee_, ElvenJedi, Grymslie and more! I adore all their styles and they are so appealing and gentle to look at, and the shading is wonderful!

6. What is your best memory here at PMC?
6. Best Memory was probably in the summer when the whole community grew rapidly and so many came together for competitions and mini skin-fights, which brought me close to so many wonderful members who I have grown ever so close with, and close as the time passes.

7. What is your dream job?
7. Oof well, I'm already in line of work where I am starting my dream job however it's gonna take me a few years within the profession to reach that 'dream job' point since it requires 4-5 years in the profession before you can advance, but for identity's sake I'm going to keep my job anonymous as it requires a lot of social interactivity with people XD.

8. How would you describe yourself?
8. Well I'm not the best at describing myself, but I know others perceive me as kind and thoughtful which is very sweet of them, but I know for a fact I can be slightly wild, curious & intimidating outside of media due to my stance but don't let that fool you as I am approachable and always up for any conversations and helping people with all problems lol.

9. Do you have any other interests other than skinning?
9. Yes I actually thoroughly enjoy swimming, singing, caring for different animals and getting out in nature, and I love often visiting ruins around the UK as many are beautiful with stories dating centuries of years old!

10. Who is your favorite Youtuber?
10. Oh goodness definitely Markiplier- he is such an incredible person and ever so charitable and benevolent to others, influencing the best in people and I became a big fan of his when growing up- even when he first started in doing YouTube as a career (God that was so long ago where have the years gone?!)

11. Do you have a persona? If yes, what inspired you to create it/them?
11. And I do! Funnily enough my persona is called Jessa in relation to myself, though funnily enough her style is much more cozy in regards to clothing compared to my style of clothing XD. I was inspired to create her by linking her to a side of my personality which is the one often seen as 'Motherly', and one thing to know about me is that personal things I create, I create with meaning and symbolization. This resulted with the clothes for my persona to express more of my 'motherly' and gentle side of me, by showing the calming blue style with a crescent Moon displayed on the off-the-shoulder navy top, with of light blue shorts, white sock (because I will either wear knee-high socks or just one singular sock when indoors) and fishnet tights on the other leg to still show the other more edgy side of me that will wear leather, lace, gothic attire in all black haha x
She does adorn a Moon hairpiece since literally it is a symbol both close to my heart on different levels so I myself will wear at least 1 moon themed accessory lol.

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Thank you JessaMoon! Hope you liked my interview. ;) Keep reading to find out next week's interview! :D


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03/07/2021 12:59 pm
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Aww thank you ever so much for the interview haha!! x
It was so fun answering the questions! x
03/08/2021 12:20 am
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I'm glad u liked it!
03/07/2021 9:42 am
Level 32 : Artisan uwu
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