M.E.L.O. Disguised Operative Body-Armor Program

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avatar The Voyde
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Since the creation of the agency in 1959, M.E.L.O. has been adapting to world around it as international espionage became a new arms race. Operatives could only be fully protected in heavy, large tactical armor suits and uniforms. Four years after the organization's creation, an event occurred which would cause rapid development for hidden body-armor program. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. One year later, a tailor shop called Campbell & Rowe opened in the city of Greenfield, California. The business was started by two English tailors by the names of William Campbell and Johnathan Rowe. Campbell was former MI6, and he and Rowe both worked at a tailor shop in Britain until 1963. The two men were found by M.E.L.O. agents and offered jobs as tailors for a department of the U.S. government. The store was created to be able to provide new, disguised body-armor for M.E.L.O. agents as well as the secret service and the president. Using nanofiber weaves along with standard materials, the Research Division was able to create an array of fabrics from which bulletproof suits could be developed. Over time the building has also had a small operations center beneath the store. In the present day, M.E.L.O. has created stores like this all over the country which fit suits for various member of U.S. government and organizations for casual bulletproof protection. It has become a tradition for recruits who completed their training to go to one of these tailor shops, and get a suit made as a sign of their new status as a M.E.L.O. agent.

  1. The idea for this project was based on the Kingsman movies. However, apart from the concept of a spy tailor shop the story of this particular shop and M.E.L.O. itself are original creations by The Voyde.
  2. This shop is set in Greenfield city by THEJESTR, and uses the resourcepack provided for the map.
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