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Mabinogi, and its downfall.

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avatar SKiyoshi
Level 20 : Expert Artist
Mabinogi is a Korean MMO developed by devcat, released to the west in 2004. To this day it is published for English users on Nexon's website.

I myself played this game mid 2009 ~ 2010, and decided to lay it down in 2015. I recently went back to it to see how it was going. This game was my absolute favorite, as I played it for days on my absolute trash office purpose computer. I have seen Mabinogi's peak and its downfall. Do not fear, I will not bring "the good ole days were better!!!" bias into this.


When you first joined the game, you were met with a deity named Nao.
She was the guide to anyone who came to the Soul Stream. You, as a milletian, were a special kind of person. You did not quite die, as you have the ability to be revived on this spot at some cost. You didn't even need to worry about becoming old, because you could rebirth your body once you turned 20. (What a life, yeah?) You had a place in the world of Erinn, and it was evident.
Story aside, the beginning felt so fresh and all the more mysterious when you were plopped into the world. Depending on what race you chose, you began in your home town, receiving help from the NPCs and actual players.

Players were abundant during Mabinogi's peak. Almost every town had a group trolling around, actively participating in the activities Mabinogi had to offer. Dunbarton, on any server, had enough players to make you lag. On the channels chosen for shops, there was so many player shops to browse that you prayed to not log out before buying a bargain price of that perfect bow you've been looking to create into an ego. When I first played the game, there were plenty of players that were willing to help me with my quests and give their knowledge of how to best play the game. I created a new account in late 2014 after taking a 5 month hiatus.

Things sure did happen in 5 months.

The game is split into four servers in America. Ruairi, Tarlach, Alexina and Mari, they each had different amounts of players. In 2009 Ruairi was about the 2nd most populate, but they were pretty even besides Tarlach. (It was new at the time.) In 2015, Ruairi and Mari became the least populated servers, having their bars stuck at about 15~20%. The most populated became Tarlach, with about 35~45% server load. The days of a bustling Dunbarton were over. It had seemed that in a case of a year, Mabinogi lost its groove. It became heart breaking to veteran players that Dunbarton housed only 4 afk players even on a weekend. Each city became ghost towns, and all that you really saw action in was shadow missions. Thankfully players came around to the events, but since Nexon put a limit on how many runs you could do, the people running them would decrease throughout the day.

Likely you the reader realize how boring an MMO game is all by yourself, and how difficult it can be without a party on dungeons meant for 3-4 people. Despite Nexon patching some advantages for newbies, it just put a crutch that didn't really help bring in the players like they wished. I admit that lately I have been wanting to get back into Mabinogi to search for what I lost, to get back that feeling of companionship, pride, and the Fantasy Life that they offered. But without the players, without the compassionate missions that brought as much fun as you'd like, the magical feeling of fitting in with the game can't be found anymore.

Nexon, y u no merge servers???


I apologize for the such short review, and hope to do longer ones if I do more. Thank you for reading. If you'd still like to try out Mabinogi, feel free!

I personally will be waiting for Maplestory 2 or Peria Chronicles to come to the west.
CreditdevCat for the game and 3d model of Nao.

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I will try it out, I dont even need to read the whole thing, I played Eden Eternal and seen the peak, and the downfall, I wont let another's game perish
  • SKiyoshi
  • Level 20
  • Expert Artist
  • July 22, 2016, 4:37 pm
I appreciate you wanting to keep the game alive, there's lots to do really, just not a lot of people.
I was hoping to check out Nexon JP's Mabinogi, to see if there is a population issue there too. (Because Nexon EU was shut down, I am unsure from lack of players or lack of income.)

I remember when Eden Eternal first came out, that was nostalgic. I liked the game when I played it.

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