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Maestrea - Server Review

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avatar AerBear
Level 9 : Apprentice Hunter
Hello Turtles!
Welcome to my first server review!
The server I will be reviewing will be Maestrea!
Hope you enjoy!

On Meastrea, there is more than 1 way to to find help.

You can ask the community which is always active, helpful and kind :)

Or right-click Mr.Info for help.

You can also do /faq for infromation, like ranks and custom items.

You can also do /jobs browse to join a job. At certain ranks, you get to have bigger amount of jobs. An easy one to join as a starter is Lumberjack or Miner.


A plugin that I found very helpful and nice, you can join towns, I am currently in a town called Assiah, If you wish to join it, ask player with the name of "Kekals" for a plot. But, if you wish to join another one, its your choice. This is how Assiah looks like. Making a town will cost 5k.

You can claim a plot with /plot claim, In your plot, you can build whatever is on your mind, and customize it the way you like.

Here is a build I found in a town, built by the person in the picture, "HypSandar"

Take a look at Hypsandar teaming up!


At spawn, you can find the crystal merchant, you can use crystals to buy items that cannot be obtained in any other way.
There is also the head reaper across the bridge, he sells heads with any categories, all heads sell for 1200$ and 600$


If you do /warp, there are several places to warp to. One of the places is to Dungeons, where you can try to beat the custom dungeons made by the server.
Each dungeon will require a rank, which will be explain later. Dungeon 3 has been the latest dungeon for a while, but Maestrea News comes up quick. At the end of each dungeon, a boss will spawn, If you kill him, the dungeon will be completed. I still haven't managed to know what they drop, they only drop their mob loot.

The Resource World is another warp with a 5.000x5.000 worldborder that is used only for gathering resources. It is reset every 4 days or so, so I wouldn't recommend building there.


The shop is also another warp that contains player shops, they sell things using signs and chests, simply by right-clicking, you will buy it, but if you left-click, you will sell the item. Any player can get a player shop at /warp shop.

PVP Arena
The PVP Arena is another warp. If you warp to the PVP Arena, you will not warp staright into the arena, you will warp infront of the arena.
If you step on the diamond block infron of the arena, you will automatically get teleported into it

Crates can be opened using vote keys, uncommon keys, common keys, rare keys and mythic keys.
These are the 5 types of crates. All these keys can be obtained by chance. When you vote, you will get a vote
key, but you can also get lucky and get + one of these keys.

This is a screenshot I took with one of the owners. There are about 3 or 4 owners, so I took one with Jare.

Turtles, If you liked this blogplease show that shiny diamond and HULK SMASH!! that subscribe, If you REALLY likes the video, then SOFTLY hit the favorite button. Thank you for reading.

If you wish to join us, use this IP

Special Thanks to the Maestrea community Jare and HypSandar for helping me out!


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