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Magma Cubes [HARD TO FIND?]

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Shirosuki1's Avatar Shirosuki1
Level 32 : Artisan Spelunker
When i went on creative mode to see what Magma Cubes looked in my on view, i couldn't find any. I found a few Ghast but no Blaze or Magmas. Are they hard to find or what, because i have looked for a long time. After research turns out that Magmas are found everywhere in the Nether, but for some reason its too hard for me. Can you guys tell me if you have found before, maybe how long it took you.

Well i did a little research and i found a few facts of where you can find them if its hard for you:

-Magma cubes are often found in lava hence

- Magma Cubes are actually less abundant in the Nether Fortresses than in the rest of the Nether due to fewer large flat surfaces to spawn on.

-Magma Cubes appear frequently and everywhere in the Nether.

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12/04/2011 12:32 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Spelunker
Shirosuki1's Avatar
Very far!! Even farther. But ill try 79. Thanks for the help! :]
12/03/2011 11:37 pm
Level 22 : Expert Scribe
plug-in's Avatar
Did you went 79 blocks away from your portal?