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Mah FanFic :3

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avatar Derpymun
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
Start Thing

It was a dark and stormy night. Many animals were losing their homes. Terrified moos and chirps echoed through the forest. Fire was scattered across the ground, burning up the grass.

But it wasn't just the animals that were fleeing. There was also a herd of...

Lightning cracked brightly in the sky, followed by an ear-piercing boom. The animals only grew louder. The bolt had struck a tree. Toppling over with a loud groan, the massive oak crashed into the grass, scattering leaves and broken twigs everywhere. A cow nearby had fallen with the tree, shrieking loudly as it struggled to escape.

Monsters were fleeing among the animals, seeking for cover. A baby creeper scurried along with her mother, eyes wide as they passed the trapped cow. Lightning continued to flash threateningly in the sky. Cowering, she wimpered helplessly at the animals.

The mother was equally scared. This was her only child, and the father was attacked by the humans and never returned. If they didn't escape the storm, they wouldn't make it.

A passing spider jockey stopped at the sight of the mother.

"Jump on!" He yelled out to them..

"But-" The mother called back.

"Just do it!"

The mother and the child quickly scrambled onto the back of the spider. With a hiss, the spider sprinted quickly, dodging fallen trees and rocks. The farther they went, the less trees they saw. Her heart pounding, the child held on tightly, trying not to look up at the sky.

Eventually they stopped at a small clearing. There, standing in the middle, was a human fighting off a Lightning Creeper.

"Stay near me," The skeleton whispered as he jumped off the back of the spider. He crept on hands and knees in a circle around the clearing. The mother and the child followed closely behind him. Standing up, he pulled back an arrow and took careful aim.

Letting go, the arrow whizzed by an inch from the human with a loud twang. Muttering, he grabbed another just as the human turned around. The next arrow flew above his head, nearly striking the Lightning Creeper. The human grabbed a diamond sword and stood his ground, looking at the skeleton right in the eye.

The mother stepped to the side of the skeleton and hissed. The child remained silent, afraid that the human would aim for her.

"A baby and a mother? How touching," the human sneered. He took baby steps towards the three.

"Touch her, and you're history," The mother growled angrily. The skeleton pulled back the arrow further, accompanied by his spider. The human ignored her and burst into a run.

He let go of the arrow, which tore through the shirt of the human harmlessly. The spider leaped, the mother hissed, and the skeleton charged. The Lightning Creeper stalked up to the child.

"Come with me!" He yelped. Guiding the young creeper away from the fight, they watched from a tall hill as the battle unfolded.

The spider already was fleeing for the forest, and the skeleton was firing arrow after arrow, but all missed. The mother was backing away slowly as the human trapped her in a corner. He lifted his heavy sword in the air, prepairing to strike.

"No, Mama!" The baby shrieked. The child tumbled down the hill and leaped at the human's face. Staggering backwards, he dropped his sword and flung his hands around to try to get her off. The mother fled, accompanied by the Lightning Creeper. The skeleton, surprised at the child's move, aimed a set of arrow carefully.

Shooting them all at once, the arrows each pierced a fraction of the human's clothing, however leaving him without a scratch. The arrows flung him to the side of the hill, leaving him unable to escape. The child jumped at the last second and landed with a thud.

Scurrying away with the skeleton, they dashed back into the forest, which was now almost destroyed. The mother, the spider, and the Lightning Creeper were all waiting for them as the storm eased slowly.

"My baby!" The mother yelped, running towards her daughter. Checking her all over to make sure she was ok, the skeleton and the Lightning Creeper shook hands.

"Call me Thunder," The Lightning Creeper murmured. "Thanks for all your help."

The child, however, was angry. The human was about to hit her mother! Who would do that? she thought darkly. And so, the quest for vengeance began..

Chapter 1

"But Mom! I want to go explore!" Rose complained. Her mother was eyeing her suspiciously.

"No," She answered harshly. "It's too dangerous. Remember the storm when you were little?"

Not again! Rose thought. The storm brought back bad memories. The human that attacked my mother and father will pay! She couldn't let him get away with such a horrible crime.

"You're only thirteen," The mother replied as if she read Rose's mind. "Your're still much too young to go off like that during the day." Rose hated when she had to stay in the cave. She always wanted to know what was beyond her home's dark corners.

"Please?" Rose pleaded. "I swear I won't go far!"

"You're staying here until Moonrise, Rose!" Her mother snapped. Rose hung her head and muttered. Trotting to the back of the cave, she picked up the Golden Pickaxe from the hidden clump of rocks. It was old and rusted, and was left long before Rose was born. Carefully, she carved out the words "MAKE HUMAN PAY" on the wall along with her other previous messages.

"Oh, honestly Rose. Stop fiddling with that dusty piece of wood. I'm afraid it's gonna break." Rose continued to carve out words, ignoring her mother's fretting. She then wrote "STEAL SHARP, BLUE WEAPON", refferencing the diamond sword. Reassembling the rocks in their position, she peered out the side of the entrance.

It was a beautiful evening, the birds singing and the tree's gentle swaying of the wind. It was about to reach Moonrise, when she was allowed to go out.

"I don't see why you want to get out so much," Her mother interrupted her thoughts. "You can go when the humans go to sleep, but not now."

Rose groaned. She pacing the cave anxiously. When can I go? This is taking forever!

Her mother cleared her throat. "Alright you can-"

Rose didn't hear her finish. She dashed into the woods, laughing as she passed the trees. I'm free! She loped to the Old Clearing, the place the Spider Jockey had took her when the storm hit. It was hard to believe that the forest was once a wasteland. Some of the skeleton's arrows were still there. Bending over one, she saw that some of the wood was chipped and the stone was dusty.

Remembering her vow to the human, she checked the place where he had stuck to when the skeleton had shot the arrows. The human was gone, but the arrows remained. bits of clothing were caught between all six. He must of escaped! Rose thought. I wonder where he is now?

Pebbles tumbled down the hill. Rose froze as she quickly turned around. A human! I wonder if it's the same one? She wondered. Looking closely behind a bush, she saw torn clothing and a diamond sword. It must be the human! Rose hissed and snuck quietly to where he would land.

Wait a minute, Rose wondered. There's something seriously wrong with that human. The human stumbled wearily and his diamond sword was nearly broken. A weapon like that doesn't wear out that quickly! The human looked up to the sky with eerie, white eyes.

That's not the human! That's Herobrine!

Chapter 2

Her heart thumping in her chest, she hoped that he hadn't seen her. Humans alone were pests, but Herobrine...

He'd be able to throw me out of this planet if he wanted to! Backing away, she hissed quietly to herself. Herobrine was still looking up to the sky, white eyes glowing in the night. His face was without expression, and hadn't moved from his spot.

I wonder what he's doing? Rose pondered.

Suddenly, he leaped off the hill and landed about a foot from where Rose was hiding. If I can beat him, my mom won't fuss over me so much! I'd be a hero! Hissing loudly, she jumped out of her cover and tackled him. With a surprised yell, the two tumbled across the plains in a ball of rage.

Rose had underestimated Herobrine; he fought at least twice as hard as she did; swinging his sword in attempt to get her off. She kicked and bit, but it seemed as if all her effort was doing nothing to him. Going limp, she did her 'play dead' trick she had learned. Herobrine stopped and stood up, remaining silent with a scared expression on his face.

What an idiot! Rose chuckled. She leaped again and pinned him down.

"Only a fool would fall for the play dead act!" She sneered. Herobrine flung her off and she landed in the dirt with a thud. Quickly getting back up, Rose hissed and charged. He wasn't easy to push around. Rose was afraid this would be a fight she couldn't win.

Then, a flash of yellow charged into Herobrine, knocking him off balance. Thunder! The Lightning Creeper that had saved her when she was a kid. He was old and bony. His face was twisted with rage. Joining him, Rose headbutted Herobrine, flinging him about a foot away into the ground.

Dirt was smeared all over his clothes, but not a single scratch was laid on him. He showed no attempt to get up, but sat there, his gaze sweeping back and forth. What is he up to? Rose wondered. Sadness filled his pale, white eyes. He shook his head, then charged into Thunder.

Thunder hissed angrily and knocked Herobrine off his feet. Rose charged, sweeping him away. Other monsters watched in horror as the two brave creepers charged again. Muffled gasps came from the skeletons, eyes wide. No one has ever challenged Herobrine to a fight.

"I think we're winning!" Rose hissed excidetly. Thunder nodded his head briskly, then returned to the fight. Herobrine was plastered with mud. Shaking her head, she pounced on him, flattening him to the ground. She could feel the air being pushed out of him. Thunder walked up and pinned down his arm.

"This is too easy!" Rose teased. Herobrine made no move to get up. The monsters looked at each other, then at Rose and Thunder. Raising her head triumphantly, she jumped off of his back, hearing him wheeze as he struggled to get up.

But Herobrine shook the mud off hastily and saw him turn as if nothing happened. Confused, Rose slowly backed away, feeling his white stare burn into her eyes. How does he pretend to be unaffected? Herobrine took the advantage of her confusion and tackled her in the stomach.

Some of the skeletons were joining in, whizzing arrows two and fro. Thunder felt a trikkle of water on his head. Many monsters had gathered around. Rose had been pinned down, struggling to escape his grasp. But he held down her legs like iron blocks. Embarassed of her defeat, she relaxed and went limp.

He must think I'm playing dead again, Rose thought. Herobrine didn't blink. He eventually let her up, but something was wrong. The skeletons dropped their bows.

"That's it?" Rose scoffed. Herobrine responded with a tiny nod.

"You're not going to punish me for attacking you?" Herobrine remained silent, then after what Rose thought was an eternity, he dropped his sword. Muffled gasps rang across the clearing. Rain began to pour steadily.

"I have been waiting for you," Herobrine rasped.

Chaper 3

The monsters began to back away, horror filled in their eyes. Some ran back to the forest, and other stayed. A baby began to wail loudly.

"F-f-for m-me?" Rose stammered. "What would you want with me?" Herobrine did not answer her. Lightning cracked, and the remaining monsters fled. Even Thunder had left the two alone.

Herobrine turned around, motioning Rose to follow him. Legs trembling, she took wobbly steps. Herobrine remained quiet. Why has he been waiting for me? They trekked on for hours until they reached a dead end.

Before Rose could say anything, Herobrine took a step forward, and the wall of dirt separated into a gaping portal. He jumped in, followed by Rose. She didn't know where they were going, but anywhere was better than hanging out in the rain.

A bright, pink light was at the end. Rose was blinded, then landed with a thud on a hard surface. Looking around, she saw vast, flat stoney areas. Gloomy, shriveled-up trees were scattered everywhere, and the sky was a dark crimson.

"Am I dead?" She coughed. The air was hazy and green.

"Welcome to my home," Herobrine muttered. It wasn't much of a home to Rose, but she guessed he was used to the foggy atmosphere. Standing up, she took a better look. Black shadows were wrestling each other far away and looked a lot like Rose.

"Yes, welcome," a voice hissed behind her. Spinning around, she saw a creeper; but it was much larger than her and it was completely black, with white eyes that shone dimly. "We are the forces that swore we would destroy humanity. And my name is Shade." he added.

"Destroy humans?" Rose trembled under the hot breath of Shade.

"Sit down," His voice was low. "It's a long story." Making herself comfortable, she perked her head up. Maybe this place won't be so bad, she thought.

"Long ago, Herobrine was a miner like the ones now and he went by the name of Steve," he began. "But he was friends with us. He was the only human back then. He was kind to us. There were no battles or war like there is now. Only he and us creepers inhabited the earth." He paused to take a breath. "But then, more of his kind came when Steve had discovered gold and diamonds. Word passed on quickly, and new humans came to settle in.

"But these humans had no understanding of us, and they believed that we should be driven out. Steve was against the idea, and the humans shunned him and threw him out. We creepers almost went extinct until Steve saved us.

"The humans still believed that monsters should be defeated, and more and more humans came until there were more than we could count. At that point, Steve has lived here, and he now goes by Herobrine. We all vowed to get our revenge on humans, and let monsters rule with our only human friend who truely understood us.

Rose listened carefully to every word Shade had said, and it all made sence now. The human that attacked me though I was bad. He was wrong. The thought of vengeance filled her head. If she could help Shade and Herobrine defeat the humans, there would be peace, and her mother wouldn't have to worry about humans in the daytime! They would be able to roam freely!

"Of course, there are more where that came from," Shade hissed darkly. Shadows began to form behind him, hissing in triumph. Rose was astounded at how many there were. Spiders, Skeletons, Ghasts...more than she could count.

"With this many of us, we would easily overpower humans!" Rose chimmed in.

"It's not as easy as you think," Shade corrected. "Humans have swords and armour to their advantage. We have numbers. But we were hoping you could join our training."

Chapter 4

Unfinished! Let me know what you think and I might make the rest of it!


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Lol Derp
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  • April 25, 2015, 1:49 pm
I haven't read it completely yet, but I noticed you have paragraph breaks, which makes it already better than most stories on the site. :D

One thing though: the spaces between the paragraphs get bigger as the story goes on, and in chapter four the breaks are even longer than the paragraphs. What's the deal?

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