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Make a Pixel Art CRUISER! (Zeppelin Mod Compatible!)

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Level 39 : Artisan Toast
Pictures coming soon! I wanted to upload this before I closed Chrome by mistake, deleting all my hard work!

Ever wanted to make a smiley-face boat? How about a Nyan-Cat spaceship? Well, this is how you can do it! Look in the pictures at the top for illustrations of the steps. I will be using a diamond, but you can use any pixel-art you like, as long as it "stands" (it's built vertically).

1. Build (or download) a pixel art, in 2D. It MUST be vertical--pixel art that lies on the ground WON'T work! If you want it to be a zeppelin, build two rows of wood, dirt, or other cheap material below the first row of the pixel art, so you can delete it later.
2. Make an outline. You can now use the same material as the outlines to build the floors, walls, and roof of your boat/ship/whatever you're making.
3. Light it up! If it's dark, it will only be good for spawning creepers and endermen to destroy it.
4. Build the last wall. Here's where you get a choice. You can either use your outline material for this last wall, or recreate the pixel art on this side. If you're in survival mode, remember that you may not have enough of the materials you need to redo the pixel art.
5. Add an entrance, using a door or hatchet.
6. Enjoy your cruiser, and consider giving me a diamond--I worked hard on this!

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