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Make the minecraft community creative again!

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avatar Builder Julius
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
A plea for creativity, building unique things and against copying.

Since a long time i can see on planet minecraft and in generel in minecraft, that people often just copy reallifebuildings or even the work of other players and youtubers in minecraft, instead of beeing creative and design on their own.

But whats the reason, for this? To get attention, recognition or diamonds on Planetminecraft on a easy and fast way? .. And the question now is: Are you only building for others? And do they need one more copy out of xx other identically? And is it worth to use some of your (limited) time for replication?

The mind of Minecraft is freedom. Do what you want and live your dreams.
Possibly this is just reflecting our todays society, but in my mind its very sad, that so much people even in minecraft, where you can do ANYTHING, just copy things to get recongnition, etc instead of visualising, live their very own dreams and feelings and possibly make the minecraftworld a little bit richer with uniqueness and creativity.

Life works a little bit like Minecraft too, you can do what you want and the biggest goal is to be happy. But in life is living your dreams so much harder as it is in minecraft. Please dont waste this possibly.
Test yourself and become better in and with the safety and simplicity of the minecraftuniverse, to find your way in the real world.

Have a great time in minecraft now and enjoy your life :)

Sincerly Julius

2 replies

06/29/2019 5:40 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Explorer
I do enjoy trying to replicate things in minecraft (for example, how would you make a hoodie skin that's recognizable as cake? or a house that looks like a ladybug?), but I agree with you that a major reason to play minecraft is the freedom to do things you can't in most games.
06/29/2019 5:38 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Explorer
this reminded me of how so many videos these days are "so-and-so reacting to -such-and-such." I think I understand the appeal, and there are a few that are valuably informative, but for the most part I dislike reaction videos in principle. watch something, rather than watch someone else watching it. play something, instead of watching others play. make something, instead of consuming a vid-of-a-vid-of-a-vid

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