Make Upvotes Updoots For The Month Of October

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So we've all seen this ticket made by He Clearly Likes It.
It started off when I posted a wall post about a glitch that happened when I gave an emerald to someone and it said "Updooted!" instead of "Upvoted!". This glitch seemed funny so I thought I'd share it. I did then He Clearly Likes It heard about it and created the ticket! Anyways the ticket ended up getting 70+ Updoots so we'll see what happens. Go updoot the ticket now if you haven't already!
We are rallying to get this to happen in October along with some other spoopy stuff such as, skulls as diamonds, jack-o-lanterns on the grass block on the top of the page, a spooky lil pet, and plenty more things.
We all need to updoot it and anything related to it as much as we possibly can so that we can make this change happen. So go! Go now! Updoot that! Share the link! Post abpout it! Share posts about it! Updoot anything related to it. Now! Go!
We can make this happen if we try but let's not get too serious/annoying about this! It's just for fun. Take care <3 And updoot away.

CreditUpdoot Away

09/19/2020 2:28 am
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