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Minecraft on USB

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Here is a step by step guide to, as you might have guessed from the titel, play Minecraft from your flash drive.

1. Get a USB stick with reasonable capacity and speed.
2. Create a folder (on the USB) with a name of your own choosing. This folder will become the home of your portable Minecraft.
3. Make two new folders inside the first folder with the names bin and data.
4. Download the clean Minecraft.exe (link: https://minecraft.net/en-us/download/alternative/) and put it inside the bin folder.
5. Copy the .minecraft folder from your normal Minecraft over to the data folder to keep all of your data. If your not interested in having your previous data on the USB just make a new .minecraft folder inside the data folder by creating a folder and giving it the name .minecraft. (the second full stop will automatically be removed).
6. Now create a new text document with notepad in the folder where we find the bin and data folder. Just paste in the following code: start "" "%CD%\bin\Minecraft.exe" --workDir "%CD%\data\.minecraft" and click the save as button. Select all files (in save as type bar) and name it whatever you want and add a .bat extension at the end of the name.
7. Launch (by clicking on the .bat file) and go through the setup. The loading will take a while at the first launch (5 minutes or so).
8. From now on you can play Minecraft wherever you are! : )

Cool stuff
You can customize the logo of your USB stick with an .ico file by copying the icon to the root of the USB and make an .inf file. Follow these steps to make this last file:
1. jump into notepad
2. type [​AutoRun] hit enter and then type icon=name.ico.
3. change name into the name of your ico. file.
4. select all files (in save as type bar), name it autorun.inf and save it to the root of your USB drive.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully you found this tutorial useful.

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